American Standard Toilet That Flushes Golf Balls

American Standard Toilets are famous because of their durability and quality material. However, these are designed differently from the conventional ones to save water and reduce clogging chances, which can make people worried. Recently they have launched Champion Toilet with advanced features.

American Standard Toilets are tested for their flushing power and performance. Champion Toilet Collection can flush the golf balls bucket in a single flush and utilize less water than the traditional ones. In addition, they have a large opening, powerful vacuum, clog-free design, and large flush valves.

I use these toilets in my bathroom because little children usually flush non-breakable items. These are good because large materials, even golf balls, pass through them, and they cannot clog the traps and cause the backflow of water.

What is the logic behind flushing the golf balls in toilets?

Golf balls are large items made of non-breakable rubber materials. Therefore, it is problematic for people to take them out when they accidentally enter the toilets while shooting.

Children often make this mistake while playing and when the toilet seat lids are open. You cannot flush them because these cause blockages in plumbing lines and create difficulty for water and waste removal.

The golf balls are flushed into specially designed American standard toilets to check their performance and flushing ability.

These are designed differently to prevent clogging chances and allow easy removal of large and non-breakable items. The manufacturers add a bucket of golf balls, which passes easily without blocking pipes or traps.

In addition, I also tested this because company manufacturers complain that these do not clog even if you flush the hard and large items in them.

All balls easily move into the lines when I press the button simultaneously. Moreover, these use less water than conventional toilets and have a more powerful mechanism.

The main principle behind reducing clogging is to increase water pressure. These use only 1.6 gallons of water for one bucket of balls.

One bucket contains 18 balls, and the number also increases or decreases depending on the size of the bucket.

What type of American Standard Toilets flush golf balls?

Champion American Standard Toilets flushes the golf balls because of their different design and structures. These are beneficial to install in homes with kids who throw different items in the bowls while using them.

These are designed with powerful flush to increase people’s comfort level for removing large waste materials. In addition, these can easily remove the large debris from the bowls and prevent them from clogging.

It also reduces people’s efforts to get rid of large clogs and make them more sanitary. Furthermore, these are more comfortable because of the large and lowered seats.

These are designed perfectly so that you cannot hear any slamming noise from the lids while opening them because they are close to the tank.

These are powerful and clean the bowl once you press the flush button. In addition, these are more hygienic and clean because of the installation of Power Wash scrub rims.

These scrub rims remove the poop residues and stains from the bowls that usually come during their removal. In addition, these are more sanitary fixtures than conventional ones because of their anti-bacterial properties.

It contains EverClean surfaces that remain clean and free from bacteria and germs. These use less water in a single flush and save water bills.

Avoid flushing other items instead of golf balls in them because their powerful flush is a bad practice. The other non-breakable items include thick tissue papers and tampons.

I saw many people only install them in their homes because large items can easily move through when you intentionally dispose of the non-biodegradable items in them.

Different American Standard Champion Collection models are available in the market with distinct price tags because of variations in their features, and you can select the best one.

How are American Standard Toilets built to flush golf balls?

I have recently installed the American Standard Clog-Free Champion Collection toilet in my bathroom. I am impressed by its quality and the fact that I can even flush golf balls in it.

Enlarged opening

The trap or opening of these toilets is larger than the conventional ones in your bathroom. The large traps provide more space and surface area for removing these items.

The surface area is as much bigger as you can flush the 18 balls simultaneously with a single flush. In addition, small non-biodegradable items like hair, soap scums, toothpicks, Q-tips, tampons, diapers, and baby wipes can easily pass through them because of the large trap.

The traps of the conventional fixtures are smaller, and even small items can get stuck there and cause overflow and backflow of water. However, you can easily flush these small items in Champion Tall Height 2-Piece Toilet because of their different designs from conventional ones.

Moreover, these EverClean surfaces allow good cleaning and reduce bacterial growth. These have a clog-free design with a separate plumbing system for easy waste removal into the sewage system.

You cannot install them with old plumbing pipes that are usually less in diameter. Instead, replace the old plumbing pipes with new ones with more diameter to easily remove items.

These also have a large flange seal and wax ring to transfer waste material into the plunging system. These become slightly costly because you have to replace the old plumbing system with new ones.

The old pipes can burst when large items pass through them, and you can see leakages in the drain pipes.

Creating powerful vacuum

These toilets are designed to save water and reserve resources for the environment. However, mainly water wastage occurs due to the flushing of toilets in restaurants and homes.

These uses gallons of pure water which you can use for bathing and drinking purpose. The American Standard company’s main motive is to conserve the environment by minimizing freshwater use.

American Standard introduced the Champion Toilet models in the market with powerful flush and vacuum systems that can clear the bowl. As a result, you do not need to waste water gallons frequently to clean the bowl.

These use 1.28 to 1.6 gallons of water per flush, slightly less than the conventional ones but have more pressure to make the drains clog-free by reducing the blocking chances of large material.

Large flush valve

The flush valve (flapper seal) is located on the lower end of the toilet cisterns. These provide an airtight seal for water so they cannot drip on the bowl.

These seals open when you press the flush handle to pour water.

The flush valves in these toilets are larger in size than the conventional ones. These are 3 to 4 inches, approximately two times more than the others.

These flush valves are larger than those in all other fixtures. When you press the flush button, it allows the vigorous water flow to clear up the bowl.

It increases the water flow simultaneously to prevent clogging and increase clearance. Large quantities of water rush from these larger valves in a single time.

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