Are Granite Tiles Good For Bathroom Floor?

Modern house interiors now add granite to the floors and walls of the house, which is also famous for bathrooms and countertops. In addition, people are now using granite tiles more in their homes as it has become a contemporary design trend.

Are Granite Tiles Good For Bathroom Floor? Granite tiles are good for bathroom floors because they add elegance, are resistant to heat and scratches, are strong and durable, avoid moisture absorption, are easy to clean, are available in various designs, and enhance the resale value of the property. However, they are slippery, difficult to install, and expensive.

It has been used as constructing material since ancient times and uses quartz, microcline or orthoclase, and mica for its manufacturing, which gives it density and sturdiness.

Why are granite tiles good for bathroom floor?

They are used in different places in the house because of the various advantages, and some are explained here.

Add elegance

Natural things attract everyone’s attention, which is the case with granite tiles. They are made of natural stones and rocks, which adds a spectacular appearance to the house’s overall interior.

The bathroom is the place where you relax, and the environment around you affects your mood.

The attractive and stylish look of these tiles can add a spa-like feel to the bathroom and also depicts your taste to the guests who visit your house.

The quartz and mica can make it look elegant and beautiful because of the natural stone.

Resistant to heat and scratches

They are resistant to heat and remain cool in summer and the warm environment around them.

You can walk bear-footed on its floor due to its property to resist heat and low heat absorption.

The granite flooring is also suitable for an in-floor heating system because it can retain the temperature to rise on the floor.

The surface of the granite tiles is resistant to stains and scratches because of the hard and fine finish.

You can wipe the stains and water splashes from its surface without rubbing and damaging the tiles.

The color of the tiles does not fade away in the sunlight and is suitable for walls and outdoor installation.

You do not need to worry about scratches on the floor if you have a pet in the house or dragging the chair and other furniture to change their place.

Avoid moisture absorption

They are perfect for damp places because they do not absorb moisture into the tiles. In addition, the water drops and splashes cannot penetrate the tiles because of the non-porous surface.

Excessive water application in the bathroom can cause mold, bacteria, and warping if you have vinyl or wood flooring in the bathroom. You can fix this by installing natural stones in your place.

They can prevent damage to the walls, countertops, and floor in a wet environment because of the finishers and sealant on its surface during manufacturing.

Strong and Durable

They are one of the most durable floors, which makes them a popular choice among people due to their hardness.

In addition, they do not damage or get cracks if you drop something on the floor because of the strong structure.

The reason for its durability is the waterproof and heatproof nature because these factors impact the lifetime of the tiles.

In addition, it can bear the weight of heavy furniture, unlike ceramic and other tiles, which can crack if you drop something heavy.

Granite tiles are a lifetime investment, as they maintain an appealing appearance for a long time, unlike other floors that need to replace if they got cracks and permanent stains.

Easy to clean

They are easy to clean because of the smooth and non-porous surface texture, which also resists permanent stains.

You can seal it after a few years, depending on the usage and the area where you install it because it can keep the surface shiny and smooth.

It does not require much maintenance, as you can clean it with a mop or wet cloth daily to remove the water splashes and stains.

In addition, it is hygienic because mold and bacteria cannot penetrate through and can easily be cleaned from the surface.

A variety of designs

They are available in various designs and colors with matt and shiny surfaces, which add an extra spark to the overall look of the place.

You can choose any color and design that matches the interior of the house and the wall paint.

They are made of different minerals and rocks with various color combinations, and you can select any pattern that looks attractive and compliments the decoration in your place.

Each design and color has its beauty and unique appearance that can enhance the style of your place.

Different quality material is available in the market, and you can get any of them, depending on your budget and decoration.

Enhance the resale value

It is a great investment for the future because it can increase the resale value of your house.

In addition, the increasing demand for natural stone as the floor covering enhances the value of the property, which has these tiles in their bathroom, kitchen, and other places.

You need to invest one time in these tiles, and they will cause a huge profit if you sell the house with granite floors.

However, the interior designers recommend installing them due to the modern trend and high demand in the market.

What are the disadvantages of granite tiles for bathroom flooring?

Since there are many advantages of granite tile in the bathroom, but at the same time, there are some disadvantages of having these stone floors.


Their non-porous nature makes the surface very smooth and silky, which looks good, but they make the floor slippery.

The high-quality finishers and gloss cause the water to stand on the surface and increase the chances of slipping.

The kids in your house can slip when you clean or wash the floor with water, and they walk on it before it gets dry. So it can be risky to install them, especially for children and senior older members.

Difficult to install

They are heavy and difficult to install if you plan to do them yourself because it requires expertise and skill to install them properly.

You have to consult a specialist about the weight the floor can withstand before installing them. 

It needs more time and hard work to install them, and you have postponed other activities to install them properly.

Sealing is necessary to make it more durable and prevent mold, bacteria, and moisture absorption.

You can a professional to install them if you do not have the skills and knowledge to do this task properly.


Granite is a natural stone with a stylish look and durability, which causes an increase in its price.

These tiles can cost $3-$16 per square foot, depending on the quality, size, and brand you select for this place.

The installation price can cost $4-$7 per square foot, depending on the area, time consumed, and weight of the tiles. The total cost of installing these tiles in a bathroom can range from $400-$5000.

It is challenging to manufacture these tiles from natural rocks and stones which is why they are expensive.

In addition, they are heavy-weight materials; therefore, you may need a professional to install them, which can cost extra money and disturb your overall budget.

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