Can You Accidentally Drown in a Bathtub?

Many people can think that the events like drowning in a bathtub can only happen to babies and kids. However, the statistics tell a different story, as accidents like this do not relate to specific age groups.

Can You Accidentally Drown in a Bathtub? You can accidentally drown in a bathtub due to slippery floors, standing water, and seizures. Moreover, it can happen because of the intake of alcohol, sleeping pills, and negligence in the supervision of kids.

Around 4-8 people die daily from accidental drowning in bathtubs or swimming pools. It can cause injury in the brain or the rest of the body parts, if not death.

Is it possible to accidentally drown in a bathtub?

It is possible to drown accidentally in a bathtub, but you can think, how is it possible as the bathtubs are not deep enough? 

However, to your surprise, it does happen, and at least one person dies or drowns daily. 

In addition, people can act careless in their daily activities and think they perform them every day so nothing can go wrong.

Moreover, you do not pay attention to your surroundings and leave things as it is, but this practice is wrong. 

You can never know when these things cause accidental injuries and can lead to death. 

Furthermore, it is better to keep things intact and safe in a proper way to avoid these events.

What can cause accidental drowning in a bathtub?

Many factors can lead to accidental drowning in a bathtub and other bathroom-related incidents, which can cause severe injuries.

In addition, these injuries can stay for a lifetime, and you can never recover from them again. 

You can save your dear ones on time and get help from others.

Slippery floor

We often have glossy tiles in the washrooms because they make them look neat and clean. 

However, glossy tiles can make you slip and fall on the floor. You can survive if you are lucky, but it is dangerous if you hit your head on something. 

The material of washroom accessories is made of ceramics which is quite hard. Humans cannot survive if it falls on them or if they hit their heads accidentally on them.

Moreover, other body injuries and severe fractures can happen, which can you disable for life.

Furthermore, you can hit your head while getting ready to take a bath. The tub is full of water, and you suddenly slip and hit your head.

The sudden hit on your head can shock you, and you fall due to unconsciousness in the bathtub full of water.

Moreover, you did not have the time to scream and call someone for help. As a result, you can fall on your stomach with your face in the water.

The purpose of creating all this scenario of slipping and drowning in the bathtub is that you put carpets in your rest areas to avoid such incidents.

Furthermore, use washroom slippers that are not slippery because sometimes the sole of the slippers becomes the reason to slip on glossy floors.

Standing water

Some people do not like cleaning the washrooms after they are done with their baths or cleaning them. 

Moreover, it is essential that you dry the floor with a wiper as possible to reduce the chances of slipping. In addition, install an exhaust fan which can help dry the floor if there is still some water left on the floor. 

However, you should teach your younger ones how to leave a bathroom when they have used it.

In addition, a little act of carelessness can lead to worst outcomes and affect your and your dear ones’ whole life.

It is better to place a rug near the bathtub so it can soak all the dripping water and splashes.

Always take a towel with you inside to dry your body correctly. Make a habit of following these tips so you can avoid slipping.

The scenario is pretty much the same as the slipper floor, but the reason for happening the same is different. That’s why you should take care of this issue and teach your family members the same things.


The seizures can happen to anyone from different age groups. It can happen suddenly, and you need assistance from other people to help you. 

In addition, it can last for a long time, and you cannot move your body when it happens. The worst time it can happen is when you take a bath in a tub full of water.

However, it is better to have someone with you to take care of you when you are taking a bath. They can sit near the washroom, and you should keep talking to them during the bath.

It will help you maintain your privacy as other people do not have to sit with you in the washroom or keep looking at you.

Furthermore, you can keep the door open, and the person can sit outside. You should sit outside the washroom if anyone from your family has been through episodes of seizures before.

Talking will make sure that another person is alright and conscious. The moment they stop talking and responding, you can go inside and check if they are doing alright.

Alcohol intake

It is pretty irresponsible of you if you drink alcohol and proceed to take a bath in the tub afterward. This foolish act can cause such outcomes which you cannot imagine.

The alcohol can make you dizzy and lose balance. It can blur your vision, and you can get hit by something in your way and fall. 

The same can happen when you walk into the washroom to take a bath.

You can get unconscious during your bath, especially if it is a hot bath which can make you feel more relaxed.

It only takes a few minutes before you lose your grip and slowly drown in the bathtub.

Negligence in the supervision of kids

The majority of the victims of drowning in bathtubs are babies and kids. The babies and kids are not trained for bathing themselves.

They bathe under the supervision of their mother and other adults. Furthermore, they need your constant attention when they are in the bathtub.

You must get rid of all the things that can distract you from your kid. For example, shut off your mobile and turn off the stove if you have put something to cook.

Avoid multitasking when your kid is in the tub. The kids are small and cannot get out of the tub.

However, if it is urgent for you to leave the washroom, you should take the baby out and put him in the room far away from the tub.

Moreover, close the washroom door if they are toddlers and can crawl or even walk.

Falling asleep

The worst can happen if you fall asleep during your relaxing bath. Therefore, it is essential that you should not bathe when you are already sleepy or have taken pills to sleep.

The bath can make your body relax more and release all the stress. Moreover, your body is already almost lying in a bathtub, which makes you fall asleep.

You can wake up if you feel the water going in your nostrils and mouth. However, you cannot wake up if you have taken pills as they are effective. 

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