What Happens If You Put a Toaster in The Bathtub?

A toaster in a bathtub was quite in talks among people when they saw in some movies that a character died when someone threw it in the bathtub. After that, however, people started making content about it without knowing that it can be fatal.

What Happens If You Put a Toaster in The Bathtub? The toaster will damage, and the bathtub can crack when you throw it in a bathtub. Moreover, a sparkling sound will produce, and its electrical components will damage. You can experience electrical shocks, short circuits, and fuse will blow.

People with suicidal thoughts can go for such ways to end their life. However, some people, for the sake of fun, do and try to copy everything they watch on social media apps.

Damage to the toaster & bathtub

The toaster can break and be damaged when you throw it in the bathtub. This is because the surface of the bathtub is hard, as ceramics is the material in its making.

Furthermore, these are made of nickel, chromium, and iron, and are resistant to heat. It consists of other parts, which include metals and plastics.

You should consider that you will be damaging not only the toaster but also your bathtub. You are willing to take this risk just for the sake of something you watched on the internet.

It will be an act of high irresponsibility and foolishness to follow such a trend.

In addition, the toaster and its inner parts will break or damage, followed by the non-functionality in its working. 

It can be dangerous when you try to use it afterward and may cause shock or sparks in the sockets.

Moreover, the cracks can cause the breakage of some of its surfaces. The cracked and broken area can be sharp and can cause injury.

Sparkling sound

You will hear a sparkling sound if you put a heated toaster into a bathtub full of water. Perhaps you will not die due to this, but anything can happen when a heated toaster meets the water’s surface.

Moreover, it can produce smoke because the toaster was heated along with the sparkling sound. However, you should not be present in the water or touch it.

Furthermore, it is not safe to blindly follow something you see others doing because they are not showing you the complete part of the story and their experiment.

However, your toaster will be entirely out of order and will not repair again for you to use it like before. 

In addition, the heated toaster can heat the water, and you can see the smoke rising from it.

Damage to electrical components

It contains many parts inside, which perform different functions during the toasting of the bread.

In addition, it consists of bread racks, heating elements, springs, a heating sensor, a trip plate, and an electromagnet.

Moreover, all these components operate with the help of electricity, which makes them electrical components.

Furthermore, you can ruin them when you throw them in the bathtub to test the theory you have seen on the internet.

However, it does not matter if you throw it in a tub that is dry or has water in it. Damage to one component will affect the functioning of the whole machine.

Electrical shocks

The electrical shocks can occur if it is still plugged in the switch and slipped in the bathtub while you are in it.

Moreover, water is a good conductor of electricity and can pass through water to you, and you can die due to the electric current.

The electric shock can instantly stop your heartbeat, and you will die on the spot. Furthermore, it happens because the wire of the toaster is still plugged into the socket, and the current is flowing through it.

The current will enter the water, and it will cause you to experience an electric shock. 

However, you will not experience shock due to electric current if your tub has distilled water. 

But most people do not use distilled water, and they use tap water most of the time. So you should not have electrical appliances in the bathroom or near the water.

Short circuit

The short circuit can happen when the toaster is thrown in the water and it is plugged into the socket as well.

Moreover, the splashes in the water can get into the socket, which can cause a short circuit, and you can get hurt or die if you are present there at the time of experimentation.

However, it is not wise to do such experiments when you are in the bathtub. You will be putting the life of your family members at risk as well as yours.

In addition, a short circuit that happens due to the splashes of water in the socket can cause a fire. The fire can be fatal and quickly spread to burn you and everything in its way.

A little drop of water can cause such hazardous life-threatening incidents. The fire caused due to this can be strong enough to burn the whole house down.

You should avoid imitating something you have heard somewhere without proper research. Your foolishness can put others’ lives at risk.

However, you can prevent this from happening if your outlet has ground-fault circuit interrupters. 

It can sense the problem in the current flow and stop it. As a result, the current will stop flowing, and the short circuit will not happen as it acts as a circuit breaker.

Blowing of fuse

It can result in a blown fuse due to a load of current passing through it when the water touches it.

Furthermore, it can also overload the circuit and cause total failure in the working of the toaster.  

Moreover, it takes most of the amperage from the circuit, and if you are not careful with it, you can blow it and the circuit along with it.

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