Where to Hang Towel Bar in Bathroom?

Adding a towel bar in your bathroom is one of the important accessories that adds comfort and design to it.

Where to Hang Towel Bar in Bathroom? You can hang a towel bar in your bathroom by selecting a suitable location, such as on the shower door or wall, near the bathtub, above the toilet, around your vanity, and away from the shower. You can install different styles and colors of towel racks to enhance the look and interior of your place.

However, it is better to know the specification and designs of your bathroom before installing it, as the size and shape can vary.

Significance of correct size and height of towel bar

The size and height of it can vary depending on your personal preferences and the space you have for it.

There is a standard height of 47-49 inches from the floor to hang it for an average-height person. The thickness or diameter of the rod is also necessary, and you can select an average thickness bar.

Hanging it at the correct location and height is essential for the best accessibility and overall appearance of your bathroom.

You can change its height if you have kids in your house or you are taller and can grab the towel from a high place easily.

The length of the rod ranges between 17-30 inches, and you can choose any length depending on the space and location to hang it. For example, you can choose a small length rod to hang small hand towels and a large one to place multiple towels on it.

A 23-24 inch length is enough to put a standard-size towel on it, and you can fold it to place more than one towel on it. You can measure the exact length using the center or edge-to-edge measurements, which gives the correct length estimation.

Where can you hang the towel bar in the bathroom?

Many people think adding a towel bar will make the bathroom look bad. However, we have added a list of options to place a towel rack.

Shower door or wall

You can hang it on the shower door if it is situated at an accessible place so that you can grab it easily.

In addition, some shower doors already have these racks installed on them, and we do not need to buy them separately. 

It is a fantastic place to have this facility, whether your bathroom size is small or large. There is usually only one rod to plce it because of the space and size of the door.

It is a good option for people who do not want to step out of the shower area to grab a towel, especially in winter.

This is the most comfortable and preferred location to hang it there, whatever the design and area of your bathroom.

Near the bathtub

There is another comfortable and convenient location to put it where you can have more space for it, and that is near your bathtub.

This is because the space around your bathtub is almost free, and the walls are not occupied with anything else.

You can install it at a certain and accessible distance from your bathtub to reach it easily. For example, you can place it 32-37 inches above the bathtub to prevent it from dropping into the tub.

Above the toilet

You can use the space above the toilet by adding towel bars, especially when you have less space in your bathroom.

However, it is not an ideal place to hang it there as there is always a risk of unhygienic and germs.

The toilet has the potential to spread germs about 4-5 feet around this area, and the first thing to get unhygienic is your towel if it is not placed at a standard distance from the toilet.

Therefore, it is better to hang it at a distance of 43-49 inches from the ground to protect it from germs, and you can even put it at the right or left of your toilet.

Around your vanity

Every time you use your vanity area to wash your hands or face, the first thing you search for is a towel. Placing it near your vanity is also a good option, as you can easily access it when you are in a hurry.

Different styles and colors of towel racks can match your vanity color and enhance the look. It is also preferable for small bathroom sizes as you can save space for other accessories.

You can place it near your sink, either wall or pedestal sink, because you do not need to run to grab a towel after washing your face and reach it conveniently.

Away from the shower

You can put it outside the shower area, such as on any bathroom wall that is free and has space for it or behind the bathroom door.

If it slips from the rod, it reduces the risk of falling into the toilet, bathtub, or wet shower area. It also provides a way to dry the towel more quickly than in the shower area or above the toilet.

A wet cloth can get a bad smell if not dried after use, creating a depressing situation for you when you use it again. Therefore, hanging it outside the shower minimizes the risk of smelling or having bacteria in it. 

How can you install a towel bar in the bathroom?

It is easy to install this by yourself if you find a perfect position to hang it. You need a screwdriver, nails, hammer, towel rack, and the drill machine.

Firstly, select the height to add this and mark it with a pencil, such as the standard height is 47-49 inches from the floor. You can change the height depending on your height and the kids in your house.

Measure its length and mark the bracket’s position with a pencil where they are at an equal balance using a level. Align the bracket against the marked spots to ensure its position, and drill the necessary holes using a drill machine.

You can use a hammer to pin the wall anchors into the holes you drilled and screw in the bracket using a screwdriver. Use a large head screwdriver if you use screw-in anchors because they are usually heavy in load.

Fix the bar holder into the mounting bracket using a wrench, and then install the bar into the holder. You can do a test by putting some pressure on it or putting some cloth on it to ensure its stability.

Alternatives of towel bars in small and large size bathrooms

There are alternatives to towel bars if you do not have enough space or a free wall to hang them.

You can use vanity shelves to put these nicely by folding them after they are dry, as there is a lot of space for these items in your vanity shelves.

You can place them in basket-type shelves installed on your bathroom wall to save extra space for the rods or bars. A ladder rack is another good option to hang them as there are many rods to put more than one towel.

You can select different color and design of ladder rack that adds a stylish look and solve the issue of putting wet towels in a concise place.

Bathroom cupboards are also used to place after rolling or folding them to cover less area by stacking one over the other.

A towel hook is another perfect option to deal with the problem of space and for those who do not want to fold the towels to avoid smell due to moisture.

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