Why is My Bathtub Drain So Loud?

It becomes irritating when you continuously hear a loud noise from bathtub drainage. There are plenty of reasons for the noise of this drainage. Some of them are minor issues that can quickly resolve with little effort, and some of them need professional assistance.

Why is My Bathtub Drain So Loud? The bathtub drain can be so loud due to a malfunctioning P trap, clogged vents, and poor installation. Moreover, it also occurs when water cannot drain properly due to blocked pipes. In addition, a water hammer is a phenomenon that also creates loud noise due to the shockwave effect. 

It is essential to clean the bathtub weekly because half of its problems are related to the accumulation of soap scum, dirt scum, and filth. You should remove the hair every time after taking a bath if you see them accumulating near the drainpipe. 

Malfunctioning P trap

You can face continuous gurgling sounds when the p trap in your bathroom is not working correctly. It can also happen when there is a breakage in this p trap of your bathroom drain.

It is a kind of tool which you use to prevent unwanted gases from entering your house.

It primarily prevents methane gases in your sewage line and can be hazardous when entering the home.

It does not allow air to escape from the drainage line and helps to maintain the water flow.

It does so by keeping the water level high, for example, 3 to 5 inches which stops the entry of these gases inside your home.

You should check it’s working when you hear these gurgling sounds because they indicate the trapped air inside this system. 

Water unable to drain properly 

You hear noise in your bathtub drainage when the water does not drain properly. Sometimes it becomes blocked due to the accumulation of hair.

Soap scum and cosmetic products are also a cause of this blockage which buildup over time and even turn your bathtub black. For example, bath bombs are a kind of soft Material that you use to remove the dead layer of the skin.

 They also moisturize the skin and make it soft, but their residues stick to the water pipe. The water creates a loud noise when you clean the blocked drain abruptly. 

It is better to wash and remove the buildup to open the blockage and turn the tap on slowly. You can use boiled water and vinegar to get rid of this blockage material.

Using the plumbing snake is an effective way to break hard soap scum and open the blocked drain.

It is a long metal road that contains a spring on one end. It opens and extends up to 25 to 55 feet in length when you use it. It folds and returns to its original size when it is not in use.

Clogged bathtub vent

They are responsible to escape the air from the drainage system. Trapped air cause an unusual noise which makes the environment uncomfortable. 

Water replaces the air inside the sewage line and prevents frequent loud sounds from the bathtub drain. In addition, they allow air to leave the line through a hole that opens on a roof.

Air interrupts the smooth flow of water and disturbs the system. This whole system has to be compromised when you face any barrier in the main sewage line. They also become clogged due to narrow supply ends.

Sometimes filth and debris accumulation also block some portion of its opening, which causes a kind of roaring noise. You can fix the issue by using a rod if the buildup of filth is its significant cause. 

Incorrect installation of bathtub

Bathtub installation is significant to prevent it from making frequent noise. Its support system should be smooth enough to keep it quiet during the water flow.

You should support the bathtub properly and equally from beneath at the time of installation. It becomes heavy and touches the floor from all sides when you fill it with water to take a bath.

It becomes light in weight and rises from its side when the water level reduces. It causes loud noise when you drain the water from this tub. 

The phenomenon of water hammer

The bathtub drain causes loud noise when you instantly turn the faucet off. It does not do this when it is flowing smoothly in the pipes. The problem occurs when its direction suddenly changes against the velocity.

Hydraulic shock is a kind of water pressure that forms when water is in motion. It mostly happens in those draining systems where water flow is regulated through valves.

You hear loud noise because it has to flow in a backward direction. This banging sound also happens due to the high pressure when you open the valve.

You will notice there is no such sound when you reduce its pressure because less amount of water drains smoothly.

You can fix this issue with little effort by tightening the loose mounting straps. You can also use a good quality water hammer arrestor that prevents shockwaves by serving as cushions. 

Due to blocked pipes

You hear the noise from your bathtub when there is a blockage in its drainage system.

It can be in any smaller pipes of the main supply pipeline. You have to assess and open the supply pipe to solve this problem completely.

You should not ignore the vibrating sound because it can lead to significant issues. Minor issues are easy to address, but once they turn into big issues, they will be hard to fix.

You need to identify the potential cause of the problem because it makes the rest of the fixation easy. You can fix it by using some tools if you think the problem is not so big.

You should not try to forcefully fix an issue if you are not aware of its solution. Immediately call a certified professional to assess and solve the problem. They are experienced people with several related types of equipment that help to fix the issue.

You should develop a habit of cleaning your bathtub regularly once the problem is addressed.

You can prefer using home-based ingredients to clean it because they do not damage the internal surface of the pipes.

Chemical cleaners effectively clean the tub but on the other hand, they cause corrosion in the pipeline that makes them vulnerable to such problems.

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