Can You Put an Electric Water Heater in a Bathroom?

The electric water heater is a small device that you can fit in the bathroom. It is preferred among people who live in cold climate areas to provide warmth instantly without wasting time.

Can You Put an Electric Water Heater in a Bathroom? You can put an electric water heater in a bathroom because of its low cost, causes no water wastage, instantly warm the water, and occupies less space. Furthermore, it is easy to install and requires less energy to run.

 It blends well in the space where you install it and does not ruin the decor of the place.

Why would you put an electric water heater in the bathroom?

There are many benefits of adding electric water in a bathroom because it will provide you with warm water instantly.

In addition, there is no burden on it to warm the water of the whole house because it is made just for the place where you install it.

Low cost

It is low in cost compared to the gas water heater, and it is a one-time investment as it can serve you well for 25 years without needing to replace it.

Furthermore, in a time of increasing inflation, the appliances like it, which are reliable and can last for more than ten years, are a wise investment of money.

Appliances like electric water heaters are an item you can trust with your requirements, and they will not disappoint you.

Moreover, it will cost you around $450 to $1500 to get a new one, and the installation cost can be about $2000.

It can be costly for some people, but its 25 years of service and facility can be a better deal in exchange for some money.

No water wastage

It causes no water wastage and is an ideal feature in a time like this, where water shortage is the biggest threat in the world.

Moreover, you do not have to keep the taps running and wait for hot water will come at some time. This is because it does not store water and gives you the water instantly whenever you need to use it. 

You only have to turn it on from the main switch and push the power button on it. Then, set it to the temperature you need for water.

Furthermore, you do not need to wait and run the water from the taps. For example, with a gas water heater, you have to let the water run from faucets, and hot water only comes this way. 

Warms water instantly

It can save you lots of time instead of waiting for the water to warm so that you can bathe or wash dishes. 

In addition, the cold water can feel like needles poking your skin, and the hands go numb because I hate that feeling.

You will receive warm water instantly when you turn it on, and you do not have to fear that it will finish because that only happens with gas water heaters.

Moreover, this one will not waste your time and let you wait. It is perfect for small families, but you can install a separate one for your bathroom if your family is big.

Furthermore, it can heat 2 liters of water in 30 seconds, which means it is fast in heating water on demand.

It is efficient in its work, and you can take a bath whenever you want to instead of waiting for the water to warm.

Occupies less space

It is a smart adjustable appliance and does not need much space for installation. It is small, and you can install it on the bathroom wall.

In addition, it will not attract any attention because it blends well and does not look prominent in the place it is installed.

Moreover, it does not create a mess when you install it. It is easy to operate, and you can set your desired temperature.

Easy to install 

You can install one yourself, but it is better to contact the professional to do so because electrical and water connections are needed to be made.

First, you should read the owner’s manual to learn about how this appliance works.

You have to choose the place wisely that has safe and accessible water and electric wire connections because it needs both to work.

Take out all the parts of the machine and read about them from the manual, as it will help you understand them in the future.

Find the desirable connection and turn off the water and electricity supply because you do not want to get electrocuted.

Moreover, keep it above the floor at 65 inches, as it will be easy for everyone to reach and operate.

Drill the holes in the wall and install the screws in the hole. Furthermore, make electrical connections, but make sure you have switched off the current from the main circuit breaker.

The process of water connections is like it; you have to connect the hot and cold-water fixtures to the heater.

Moreover, it does not need venting and is a direct installation process.

Requires less energy

It does not require much energy to operate as it takes less time to warm water which means lesser running time.

It is effective as compared to other similar appliances because they need longer running time which means more energy consumption and electricity bill.

It saves you time, water, and energy, and what more do we need in the era where you cannot afford to waste time?

It will be wise to spend money on things that give you these main benefits for many years.

Where can you put an electric water heater in a bathroom?

You should put it near the water usage area to get hot water instantly without waiting.

You can place the water heater near the shower head in your shower cabin or bathtub. Moreover, you can put it near the sink.

It should be near the area where you need hot water and where you use water most of the time. However, you can hide it in the cabinet if you are concerned about your décor.

For some people, it can affect their bathroom décor, and they do not want it at a place where it will be prominent.

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