How to Listen to Music in Shower?

Many people like to listen to music when they are in the bathroom. However, it seems difficult to hear the songs from the devices outside the bathroom due to the closed atmosphere and the shower noise.

How to Listen to Music in Shower? You can listen to music in the shower by using a musical shower head, waterproof Bluetooth speakers, waterproof phone, shower radio, In-ceiling and In-wall speakers, or waterproof headphones. You can enjoy your favorite playlist while taking a bath to relax.

The new and advanced technology has made listening to music in the bathroom easy. In addition, manufacturers have added a waterproof feature to all these devices.

How can you listen to music in the shower?

You can listen to songs in the bathroom without worrying about the water getting into your device.

Musical showerhead

A musical shower head is a fantastic technology that helps you listen to music and acts as a speaker and water source.

It can connect with your phone, TV, and laptop through Bluetooth or the internet, and you can listen to songs while bathing.

They are available with LED lights with high-quality filters that can purify the impurities and chlorine in the water to avoid harm to your skin and face.

The built-in speakers are not as good as the other portable speakers, but you can listen to songs easily.

They are easy to install as you do not need to install the speakers; they come with a built-in speaker system. They are a little expensive, but you can afford them without much burden on the budget.

Waterproof Bluetooth speakers

Using a waterproof Bluetooth speaker is a great option for listening to music in the shower, and you can place them anywhere in the bathroom because they do not cover much space. 

There are different sizes and types of Bluetooth speakers available in the market, and you can choose any speaker that seems affordable.

In addition, they have significant battery timings and can last for many years if you properly care for the device.

The device uses Bluetooth connections from your phone or laptop and can play all your favorite songs.

They come with wires and without wires and use water-resistant rubber to avoid water into the device.

Waterproof phone

Modern technology has now made waterproof phones, and you can even take them into the water pool, but it is better to check the details and description of the phone before taking it into the water.

Waterproof phones are often expensive, and you can replace your phone with a waterproof one if you have money to spend on such devices.

The speakers in the phone offer better and high-quality sound, and you can put the phone in waterproof bags if you do not want to spend money on the waterproof phone.

Shower radio

A shower radio is a hydro-powered device that gains power from the water and is an ideal option for hearing music. It seems difficult to adjust the device’s position where water is running.

It is installed near the shower to keep it getting the water power to run, and it also stores some when the water is not running around.

You can connect it to the phone and Bluetooth devices to enjoy the songs while bathing.

In-ceiling and In-wall speakers

In-wall and In-ceiling speakers add a theater and studio-like effect in the bathroom.

They can withstand high humidity levels due to the corrosion-resistant aluminum grille and are a great option if you want to spend on a high-quality sound system.

They need more time to install them, and you can listen to the sound in all the dimensions and enjoy your own company.

Waterproof headphones

Waterproof headphones are another way to enjoy your favorite music while having a bath.

They are also a good option if you do not want other house members to hear the sound or disturb your roommate’s sleep.

They are expensive but can last for a long time because they can work in the water, and you can use them for other purposes, such as when going on a walk or exercising, because they are sweat-resistant.

Makeshift amplifier

You can create your amplifier if you are going to listen to the music from your phone that is placed at a distance from the shower.

You can use a glass or a cup to put your phone in it, and you can also use a wide glass bowl that produces a more amplified and rich sound to hear easily.

This is a cheap and effective way to enjoy the songs while taking a shower if you do not have enough money to buy a new and waterproof device.

The sound quality may not be good compared to the speakers, but you can hear enough sound to uplift your mood.

Use waterproof bags and covers

Waterproof bags and covers offer a less expensive way to listen to music in the bathroom without spending much money on sound system installation.

You can select a waterproof bag for your phone or speaker that is not waterproof, and put it in the bag, and hang it around the shower area to listen to the sound easily.

You can activate the voice control in the phone and change the song without getting the phone out of the bag or cover with wet hands.

Why do people like to listen to music in the shower?

People love listening to music, as it gives them happiness and releases the happy hormone dopamine, a happy chemical that adds joy to the body and mind.

Listening to your favorite song while having a bath after an annoying and exhausting day can lift your mood and relax you.

Songs close to your heart can help you t remind and recall all the happy memories and adds pleasure and happiness to your bad mood. 

Psychology says that water, music, and meditation are the source of positive energy in your body and can add positive vibes around you.

In addition, science has proved that it can strengthen memory and learning and reduce blood pressure, stress hormones, and anxiety. 

It is a great way to spend time in the bathroom while taking a long hot shower to add peace to their depressed state of mind.

Things to consider while listening to music in the shower

It is better to consider some things while listening to songs in the bathroom because it can cause damage if the device is not waterproof.

Avoid using electric switch devices in wet places because it can cause electrocution if water gets into the switches.

You can place the device outside the shower area or at a safe distance to listen to the songs while doing your makeup or doing other business there.

However, you can prepare a playlist of all your favorite songs before getting into the shower.

The steam can affect the performance of the device.

Therefore, you can place it away from the condensation or read the instruction of the gadget carefully before placing it.

You can install a bathroom fan in this place to reduce moisture and steam, enhancing durability.

In addition, you can use a towel to dry the speaker or any other device after a bath to make it last longer.

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