Why Fill Bathtub with Water During Power Outage?

Power outages are becoming more common nowadays. The plumbing system is connected to the water supply, and it does not work without electricity. You need a power supply to fill the tank with water from these sources.

Why Fill Bathtub with Water During Power Outage? You should fill the bathtubs with water during a power outage for washing cloth, clean the home, wash utensils, flush toilets and take showers. In addition, you can also use it in the kitchen for cooking, drinking, and storing pure water in case of storms.

You have to fill the containers, bathtubs, and extra gallons of water during a water outage. You feel a shortage of water supply when there is no electricity.

Washing clothes

The bathtubs are larger and store many gallons of water. You cannot store this much in containers or tanks because of their less capacity.

The power outage comes due to major electric issues that last for days. You cannot spend days without a water supply because you need it for washing cloth.

You can save the excess in the bathtubs and fill the containers for washing cloth. Clothes become dirty, and you have to change them daily for your cleanliness.

Moreover, office going people also have to change them for well dressing. It can be easily used for laundry and cleaning your clothes.

Cleaning home

The daily cleanliness of the home is necessary to keep them neat and free from dust. You can get dust allergies when you do not remove the dust from the floors and carpets.

A neat home is necessary to protect your children and pets from diseases.

Some cleaners and detergents need water to make them dilute so they cannot damage the floor. In addition, you also have to clear these detergents with water to protect against damage to the floors.

Use the water stored in bathtubs to wash out the floor and harsh detergents from them. In addition, you can use it for cleaning of kitchen and bathrooms.

Clean utensils

You need water in your kitchen area for cleaning dishes after using them for food. You cannot reuse the dishes without using them because they irritate you.

Washing utensils before preparing food or cooking is also essential to remove dust and other harmful particles from their surface.

You can use dishwashing detergent on them that need water for their washing out. You need warm water and detergents to remove the dry spots of food from the utensils.

It irritates you to fill the kitchen sink with many utensils. It also irritates your mind and does not give metal peace because your cooking area looks dirty and messy.

Flush toilets

You need the water to flush the toilets when you use them to protect against clogging in pipes. The issue comes when you do not flush them.

The urine stains remain there and cause the yellowing of the ceramic material. Moreover, you can also feel a bad smell because of clogged pipes.

You cannot flush them when there is not enough water in the tank. Instead, fill the containers from the bathtubs and pour the whole container into the toilet to clear the pipes.

It helps to get rid of urine stains and disgusting smells.


People take showers daily for proper sanitation and to keep themselves fresh. It is also helpful to get rid of body odors and feel fresh.

Morning showers while continuing your work routine keep you active and freshen your mind. You cannot spend a day without a shower because body oils and sweating produce a smell.

You can face issues in taking daily showers during a power outage because of empty tanks. Fill the bathtub with enough water to fill the buckets and take showers in the summer.

Moreover, you have to remove the soap from your body using water.


You need water for cooking because it is the best solvent and helpful to dissolve your ingredient perfectly.

You cannot cook well when you do not have this soluble item in your utensils. Take one or two gallons of water from the bathtub for cooking and homogenous mixing of ingredients.

In addition, many crops are covered with mud, and you have to wash them with water to avoid contamination and dirt.

Wash out the mud residues completely using water before cutting and chopping.

The taste of many dishes depends on water concentration because the steam helps soften their hard texture.


You can use the bathtub water for drinking if it is adequately cleaned before filling. Moreover, you can pour it into gallons.

The lead from ceramic fiberglass and porcelain material is mixed with it and damages you when you use it for drinking.

Separate the gallons of water you can use for drinking before it gets contaminated with lead material.

You can make this water safe for drinking by reducing the chlorination and treating it with a mixture of hot water and effervescent vitamin C tablets.

Store pure water

Most of the power outage issues come on stormy or rainy days because of the electric supply’s short circuits and the wires’ damage.

Storms and rainy seasons contaminate the water of the wells and rivers, and you cannot use it for cooking and drinking.

Moreover, you cannot use it for cleaning houses and washing dishes because it can make them dirtier.

The wells get contaminated due to broken plumbing systems in rainy and stormy seasons.

It is necessary to save it in bathtubs before its contaminated in a storm. Then, you can use safe and noncontaminated water on storm and rainy days.

Watering garden

Water is the primary food for the survival of plants in your gardens. People grow plants in their gardens, and you must take proper care of them.

These can die when you do not give them proper time and do not care about their food. The barks and leaves also fall on the floor when you do not provide them with water.

Leaves become yellow and hard in texture due to dryness issues. Use the bathtub with water so you can keep these plants fresh.

Many people have kitchen gardens to grow fresh fruits and vegetables for healthy food choices.

Fruits and vegetables need water to grow because they can also become dry.


You need water for sanitation and to keep yourself neat and clean. You require it to wash your hands before and after eating food.

It is also necessary to brush your teeth in the morning time daily to keep them neat and clean. You can use bathtub water for these sanitation procedures.

Wash your hands before cooking foods to avoid contamination due to the entry of bacteria that can spoil the food components.

Use antibacterial hand washing detergents and remove them for proper sanitation and healthy choices.

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