What Color Bathroom Cabinets Go With Gray Walls?

Many people add gray color paint or tiles on the bathroom walls because these mixes with any fixtures. You do not have to spend much time and effort to match the color of vanities and cabinets with them.

What Color Bathroom Cabinets Go With Gray Walls? You can add pale yellow, light orange, ash gray, espresso, red, black, wood grain, pastel green, and navy blue cabinets in your bathroom with gray walls. In addition, you can also choose a combination of two lighter to darker and contrast colors for an attractive and modern appearance. Consider the space, lighting conditions, and desired interior look while selecting cabinet colors.

Gray is the neutral tone; it goes best with almost all colors. Selecting suitable color cabinets to create the focal point and uniform texture is necessary.

Is gray a good color for bathroom walls?

Gray color walls are famous in the bathroom because of their natural and monotonous shade. These look best in all styles and designs of interior.

In addition, these match perfectly with other lighter and darker shades of gray. These can blend easily with other fixtures and give a uniform appearance.

Moreover, these give the spa and modern touch to your space because of their light and unique texture. These are less bright and slightly dull, and stains or dirt are less prominent.

Your interior does not look dirty because of this dull shade. I added the paint of these hues on my walls because it hides stains and dirt.

It also decreases your cleaning effort; you do not have to wash them regularly. The darker shades benefit winters by creating warmer hues and making the space cozy.

On the other hand, lighter shades are helpful to keep the interior cool and calming.

What Color Cabinets Go With Gray Walls in Bathroom?

You can use a different color of cabinets with gray walls according to the theme you want to give to your bathroom. Choose the shades according to the aesthetic and modern appearance of the interior.

Pale yellow

Pale yellow is the best choice for a bathroom cabinet, and it is slightly lighter than the original yellow and mustard yellow shade. It comes between these two tones and goes perfectly with gray walls.

It can create an illuminating effect while reflecting the ceiling lights. These are the best choice if you do not have enough lights and windows in your restroom.

It is a unique, attractive shade, and your interior does not look boring. In addition, it also creates visual warmth and gives a cozy feeling.

It is all-season color and cannot cause an issue in summer because it does not absorb heat. Avoid choosing other darker shades of yellow and mustard yellow because these do not seem perfect.

Light orange

Orange color cabinets look nice when you couple them with gray walls. It is necessary to take special care while selecting orange because brighter shades create a saturated effect and ruin the appearance.

Brighter oranges balance the neutral tone on walls, but it is not beneficial in summer. It creates an overwhelming effect and makes the interior warm because it radiates and absorbs heat.

Choose some lighter hues of ranges like matte orange, rusty orange, and peachy orange. Orange can easily mix with shades of gray and cannot cause any unbalanced effect.

Red and Black

You can use separate black and red color cabinets with gray walls. However, you can also use a mixture of these shades for a luxurious and eye-catching appearance.

These are bolder shades; their beauty is not restricted to the closet but can also affect the overall bathroom. These darker shades balance the lighter hues on the walls, making them look sophisticated and uniform.

These are the most suitable choices for smaller bathrooms because they make them look broader and more spacious.

Wood grain and espresso

Espresso or wood is a rich color for cabinets because of its elegant and woody texture. These are the unique shade that affects the overall appearance of the room.

You can pair them with gray walls, which look modern and fashionable. It also attracts the attention of onlookers and impresses them.

These are easy to clean because dirt and stains are less prominent in their rich shade. It gives a rustic and traditional touch to your bathrooms.

The detailed look enhances the beauty of the space and makes them sophisticated and classical.

Pastel green

You cannot create a natural view in your interior with the ceiling and interior lights. Natural views freshen your mood and make you feel comfortable and stressed-free.

Pastel green cabinets with gray walls create the perfect botanical view in your bathroom, calming and soothing for your eyes.

You can feel happy and relaxed when you enter inside after spending a hectic day outside your home. It also creates positive vibes and affects your personality.

Pastel green is different from leafy green because it is lighter in the shade, which can attract the eye and give cool touch.

Navy blue

Navy blue is the most suitable choice if you think about a color that goes perfectly with every shade of gray. It blends well because of its monotonous tone and uniform texture.

It creates a deep appearance in your bathroom, making them warm and cozy. The uniform texture can also affect your mood; you can feel comfortable and calm while sitting in bathtubs.

It can also give your restrooms a sleek and modern appearance, and everyone can admire your taste and choice. You can move from the lightest to darker shades of navy blue according to the paint and tile color of the walls.

For a rustic touch, you can add closets with a gray ash shade and golden-brown knobs.

Can you use two colored cabinets with gray walls?

You can also decorate the bathroom with two mixed-color cabinets. It can create visual interest in the interior, which grabs people’s attention.

It makes the view eye-catching and creates the focal point in the room. You can use shades that blend well with all shades of gray.

Closets are available in the market with different designs with a mixture of two shades. I prefer to add black and white because these can easily complement ash and charcoal gray while creating a luxurious appearance.

Red and black are also suitable for the focal point and warm touch. You can use the wood brown and black shade with these gray walls. Moreover, you can also use different knob colors to make them prominent on the wooden or metal surface.

Brass, chrome, and copper-painted knobs go best with all combinations. Using the same shade of knobs looks boring, and sometimes you cannot see them because of the monotonous texture.

Things to consider while matching bathroom cabinets with gray walls 

You have to consider different points while selecting a cabinet color with gray bathroom walls because these can interrupt the overall appearance.

The right selection of color scheme is necessary because it can affect your mind, feelings, and thoughts. In addition, it can change or disturb interior beauty. Consider the interior space while selecting closet shades in your bathroom.

You can move towards warmer and darker tones if the space is smaller. The brighter and darker tones make the interior spacious and well-ventilated.

In addition, you can select lighter shades if it is larger to overcome the broader texture. You can select the scheme according to interior lighting conditions.

Lighter shades are best if the space is well-ventilated and has windows for outdoor lights. These are also suitable if you have enough ceiling lights for illumination.

Select darker tones to create illumination if ceiling lights are not enough to provide brightness. Brighter shades are also best when bathrooms do not contain windows and open spaces for exterior daylight.

Cabinet color in a bathroom also depends on shades of gray, ranging from darker to light. Choose the lighter shade closets if the walls are darker and vice versa.

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