How to Get Rid of Soap Bubbles in Bathtub?

It is not a bad idea to take a bath full of foam and soap bubbles after a long tiring day. However, many people find it challenging to remove these soap bubbles.

How to Get Rid of Soap Bubbles in Bathtub? You can get rid of soap bubbles in a bathtub with the help of vinegar and baking soda, defoamers, isopropyl alcohol, salt, cold water, and proper ventilation. In addition, you can use deodorants, chlorine, and oil-absorbing sponges to remove the bubbles from the bathtub.

You should use products that have no sulfates and surfactants, which cause the formation of bubbles. Likewise, avoid using bathing items that have glycerin, as it is the reason behind it.

What are the methods to get rid of soap bubbles in the bathtub?

You can face big foam of soap lather after taking a bath or washing dishes which takes forever to get rid of on its own. However, you cannot leave it full of lather when you leave the bathroom.

You can get rid of scum quickly with the help of some methods known to be effective against this issue.

Vinegar & Baking soda

Mixing vinegar and baking soda is a universal solution to every cleaning-related issue.

Moreover, both ingredients cancel each other’s effect when they react because one is acid and the other is base.

Prepare the mixture of 2-part vinegar and 4-parts baking soda. Shake the solution to mix well. 

Pour a small amount of the solution and let the lather disappear. Keep repeating this until all the scum is gone. Drain out the rest of the soap bubbles with water. 

Isopropyl Alcohol

The alcohol used to remove suds from the bathtub is isopropanol or isopropyl alcohol. It is different from rubbing alcohol and can be used as a disinfectant and cleaner.

It is better if you add it to your household cleaning items as it comes in handy when dealing with the lather.

Take it and spray it little by little all over the soap foam to get rid of them. The bubbles will disappear, and you can drain the water after.


You can find several useful items in your kitchen to remove them. Salt is one of those everyday items available in your kitchen. 

The combination of salt and vinegar is effective in the reduction of the soap bubbles in the bathtub.

Salt reduces the water tension between scum and water. Prepare the solution of both and mix it well.

Add this solution to the bathtub, or you can also sprinkle salt alone over the foam.


Deodorants are also present on everyone’s dressers. It contains an anti-foaming agent which is called Cyclopentasiloxane.

This chemical helps in the removal of bath bubbles in the tub. Spray a lot of it over the suds of soap, and the scum disappears at once. 


Defoamers contain silicone which helps in reducing the surface tension of water. These are used in industries to reduce foaming.

Moreover, it does not affect the tub or your skin; however, it is better if you use it in fewer amounts. For example, pour 1/8 cup of it into your bathtub to reduce the bubbles. 


It is better to ensure proper ventilation around the bathtub. It can disperse and break the layers of foam and lather over the water.

In addition, you can open the windows and leave the door open.

Cold water

Cold water is effective against bubbles because the layers of foam keep the water warm and acts like an insulator.

Moreover, cold water reduces the surface tension between soap and water to weaken the bond.

Run the cold water around the boundary of the bathtub to remove the foam. This process will slowly reduce the bubbles, and continue pouring cold water until they are gone.


Chlorine is known to have cleaning properties, especially in swimming pools. Add 2 tbsp of chlorine to the bathtub to remove soap bubbles from it.

Oil Absorbing Sponge

Oil-absorbing sponges are used to wash dishes which are very effective in absorbing liquid dish wash.

In addition, it can absorb liquids and oils. Throw one of these in your bathtub full of soap bubbles.

Why do soap bubbles appear in the bathtub?

The products you use to wash your body contain surfactants which cause bubbles to form.

Moreover, your hair products contain sulfates which are also the reason behind the formation of bubbles.

Soaps contain foaming agents to produce them in the bath because people prefer baths full of them as it feels good and relaxing.

Your body’s oil and lotions you apply on the body can also be responsible for increasing the number of it.

These are formed because soap has hydrophilic and hydrophobic sides. The hydrophilic side creates a bond with water, whereas the hydrophobic escapes the water and forms foam at the surface. 

Hot or warm water produces more of them when body wash items interact because it reduces the water tension.

Why would you get rid of soap bubbles in the bathtub?

You would not want to leave the bathtub full of foam and lather after you take a bath.

In addition, if you leave it without draining the water and scum, it can give rise to the formation of molds. 

Mold can affect the appearance of the tub moreover; it can damage and deteriorate your bathtub. 

You can detect mold if you see green, yellow, and black coatings in your bathroom. It is essential to clean it as you would not want to have any health issues.

In addition, bubble baths can affect your skin as the surfactants in the body wash products can damage your skin barrier and suck out the moisture from your skin. 

Staying for a long time in the bath can make your skin wrinkly and cause dryness in different areas of the body. 

In addition, you can avoid the formation of foam in your bathtub if you keep the drain clean and unclogged. It can help in the fast draining of water and needs less effort to get rid of soap bubbles.

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