Where to Store Plunger And Toilet Brush?

Plungers and toilet brushes are toilet, sink and shower cleaning equipment and are also used for unclogging. You cannot expose them in the bathroom because it is the first thing people ever notice while entering inside.

Where to Store Plunger And Toilet Brush? You can store plungers and toilet brushes in a toilet caddy, plunger holder, the backside of the bathroom door, hidden cabinets, steel cans or plastic bottles, garage, flower pots, nearby hall closets, near the toilets, under the sink and vanity area. Storage of these tools depends on the decoration of the bathroom and the convenience of use.

Exposed toilet brushes give your bathroom a sense of unhygienic condition. It can also make your floors dirty when water drips from them right after the cleaning procedure.

Where do you store plungers and toilet brushes?

Storage of cleaning accessories in the right place in your bathroom is essential so it cannot create a mess and make the conditions unhygienic.

Near toilets

You can store the plunger and toilet brushes near your bathroom for convenience. You can quickly grab them in case of clogging issues.

Moreover, you can also add them near the shower and sink drains because these can also clog and cause an issue in water draining.

Most people add them on the toilet sides for easy access and availability. It is necessary to cover them properly when adding them near the fixtures.

Under the sink and vanity area

Some sinks and vanity area contains cabinets for storage of different things. You can also put cleaning equipment in them to keep them away from pets and children.

In addition, you can hide them inside cabinets so they cannot disturb the appearance of your bathrooms. Drying them when you are adding them under the sink or vanity cabinets is necessary.

I disinfect them with bleaching agents and other solutions while putting them in cabinets. People also install hidden cabinets inside the bathroom walls to store plungers and brushes so no one can see them while entering inside.

Back side of the bathroom door

You can add wall-mounted holders on the doors and hang the cleaning equipment. Use the enclosed holders so they cannot cause water to drip on the floors.

You can also dry the plungers completely after cleaning so you can hang them in holders. It is a suitable option if you want to hide them in your bathrooms.

These are on the backside of the doors, and no one can see them when the door is opened. Some people do not prefer to do this because it causes an issue with opening and closing the door.

I do not prefer to add this to my bathroom door because sticky and screw-mounted holders affect the door material.

Nearby hall closet

Many people do not have any cabinets under the sink and vanity area and become worried about the storage of cleaning equipment. The space under the sinks is also not enough to add the large brushes.

You can store the equipment in nearby hall closets so you can grab them when you need them. In this way, you can also maintain the interior appearance.

Wrap them in a plastic bag while adding them to nearby hallway closets. I dried them completely so they cannot ruin the wooden material of the cabinets.

Drying is also necessary because it can produce a smell and leave bacteria when it remains wet.

Garage and lawn

You can add toilet brushes in your garage if you do not want to affect the overall look of your bathroom. Many people think the cleaning equipment inside the bathroom does not look good and gives a bad impression to guests.

You can put this cleaning equipment and the garage and lawn of your homes. These are open spaces and cannot affect hygienic conditions.

Keep them inside the holders and covered objects so your children and pets cannot reach them. I prefer to add them to the corner walls of your garages and lawns.

Toilet Caddy and holders

Toilet caddies are available in the market in various designs and colors. You can use them if you want to store these accessories in your bathroom.

Holders and accessories can make the interior look sophisticated and hygienic. Caddy contains the trays and allows the hygienic drying of these cleaning tools.

Moreover, these devices are designed to hold them upright so they cannot fall on the floor and make them dirty and unclean.

You can select the design of these holders and caddy according to the color of paint, tiles, and fixtures for classical touch.

Use Steel cans to hide toilet brushes

You can also use DIY methods to tools to hide the cleaning tools in your bathroom without affecting their overall appearance.

These are the best option if you cannot afford the commercial holders and do not want to purchase them from the market. Use the old plastic jug or steel can and cut their upper corners to add the plunger and brush.

You can also use plastic bottles of carbonated beverages instead of old jugs and cans. You can decorate these jugs and bottles by painting them with different colors.

Flower pots and old vases

Flower pots and vases are present in every home for decoration purposes. You can use the old vase and flower pots in your bathroom to hide the plunging equipment and toilet brushes.

Flower pots and vases hide these cleaning tools and provide a better look to your interior because of their design, color, and unique style.

You can also make paintings on these pots to make them attractive and eye-catching. Keep them slightly away from the fixtures because long-term water exposure can damage their materials.

The narrow openings of the flower pots and vases hold these tools in an upright position. Disinfect and dry them completely while adding them to these pots.

Why is it necessary to store the plunger and toilet brush in the right place?

Plungers, toilet brushes, and other cleaning equipment do not look good when exposed in your bathrooms. It can ruin the overall appearance and does not make the interior attractive and eye-catching for visitors.

In addition, these can also catch germs from showers, toilets, and sink drains when you use them for plumbing purposes. It gives the sense of uncleaned and non-hygienic conditions to your bathroom when you add them as it is.

The environment also comes with exposure to these bacteria and affects sanitary conditions. Moreover, children and pets can also easily access them if they are not stored properly.

These are non-hygienic, and children and pets in your home can touch them for playing purposes.

Things to consider while storing plunger and toilet brush

You have to consider different things while deciding on the storage space for toilet brushes. You can select the place according to your purpose and choices.

You can add them away from the bathrooms to make the interior appealing and remove unnecessary items. In addition, you can also keep them in different places if these are not in frequent use and interrupt the interior look.

Put them in your home’s hallway closet and garages so they cannot disturb the modern touch. You can also make stylish cans for them, which help enhance the beauty of bathrooms.

Stylish and painted vases or flower pots are best for this purpose. Many people want to keep them inside the bathrooms because of their convenience and frequent use.

You can store them in the bathrooms for convenience but prefer to cover them with holders and caddy.

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