Are Pressure Assist Toilets Dangerous?

Pressure assist toilets are sometimes dangerous when installed in your home, putting your building and life at risk. These have a powerful flushing mechanism, which benefits older homes because they have old plumbing systems.

Are Pressure Assist Toilets Dangerous? Pressure-assisted toilets are dangerous because of the chances of the explosion of the tank, more risks of rupturing, damaged porcelain glazing layer of the bowl, and louder flushing noise. In addition, these also need more water to refill the tank, which increases water bills.

These are specially designed to make the toilets clog-free and decrease the chances of drain pipes blocking. These also conserve water by using fewer gallons per flush than conventional ones. In addition, less water with high pressure clears the bowl more perfectly and makes them clean.

How Does a Pressure Assist Toilet Work?

Pressure-assist toilets are commonly present in commercial places like public bathrooms and restaurants because of their larger size and more flushing noise.

In addition, these are high-traffic areas, and toilets are in more use. The high flushing system decreases the risk of clogging in these toilets and reduces unhygienic conditions.

The working principle of Pressure-assist toilets is entirely different from the conventional ones. For example, conventional ones use the gravity-fed system to clear the bowl, while these use air pressure to flush water with more force.

The large porcelain tank contains the container inside for water and air pressure collection. The compressed air from the duckbill valve moves into these containers.

The pressure of the air increases as the water level in the plastic tank increases. The compressed air forcefully moves the water when its levels reach the maximum range, and you press the flushing lever.

This compressed air put pressure on the water movement from the tank to the bowl. As a result, water moves to the bowl, clears them quickly, and prevents the clogging of drain pipes. However, many people considered these toilets dangerous because of their different working principle.

Why are pressure assist toilets dangerous?

Compressed air is harmful in enclosed containers. I do not prefer to install these in homes because of their unsafe working mechanism.

Explosion of tank

These toilets are dangerous because water tanks can explode at any time. The standard air pressure in the plastic tank should range from 25 to 40 psi.

The issue comes when air pressure increases, leading to a tank explosion. The explosion is so drastic that it can damage the walls and floors of your bathroom. Many people avoid these toilets due to these problems.

I saw this in my friend’s house, and it affected the whole building and made their construction weak. In addition, a high explosion can also damage the mirror and break them into pieces.

It can also put the individual’s life at risk who is standing nearby the toilet and ready to flush them. It can break the tank, and you can see the shattered pieces of the toilet on the floors after the explosion.

More rupturing

The rupturing chances in the pressure assist type toilets are more because of the high air and water pressure. In addition, the plumbing system and seals are more vulnerable to cracking when high-pressure water moves through them.

Water leakages from the damaged pipes, seals, and valves can be seen. This is because compressed air exerts more pressure on these parts, making them faulty.

It also loses the joints from the tank to the bowl, and water drips from there. The bolts that are used to fasten this seal become loose and cause leakage in the surrounding area.

The floor around these toilets remains wet, and mold and bacteria can grow in this place.


People need calmness in their homes to do their work, and for resting purposes, unwanted noise and hustle make them irritated when they need a calm place to rest after hectic days.

I do not install these toilets in my homes because the louder flush disturbs the sleep of the nearby person.

I prefer to add it in the guest bathrooms because these are not attached to bedrooms and have more clogging chances if guests come to your home frequently.

The louder noise can also afraid the kids when they are alone in a room and are playing in nearby areas.

These are suitable for restaurants because of the enclosed spaces and larger surrounding walls that absorb the noise inside, and you cannot hear it outside.

The bathrooms in our homes are connected to bedrooms and do not have larger walls to absorb the impact of noise.

Need high water pressure

Pressure assist toilets need high water pressure and do not clear the bowls when pressure is low.

These can increase the chances of clogging when the pressure is low and cannot remove the heavy waste materials from the drain pipes.

The water pressure becomes low when there is an issue in the main water supply of your home. Moreover, the pressure also decreases with these installed on the upper floor.

I prefer to add them on the ground floor of your homes to decrease water pressure and clogging chances.

Damage porcelain glazing of the bowl

The Bowls and tank of pressure assist toilets are made of porcelain material because of their durability. Bowl contains the glazing coating over the porcelain material to make them smooth and shiny.

When moving through them, high water pressure can damage the porcelain glazing material and make their surface non-hygienic and rough.

Bacteria reside in the cracked and slightly grooved ends and produce smells in the bathrooms. In addition, the damaged glazing coating makes the bowl less clean because of its rough surface, and poop stains also come on them.

In addition, you can also detect the damaged glazing layer from the bowl’s dull and fainted color or material.

How do you decrease the risk of danger in pressure-assisted toilets?

Most of the dangers associated with pressure assist toilets come from incorrect installation. The installation procedure differs from the conventional ones because of their distinct working principle.

Many people do not hire a mechanic for their installation to save costs and end up with a mess. Hiring an expert to correctly install pressure assist toilets and their better functioning is better.

In addition, add new plumbing pipes with more diameter to decrease the chances of cracking.

Check the water pressure from your home’s main supply. Shut off the supply valve when you hear uneven noise from the water tanks.

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