What Can I Put on My Bathroom Window For Privacy?

People add windows in their bathrooms for ventilation and interior temperature maintenance. You need more privacy if it opens outside your home and on the lawn.

What Can I Put on My Bathroom Window For Privacy? You can hang rugs or mats, add a waterproof chart or crepe papers, aluminum foil, mirrors, and plywood boards in front of the bathroom window for privacy. In addition, you can also use window tints, plant pots, art and sceneries, frosted spray paints, adhesive papers, stickers, shades, blinds, and curtains.

People can see inside and disturb your privacy when you do not cover them with different things. Moreover, people also use etched and opaque glass in bathroom window.

Hang rugs and mats

You can hang old rugs and mats in front of bathroom windows to make the interior space private. These also give a decorative and rustic appearance that looks stylish.

Moreover, it is a handy method to repurpose your old and used mats and rugs. The thick fabric can easily block the view, and no one outside can see inside.

Use the rugs if these match your interior theme perfectly. You cannot use them if paint and tile colors are not the same or contrasting because they can create a mismatching tone in your interior.

You can use the high-quality double sides adhesive pads to secure them on the frames or walls. In addition, you can also install them with nails so they cannot come off the walls.

Charts and waterproof crepe paper

Waterproof chart papers of different colors, which are tear and water-resistant, are available in the market. These do not leave their colors because of dissolution when you install them in humid areas.

These are waterproof, so add them to windows for interior privacy. These are suitable if these fixtures are located near the showers and bathtubs.

Match the chart and crepe paper color with wall paints and floor tiles. Moreover, you can also make strips of different color papers and then add them to create an attractive appearance.

Use glue and adhesive tape to adhere the chart and crepe paper on the glass surface.

Put aluminum foil on bathroom windows

I use aluminum foil on my window to maintain privacy inside the bathroom. These are made of aluminum material and also provide insulation.

The shiny surface of aluminum foil reduces the heat during summer by reflecting the sunlight. In addition, it can also create an illusion and lighting effect because of its shiny surface.

You can use duct tape to add aluminum foil and secure their edges. Duct tape use is beneficial because of its highly-adhesive properties, cloth-based material, and polyethylene coating.

Secure the aluminum foil from the edges and corners of the window frame by putting duct tape.


You can hang large mirrors in front of your bathroom windows to block the outside view. Aluminum and wooden frame cover the area and provide privacy to people.

The mirror is beneficial in small areas because of its illusion effect that can make the space look bigger. It satisfies the need for mirrors along with providing security to people.

You can put the nail on the wall and hang the mirror frame on them. In addition, you can also use waterproof double-sided sticky pads to secure them.

Clean the mirrors because water and soap scum splashes come on them during bathing.

Add plywood boards

Waterproof plywood boards are available in the market, and you can add them in highly humid places. These are coated with water-resistant material to make them impervious to water.

I saw the wooden frame in front of the bathroom window in my friend’s house. The plywood board is appreciated because it gives the old farmhouse-like touch.

Moreover, it comes in different designs and styles that can make the interior attractive and charming. You can select the ones with a brick-like design to mimic the original wall.

These are only beneficial if you do not need a window in your restroom and ultimately want to close them.

Add window tints for privacy

People commonly use them to cover their vehicle windows and protect the interior parts from UV light damage. These are made of polyethylene terephthalate or polyester, also used in plastic bottle manufacturing.

You can put these tints on various surfaces because of their flexible structure and manufacturing material. These are available in the market in lighter to darker shades of black, and you can select them according to your current needs.

These tints give a cool appearance and block direct sunlight entry, making the interior warm. Clean the surface properly for their application and moisturize it with soapy water.

Secure the adhesive side on the glass surface and use the scraper to remove air bubbles. I also prefer window film instead of tints because these are more effective.

Plants and pots

I hang the plant pot in front of my bathroom window to block the shower area view. You can use the small multiple-plant pots that can hinder the outside view.

In addition, you can also use other plants that have long leaves and shrubs in these areas. Plants give a refreshing and cool touch to the interior space.

Tie the string on the plant pot and secure them on the wall’s ceiling with nails. Moreover, you can also use plant pot stands and put them in front of the fixtures.

Moreover, you can use plants that have good aromas because it is also helpful to get rid of unwanted smells.

Art and sceneries portrait 

You can hang colorful scenery and attractive portrait pictures in front of your bathroom windows. In addition, you can also add them from the outer side so water cannot damage their wooden frame.

The outside installation is beneficial if these open in your lawn and street area. It can make your home attractive because of these beautiful sceneries.

Add plant, sea, and fish base sceneries and portrait pictures to enhance the attractiveness of your lawn. These plant and sea-based are also beneficial for the inside of the bathroom to give beachy touch.

Frosted spray paints 

Frosted spray paints are used on glass surfaces for privacy and decoration purpose. It can give an etched glass appearance to your window.

The spray paint creates a semi-transparent coating on the applied surface to block the view from them. These are safe to use on glass and mirrors and cannot leave any marks or produce scratches.

You can select these sprays from the market to apply them on glass windows. Keep them a few inches from the surface, then press their nozzle.

Adhesive paper and stickers

Use adhesive contact papers on the glass windows of your bathroom to maintain privacy and interior temperature because of their insulating properties.

You can select adhesive papers of different colors that match the pre-existing fixtures and paint or tile colors of walls and floors.

In addition, you can also use stickers because these are easy to apply and remove. I prefer to select waterproof stickers because of the high humidity content in these spaces.

Shades, blinds, and curtains

Window shades are the best option for privacy and decoration in your bathrooms. You can also use blinds and curtains to make the interior charming and cool.

You can use curtains, blinds, and shades of different colors and materials depending on interior appearance and fixtures design and color.

I prefer to add waterproof curtains to my bathroom windows to prevent floor damage and mold growth. These take up less space and make the interior cooler and more decorative.

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