How to Keep Toilet Paper From Falling Off Holder?

It seems annoying when someone draws the toilet paper from the holder, and it falls off its handle. Also, the tissue roll can get wet if the floor has water splashes, and you have to get a new one to place inside the holder.

How to Keep Toilet Paper From Falling Off Holder? You can keep the toilet paper from falling off the holder by using a double-arm holder, tightening the nuts and screws, and avoiding lightweight plastic holders. You can also secure it by using tape or selecting the correct size holder to fit the toilet paper.

I have fixed the problem by selecting a closed bracket holder, which prevents the constant falling from the closed frame. Depending on location and size, you can choose different brackets and dispensers for the toilet paper.

How can you keep the toilet paper from falling off the holder?

You can use the following techniques to keep the paper roll from dropping off the handle.

Use a double-arm holder

Single and open-side brackets can cause the toilet paper not to fit in its arm, and the roll keeps slipping off the holder. In addition, the open side can cause it to slide down, and the user becomes inconvenient to pick up the tissues from the floor.

You can select a double-arm closed bracket to prevent this problem, as both sides are closed, and the chances of its falling decrease.

They are made using different materials, such as metal, chrome, or wood which look attractive and add a decorative appearance to the bathroom.

You can select different sizes and install it yourself or hire a professional if you do not know how to install it properly on the wall.

I have a double-armed chrome holder and have not experienced the slipping or falling of the paper roll because of the enclosed design.

Tighten the nuts and screws of the holder

You can tighten its nuts and the screws to prevent the tissue roll from sliding the handle. Take a screwdriver and search for a location with loose nuts that must be tightened to fit in its position.

Turn the screwdriver in a clockwise direction and tighten it strongly so it will not shake and keep the roll inside the bracket.

It is better to check the nuts from all sides to ensure they do not have rust and are not corroded. Change the screws and nuts if worn out or damaged due to long-term use and exposure to moisture.

They are made using steel or metal, which is prone to ruts when exposed to humidity and moisture for a long time. Therefore, I recommend checking the nuts and screws’ condition if it wobbles and the tissue roll keeps sliding from the handle. 

Avoid using lightweight plastic holders

It is better to avoid using lightweight plastic holders that can bend when you unroll the paper to use it.

Instead, you can replace lightweight and low-quality plastic brackets with high-quality metal or stainless steel holders having a strong base.

The heavy-base material prevents the toilet paper roll from moving down when you take the paper and take the desired tissue piece to use.

The plastic can get cracks if you or the young children drop something heavy on them, and they start to stumble down when you take the papers from the holder.

Attach the toilet paper roll with a tape

Attaching the toilet paper with tape can prevent the roll from falling off the arm more often. It keeps the roll inside the holder’s arm.

Take a small strip of tape, and put it on both ends inside the bracket, where you will place the tissue roll later. Now, place it in its position and press the sides gently to attach the tape to the side corners of the tissue roll.

Do a test by taking some tissues out to notice if the bracket and the paper roll are fixed in their location and if there is no slipping of the item.

Choose the right size holder to fit the toilet paper roll

Selecting the correct size bracket that fits the toilet paper is essential to avoid falling off the roll.

It keeps sliding from the arm if you select a large roll than its arm size, such as it cannot fit properly and fall when someone takes the tissues.

Measuring or knowing the length and size of the outer bracket and arm is better before selecting the roll to set in it accurately.

Why do toilet paper rolls keep falling off the holder?

The toilet paper keeps falling off because of the following reasons listed below.

One ended holder

One-ended holders are the main reason for the falling of toilet paper rolls, as one end is open while the other is closed. 

It falls off when you approach it to take the paper from the open end. In addition, the design of the one-ended one can cause its sliding, such as the straight or highly polished arm can cause the roll to slip.

Since it is easy to grab toilet paper from one-ended handles, the chances of its fall increase, especially if you have children in the house.

Lose fixing

The down-sliding of the paper roll occurs if the bracket is loose or not fixed correctly in its position. Improper installation can also cause constant slipping because the nuts can wobble when you use toilet paper.

The part of the holder that keeps it fit in the wall can get lost and shake or slide down after applying pressure.

You may have attached the wrong nuts, which causes the loose fixing of the holder, or it gets damaged when you install it yourself with little expertise.

Incorrect location

The incorrect location of the bracket can cause the paper roll to fall from the open-armed handles, such as people walking by this location can accidentally drop the roll.

The holder in front of vanity cabinets in small bathrooms can get damaged if you open the cabinets and the roll slips from the handle.

The rough or non-uniform surface where the holder is attached can also cause it to fall from the open-ended handle. Therefore, it is better to check the surface level of nearby walls before installing it.

Incorrect usage

You often take the tissues forcefully from the holder when you are in a hurry, and this causes the roll to drop on the floor if one end is open.

The kids can pull it out with pressure, and the screws loosen or move from their location, which causes the falling of the paper roll. 

I have kids in the house, and I often face this problem when they start playing with the holder and leave it on the floor.

What types of holders can keep toilet paper from falling?

You can use different types of holders to keep them from falling off, and some of them are listed here.

Basket toilet paper holder

These baskets are designed to hold toilet papers, as you can place them in the racks or cabinets near the toilet.

You can install them on the wall as wall-mounted wooden or other material baskets with different styles are available in the market.

Its chances of falling on the floor reduce when you place them in the basket because the sides are closed.

In addition, placing the basket on the countertop enhances the appearance of this place if the toilet is near the vanity.

Enclosed toilet paper holder

Different enclosed holders are available in wood, bronze, stainless steel, porcelain, metal, and ceramic.

They have an enclosed design with a door or space to take the tissues and the risk of roll falling or slipping decreases.

Another advantage is that the kids cannot waste the tissues, and the expenses to select new rolls after a few days minimize.

The moisture and humidity cannot enter the closed frame, and the tissue papers can last long without getting dissolved before use.

Recessed toilet paper holder

The recessed holders fit inside the wall, and the toilet paper cannot fall from the bracket because of its wall built-in design.

You can install them on the wall near the toilet, which is not used for other purposes.

It can secure brackets and is more durable than the basket one. In addition, they look more stylish and modern in the bathroom and impress the guests with your taste in decoration.

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