Can you get electrocuted in the bathtub from lightning?

You can get electrocuted from many things and in many ways when you are in the bathtub, such as using a cell phone, hair dryer, and any other thing which is plugged in. Moreover, using the bathroom during a thunderstorm can be dangerous.

Can you get electrocuted in the bathtub from lightning? You can get electrocuted in the bathtub from lightning during a thunderstorm due to metal water pipes, impurities in water, and conductivity. Moreover, water and metal are good conductors of electricity which can pass the electric charge to you during a storm.

It is not a rare thing to happen because almost 12-16 people die or get severely injured due to electric shocks from lightning every year.

It is possible that many of you are reading this article and getting shocked as you thought this is not true and is some type of myth.

Can you get electrocuted in the bathtub from lightning during a thunderstorm? 

It is quite possible and true that you can get electrocuted in the bathtub from lightning when there is a thunderstorm. At first, it was considered a myth and an old wives’ tale.

In addition, it is a kind of truth you cannot deny and ignore anymore, and you should not because it involves the safety of your life.

However, you will be a fool if your read this article and ignore the truth, as it has happened to dozens of people almost every year. 

Thankfully, the media and scientists took an interest in this matter and started doing research and experiments to bring the truth out for the betterment of the people.

Moreover, you should not try to test this on yourself because I know some of you cannot sit still and want to know and witness the truth yourself.

An incident was reported where a man got electrocuted during bathing in the bathtub and suffered from several high-degree burns and injuries, and he died after some days.

Furthermore, the stormy weather can make you want to enjoy a hot bath and the view and sounds of the rain and thunder. But you should not let it deceive you and think for the safety of other family members as well.

How can you get electrocuted in the bathtub from lightning?

There are a few things that make a path for the lightning to come inside the house and electrocute you during your calm and peaceful bath in the tub. 

Now, you are thinking that people get electrocuted when they are outside, but how can someone in the bathtub inside a house get electric shocks?

Metal pipes

Most houses have plumbing with metal pipes. The electric current does not exactly fall over a building because some of them have thunderstorm protection.

However, people use a tall metallic rod placed taller than the building with a needle-like projection at its one end. 

In addition, this rod can protect the house from thunder and from striking the home directly.

But that is not the complete truth, as lightning can dissipate into the ground if it falls near your house.

In addition, it is a high possibility that it will strike you if you are in the bathtub. The strike will get into the ground and into the metal pipes.

The pipes containing water will help the current pass along with the flow and into your house’s plumbing system.

Furthermore, the current will pass the ground, pipes, and water and then electrocute you if you use the running water from the faucets.

Moreover, metal is an excellent conductor of electricity.

Impurities in the water

You never know what your pipes are carrying along with the water in them because there can be impurities and things that attract lightning. 

In addition, these impurities can be excellent conductors of electricity which can increase the possibility of electrocuting you during the bath in the tub.

However, it is funny that you are safer if you bathe in a free-standing tub in the open air during a thunderstorm.

It is because the chances of you getting hit by lightning are equal to zero. After all, you are not using the running water, and there are no faucets or water pipes near you.

Moreover, the impurities in the water can have some things which are excellent conductors of electricity.

Furthermore, the free irons and salts in the water are excellent conductors of electricity. Table salt, which is known as sodium chloride, is one of the best conductors.

In addition, it turns into atoms of different electrical charges called ions when it is dissolved in the water.


Metal and water are a bad combination because both are the best conductors of electricity.  

Moreover, the water alone is enough to provide you with electric shocks when using appliances near water.

However, the metal and water united will be a deadly combination of electric conductivity. They will increase the chances of you getting shocks from lightning when showering in the bathtub.

Most of the water pipes are made of copper, which is an excellent source of conducting heat and electricity.

Furthermore, whenever lightning strikes a house or the ground from a nearby area, it can choose the path of less resistance.

Less resistance means the elements in the ground or nearby area which will not resist or repel the thunder and will provide a pathway to the metal pipes.

In addition, the distilled water, however, will not transfer the current to you because it’s the impurities in the tap water that makes it a good conductor.

Should you avoid using a bathtub during a thunderstorm?

You should avoid using bathtub water during a thunderstorm because it can electrocute you.

Moreover, you do not know if your utility department provides you with distilled or impure water. 

You can think that the lightning has struck an area that is a little far from you, so it cannot affect you. However, it can shock you as it is possible that the strike can reach you and your house.

Furthermore, you should avoid using water because the current can travel through the metal pipes and get into the locations where water connections are present.

It can be your kitchen, laundry area, garage, lawn, and bathroom.

However, it is better to avoid using running faucets in the bathrooms till the thunderstorm has stopped.

Turn off the faucet the moment you hear the strikes of thunder and advise others to do so.

Furthermore, you should not use it to wash your face. It is because you should not give a little chance for the lightning to strike you.

It will be dangerous and painful for you because it can kill you and others in your house. 

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