Can You Install Toilet Paper Holder on Vanity?

Toilet paper is a disposable item that is used to clean body parts and prevent germs and bacteria. Toilet paper holders are essential to put the paper rolls in and are installed at a suitable distance from the toilet to access them easily.

Can You Install Toilet Paper Holder on Vanity? You can install toilet paper holder on the vanity side, on top of the vanity, in front of the vanity, or inside the vanity cabinets. You can use the free-standing toilet paper holder to put it near the toilet if the vanity is not far. The distance between the vanity and the toilet should be between 7-12 inches, and its height from the floor should be 26 inches.

You can install the holders on the vanity in the bathroom as long as they do not interfere with the usage of this area. It is better to consider the location of the toilet to the countertop before putting it near the vanity.

How do you install a toilet paper holder on the vanity?

You can install it on the vanity side using simple tools, such as a screwdriver, drill machine, holder assembly, and caulk or pencil to mark the points on the vanity.

Start by checking the screws and nuts that come with the holder to examine their size so they do not obstruct the drawer’s usage. You can change the screws if they are too long with the standard size to avoid damage to the holder when someone opens the drawer and hits the holder.

You can mark the points on the vanity side where you want to install it and use spirit level that helps to mark the straight and correct marks.

Drill a small hole using a drill machine, and it depends on the vanity material because some materials can get cracks if you drill holes.

Put the bracket in the drilled hole, and tighten the nuts using the screwdriver to fit the item in its location. Follow the instructions on the packing to prevent damage to the fixture and fix it correctly in the hole.

Test it by putting the paper roll to check that it will not wobble from its position if you draw the paper out of the holder. This will also stop toilet paper from falling off the holder.

Where can you install a toilet paper holder on the vanity?

There are different options to install it on the vanity, and they are listed below.

On the side of the vanity

It is the most suitable place to install the tissue holder when there is a short distance between the vanity and the toilet.

This is because you can get the paper comfortably from the holder, and it does not affect the appearance of the overall counter.

Since you have to drill holes or use a screwdriver to put the dispenser there, it is better to consider the material and drill the holes with precautions.

It looks unpleasant if the cabinets get scratched or cracked, which also causes improper installation, and it can wobble if the drilled holes are big.

On the top of the vanity

Placing the holder on the top of the vanity is a better option if the nuts interfere with the cabinet’s opening and the toilet is at some distance from it.

You may have to stretch your arm a little more to get the paper, but grabbing it is not difficult or uncomfortable.

You can select different styles of toilet paper holders, such as wooden or metal enclosures, that look attractive on the vanity and enhance the countertop appearance.

In front of the vanity

Installing it in front of the vanity is not uncommon, as many people put it there if they do not find a suitable place around the countertop to install the holder.

I have installed the toilet paper dispenser in front of the vanity, and it causes problems when I open or close the cabinets.

Therefore, you can select the location in front of the vanity that does not interfere with the cabinet and sink usage. In addition, your clothes can get stuck in their extended ends; therefore, install it at a suitable position on the front side. 

Inside the vanity

You can install it inside the vanity to make your bathroom look clean and save space on the walls and countertop.

You can put the holder inside the cabinet or vanity door, as it will prevent moisture and water splashes on the toilet paper

In addition, the chances of mold on the wet tissues decrease, and young kids and pets in the house cannot waste toilet rolls if you hide them inside the cabinets.

The only disadvantage of installing it inside the vanity cabinets is that the guests will find it difficult to search for it in the bathroom.

Select a free-standing holder

Free-standing holders do not need to be mounted on the wall or the vanity like the traditional holders. Instead, you can put the stand at any preferable place near the toilet to grab the tissues.

You can place the holder anywhere near the vanity of the toilet is not much distance from the vanity. In addition, it can prevent damage to the vanity material, as you have to drill a hole to install it around the countertop and cabinets.

You can move it easily when cleaning the floor where you have placed the stand. The right height for a free-standing holder from the ground is between 25-26 inches to access the toilet rolls at arm level.

Why would you install a toilet paper holder on the vanity?

Put a toilet paper holder on it if you have a small bathroom and do not have enough wall space for the item to install.

The small bathroom has less space for a separate toilet area, and the toilet is often located near it; therefore, putting the dispenser or holder near this place is suitable for the user.

You can easily access it without moving from your position and save the wall space for other items. However, adjusting the holder location, putting it there, and saving space in a small bathroom feel more practical.

It is also essential to measure the length between the toilet and the point on the vanity where you want to install it to get the paper easily.

I have a small bathroom, but the distance between the vanity and toilet is more than an arm, and I find it challenging to get the paper from the dispenser without getting up from the seat.

Installing the holder on the vanity is not essential if you have a small bathroom.

What is the correct distance and height for a toilet paper holder from the toilet?

The right height and distance of the holder from the toilet are essential to get the toilet paper from it conveniently.

The distance for the holder ranges between 7-12 inches from the toilet, and it can lie between 7-9 inches for kids.

The tall users can grab it from the holder at a distance of 11-12 inches so you can install the fixture, depending on the family member’s height.

I have installed it at a distance of 9 inches from the toilet so that the kids and the other family members can use it conveniently.

Following the National Kitchen and Bath Association, the standard height for the holder is 26 inches from the floor. It becomes difficult for the kids to get the tissues from the holder if it is installed at a higher distance from the ground. 

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