What To Do If a Toilet is Too Far From Wall?

 It is essential to consider the building regulations for determining the distance of the toilet from the wall when you are remolding or renovating the bathroom interior.

What To Do If a Toilet is Too Far From Wall? You can use an offset flange that allows the toilet to move a few inches close to the wall, or you can change the location of the fixture if the toilet is too far from the wall. It is challenging to install the toilet paper holder, looks unappealing, and covers more space if it is away from the wall. However, you can clean it easily, and it causes less condensation on the wall if the fixture is not close to it.

The professionals recommend a minimum distance of 15-16 inches from the toilet to the side wall. The maximum distance can be 20-21 inches from the front and 12-13 inches from the back wall, depending on the building regulations, the bathroom interior, and the plumbing system in this place. 

According to the (ADA) Americans with Disabilities Act, the minimum distance of this fixture from the front wall can be 17-18 inches, while the back wall distance remains the same, such as 12-13 inches.

What should you do if a toilet is too far from the wall?

You can fill its distance from the wall using the following techniques. It is better to access the sewage lines.

Use an offset flange

The Offset flange is a part of the toilet components that connect the fixture to the drain pipe inside the floor. It supports the plumbing fixture and prevents wobbling and misalignment from the drain hole.

The offset flange is designed in such as way that it allows moving the plumbing fixture one to two inches in a backward, forward, right or left direction.

You do not need to rebuild the hole for the toilet to move a few inches in any direction.

You can replace the traditional flange with an offset flange by shutting the water supply valve off and preparing the floor before starting the process.

You can place old towels, newspapers, or unused clothes on the ground to prevent damage to the tiles and water splashes. It is better to turn the main water supply valve off to avoid any leakage or water in the drains or supply lines.

Press the handle to flush the bowl and clean the remaining water in the bowl using a towel or large sponge. Use the wrench or screwdriver to remove the supply hose and place a towel around it, as the hose may have water inside it.

Remove the toilet from the floor, and you can use a wrench to open the nuts and screws that connect the plumbing fixture to the floor. It is better to ask someone to help you remove the toilet because it is heavy and can get damaged if you hit it with the wrench.

Now, remove the old flange by lifting the nuts out, and you may have to shorten the upper side of the sewage pipe using a drill, saw, or other tools to fit the new flange.

You can cover the sewage pipe with a towel to prevent the sewer gases from coming out of the sewage pipes, as they are dangerous to inhale.

Now, take out the plug from the sewage pipe and install the offset flange on the drain pipe by bending it in the direction to want to reduce the distance from the wall.

Place the plumbing fixture back on the flange and tighten all the nuts and screws to fix all the connections accurately. Do not forget to attach the hose and turn on all the water supply connections.

Change the toilet location

Changing the toilet location is another option to make it closer to the wall, but it is an exhausting and time taking process.

You have to remove the toilet and relocate the plumbing system and the sewage pipe locations if you change the plumbing fixture position from the previous location.

Hire a professional plumber for this purpose because it is a tiring project, and you may have to remove the subfloor.

What happens if the toilet is too far from the wall?

Having a toilet too far can cause the following things to happen: placing it at a recommended distance from the wall is better.

Difficult to get the toilet paper

The toilet paper holders are often installed on the vanity or on the wall.

You will find it exhausting to get the tissues from the holder if it is far from the wall and there is nothing near it to install the holder to get the tissues.

You have to take the tissues from the holder before going to sit on the toilet seat, and it becomes inconvenient to get more tissues if you need them.

Therefore, it is better to place the holder and the fixture close enough to get the tissues conveniently, especially in large bathrooms where you have more space to install it at a preferable location.

Look Unappealing and cover more space

It does not look attractive and affects the interior design of this place. In addition, it feels awkward if this plumbing fixture is installed far and interrupts the walkway, as you cannot decorate this place with other accessories.

It covers more space if it is away from the wall, especially in small bathrooms where the best option is to install it next to the wall or vanity.

Easy cleaning

Although it does not look attractive if the toilet is away from the wall, it makes the cleaning process easy. You can clean the tank and the fixture from the backside to prevent mold and bacteria accumulation.

The plumbing fixture, which is too close to the wall, can cause poor cleaning and rust and corrosion on the backside of the toilet, as you cannot access this site to remove the water stains and rust.

A distance of a few inches from the wall can make you wipe the excess water and regular cleaning easier, and you do not have to remove its components for thorough cleaning.

Less condensation on the wall

The fixture too close to the wall can cause condensation because water is always in the tank, and the temperature can vary depending on the weather outside.

Having space between the wall and the toilet can decrease the chances of condensation and the paint peeling off due to excess moisture.

You can identify the leakage if you hear the water dripping sound around the fixture and repair the damage yourself when it is away from the wall.

Things to consider for selecting the correct distance of the toilet from the wall

You have to consider different factors to determine the correct toilet distance from the wall, and one of the factors is the building code of the local state.

It is better to understand the building codes when planning to change the bathroom interior and the plumbing fixture placement in this place.

The building codes allow a minimum distance of 15 inches from the wall and can vary for different states.

Moreover, the bathroom interior is another necessary factor to consider for its correct placement. There should be enough space on the right and left sides of the plumbing fixture.

The user can get inconvenient if the space on either side is not enough to sit easily on the seat, and there are chances of urine splashes around the rim and outer edges.

It is better to consider the location and bathroom door swing, as it can cause problems if the fixture is close to the door and swings inward.

The location of the cold water supply line is essential for the plumbing system of this fixture, and the connection of the cold water line to the plumbing fixture is necessary for flushing and water storage in the toilet tank.

Therefore, placing this fixture too far from the wall can affect its performance and the aesthetic of this place.

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