How to Decorate a Beach Themed Bathroom?

Many people want to give different themes to their bathrooms to make them attractive. Some of them decorate the interior with a beach theme by adding fixtures and paints of different colors.

How to Decorate a Beach Themed Bathroom? You can decorate a beach themed bathroom by adding sea shell walls, brass faucets, rope around the mirror, fake blue flowers, blue and white accessories, wall paintings, and wooden brown fixtures or hangings. Moreover, you can also add a beige and grey theme, pebbled floors, round windows, and white lighting fixtures. 

The use of lighter colors makes the interior cool and relaxing.

Add a Seashell wall

You can decorate the walls with sea shells to give the beach theme to your bathrooms. You can purchase stickers of light brown and yellowish-brown colors from the market.

In addition, I added the dark brown sea shells walls sticker in my interior to give them a coastal appearance. You can hire an expert to add decorative paints to the walls.

Purchase fish stickers from the market and put them on the shower glass doors. These give the sea-like appearance because of water splashes from the showering area.

Tiles of these themes are also available in the market in various colors, and these are a little bit more costly than stickers but last longer.

Purchase small sea shells from the markets and stick them to the walls using adhesive glue and other sticky material.

Brass faucet

People add different color fixtures in their bathrooms according to the design of the interior. Brass fixtures and faucets look more sophisticated and unique in your interior.

You can add golden brass faucets to enhance the beauty of the beach theme. These go perfectly with light blue and white hues.

You can also polish the fixture with golden brown paint to give them a brass appearance. I prefer to paint them with spray paints because these dry quickly and are easy to apply.

It can also add warmthless to the interior and make the fixtures prominent.

Rope around mirrors

Large mirrors are present in the bathroom separately and in front of the vanity area.

Round mirrors look more suitable, depicting the ship’s steering wheel. These are mostly brown, and you can add a brown touch to mirrors by securing their boundaries with wooden frames.

In addition, it is also better to surround their boundaries with knitted ropes. These can add a rustic and beachy appearance to your interiors.

You can paint the boundaries of the mirror with glossy golden-brown color.

Blue fake flowers

The blue color in your interior resembles the color of seawater and gives them a beachy appearance. You can decorate your bathroom with blue color paintings and fake flowers.

You can add the fake flowers near the mirror and vanity area. You can also use blue pine tree stickers for a more natural appearance and make them appealing.

You can also add blue flowers in glass jars because these become more prominent on a transparent surface. I decorated the beach theme using the blue mirror for shower door glass panels.

White-painted walls look beautiful when you add blue flower stickers and paint.

Go with blue and white

You can decorate the beach theme bathroom by adding accessories of white and blue colors. Adding the fixtures like bathtubs, toilets, and sinks with white colors is better.

You can paint the walls with white colors or blue colors. It is also better to change the color of tiles according to them.

Select the blue tiles if the walls are painted white and vice versa. You can paint the walls with white and blue colors by adding striped designs.

Add the blue towels on the sides of bathtubs if these are white for decoration. You can also select the curtains shades according to the installed fixtures, wall paints, and tiles colors.

I prefer to use white and blue striped curtains instead of one color.

Wooden brown hangings or fixtures

Wooden hangings resemble wooden ships and give a beachy theme to your bathroom. You can hang the small wooden ships on the ceilings.

In addition, I added small wooden steering wheels in front of the mirrors and vanity area to decorate the interior. Wooden fish are also available in the market, and you can hang them on walls and the ceiling by tying the strings.

You can combine wooden sticks and make wall hangings with them. Paint these sticks with blue or grey colors and write different quotations and lines.

Add wall planks that mimic the original wooden and hang small ship crafts.

Beige and grey theme

You can give the beige and grey theme to your bathrooms to give them a beachy appearance. These are common colors, and you can easily find all accessories of this shade in the market.

Add paintings of beige and grey color on your walls to give them sea like appearance. You can add small handmade crafts on the walls to enhance the interior appearance.

Make 3D paintings of fish, sea, and ships to decorate your bathrooms. You can also make the ship’s steering wheel on the walls with brown color.

Place blue and grey crystal balls in glass jars and add towels of the same shade. The fixtures of these colors look unique, and dust is also less prominent on their surfaces.

Pebbled floor

Pebbled floors or tiles give a beachy theme to your bathrooms. Small brown and off-white pebbles are located on the sides of the beach, so you can also use them for decoration.

Pebbled floors are long-lasting and reduce the chances of slipping because of their textured and groovy surfaces.

I prefer to decorate bathroom walls and floors with blue or gray pebbled tiles. You can also add the same tiles on countertops and vanity areas.

You can design mats of the same material and place them in front of bathrooms for water-soaking purposes.

Round windows in bathroom

Windows are the integral component of the bathrooms for ventilation purposes. People add them according to the space and design of the bathrooms.

You can enhance the beauty of the beach theme by adding round windows instead of rectangular and square shapes. The round windows resemble the round steering wheel of the ships.

In addition, these also take up less space and make the interior look beautiful. You can decorate their surroundings with wooden pieces and knitted ropes or woolen threads.

White lighting fixtures

The color of lights and lighting fixtures can also affect the interior appearance. Choosing their color while decorating your bathroom with beachy themes is also necessary.

You have to select their tone according to the other wall fixtures and paints. Avoid adding brass, brown, and golden-brown color lights because these can dull the appearance of white and blue shades.

It is better to add the lights of white and slightly bluish colors because these can create an illusion effect. It seems like you are sitting on the corner of the beach, making the interior more calming and cooler.

The lighting fixtures painted with white color look beautiful in white and blue interiors.

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