Are Rectangular Bathroom Sinks in Style?

Rectangular bathroom sinks are always a focal point of the vanity because they add style and beauty to this place.

Are Rectangular Bathroom Sinks in Style? Rectangular bathroom sinks are in style because they look unique and modern, are suitable for large spacious bathrooms, and offer sleek finishing and various designs. They allow more underneath and countertop space and are easy to install. The choice of the sink depends on the bathroom space, the countertop size, and the interior design.

The correct sink choice for this place can enhance the efficiency and give it a new and modern look. They have the same width, and the depth can vary, as you can select a flat bottom or a deep one.

Why are rectangular bathrooms sinks in style?

The rectangular sinks are famous because of various benefits, and some advantages are listed here.

Stylish appearance

They have an increased demand for a few years because of their large size and more stylish appearance. In addition, they can enhance the look of the place because the design is modern and unique.

The material you choose also affects the appearance of the fixture, such as granite fixtures that look luxurious and are much more durable than ceramic ones.

The rectangular sink with a square or rectangular countertop design adds coordination and symmetry and looks more appealing.

They are trendy in new bathroom interior designs, and many hotel, restaurant, and house interior designers add them in the restrooms to increase the striking appearance of this place.

Suitable for large bathroom

They are larger in size as all sides are not equal, and the width is more than the length of two opposite sides. In addition, they do not fit in the small width of countertops because they take more space to fix in place.

Therefore, they are an ideal option for the larger countertop, as you can have more space in the fixture to do your business easily without water splashes on the vanity.

They can complement the large bathrooms and restrooms and cover the extra space on the countertops.

You can install it if you feel the countertop is empty and want to utilize the space that is useful and looks attractive. 

Sleek finishing and design

The various design options, such as vessel, under-mount, and wall-mount sinks, can add décor and style to the overall interior of this place.

The sleek and high-quality finishing at the corners and edges give a smooth look to the fixture and can make the cleaning easy and less time-consuming.

The low-quality finisher to add shine to the surface can peel off soon, and you need more hard work to clean the fixture. Therefore, high-quality material for the finishing can make cleaning and maintenance easy.

You can install double sinks in the bathroom if you have more traffic in this place, and everyone wants to use the vanity to get ready for the office or school.

More underneath and countertop space

They usually do not have a deep bottom, which allows more space under the fixture to add cabinets and storage baskets.

You can install a vessel sink to save more underneath space and put a rank to place towels, baskets, and other daily-use products.

You can have more space in the cabinets because of the less height and flat bottom surface, and the cabinets can cover the plumbing pipes under the sink.

The under-mounted and wall-mounted sink also allows more countertop space because of the wide design, and you can place your face wash, moisturizer, hand wash, and makeup items.

Easy to install

It can be exhausting to install these in the vanity if you do the task yourself, and you need to measure the countertop, cut holes, and use nuts and screws to fix it.

They are much easier to install than the round and oval sinks because cutting and measuring the round holes using a circular saw is difficult and need the expertise to install the fixture.

It is easy to cut the rectangular holes on the countertops to fit the fixture, and you can do it yourself without hiring a professional. This can save labor costs if you have the expertise and experience to do this job. 

The vessel sinks do not need cutting in the countertops to fit the fixture, and you can change them without much effort, but they cover more counter space.

Why some people do not use rectangular sinks in the bathroom?

They do not go well with traditional and small bathrooms because they require more counter space to install these fixtures.

People having small bathrooms and less vanity space avoid installing these fixtures in this place.

It looks weird to install them in the small vanities because they have more width, which interferes with the countertop space. Also, they have a less deep bottom, which causes water splashes on your clothes.

Round and oval sinks are deep, and you can give a bath to young babies by filling water inside the basin, while rectangular sinks do not allow much water inside it because of the flat surface. 

The deeper sinks are more functional than the flat ones; therefore, people opt for round and deep basins, although they are not much modern.

They are hard to clean, as mold, bacteria, and mineral deposits can accumulate around the corners and edges. You need more hard work to remove the stains and calcium deposits from the bottom corners.

The pedestal sinks are less child-friendly because they cannot reach the faucets easily and can hurt themselves from the corners.

The vessel and under-mount fixtures are suitable for washing kids’ hands and face.

Things to consider while selecting a rectangular bathroom sink

The choice of the sink depends on the design and interior of the bathroom and your preference. There are some things you must consider while selecting the bathroom sink.

It is better to consider the bathroom size and the countertop width when you want to replace this in the vanity because they take up more space than round one.

The type of faucet also affects the choice of their style because the number of holes for faucets may differ from the fixture holes through which the water system is installed.

It is better to use the rectangular sinks in the vanity if you want to install the storage cabinets under the vanity countertops.

The material used in the manufacturing affects its durability, such as the marble, porcelain, and granite sinks last longer and look unique and modern. Therefore, select high-quality material, which can be expensive but is a long-term investment.

It is better to install an under-mount or vessel type instead of a pedestal sink if you have young kids in the house to prevent accidents, as they can get hit by the corners.

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