How Much Does It Cost To Install a Urinal?

Many people install urinals in their commercial buildings and residential spaces with or without professional aid. These are small bowl containing toilets which mount on the walls and collects liquid waste.

How Much Does It Cost To Install a Urinal? The average cost to install a urinal is between $800 to $2500, the maximum price is $4000 to $5000, and you can fit a waterless urinal in $170 to $400. Labor charges are $60 to $90 per hour; install metal trough urinals for $320 to $800, single ceramic urinals for $150 to $400, and double bowl urinals for $400 to $900.

Their adjustment costs vary according to the complexity of mounting space and the wall condition. The plumbing conditions and skills of the labor determine the method expense. 

What is the average cost to install a urinal?

You can access urinals in public toilets and commercial buildings to provide convenience to the people. However, they are adjustable in the bathrooms of homes. 

They have simple to complicated designs. A few of them are classic and traditional.

Others have a modern layout with metallic bowls and a flush system. They are simple, but the cost of their few models is higher than even a toilet seat.

Their prices can start from $300 and can reach $3000. The average prices of their installation vary from $800 to $2500.

In a few conditions, it can reach $4000 to $5000. The expense varies according to their type, dimensions, and designs.

Their sizes have a difference of a few inches, which affects the expense of their adjustment in different areas. In addition, they require plumbing and redesigning of the mounting areas, which increases the cost.

You can adjust a standard urinal for about $3000, which includes its cost.

Waterless urinals are good and available in the market.

They do not utilize water technology to flush the waste fluid. Moreover, they do not have pipelines, valves, and plumbing hardware.

In such circumstances, you can get them at affordable prices of about $300 to $700. It is a standard cost for these units, and prices vary according to their layouts.

Their installation is challenging because they lack pipelines and fewer connections. In such circumstances, their adjustment can cost you nearly $170 to $400 for one unit.

The labor team includes plumbers and redesigning workers. They have charges according to per-hour schedules.

However, a plumber has average charges of about $60 to $90 per hour. The installation of metal trough designs costs about $320 to $800.

Moreover, you can install a single ceramic bowl design in your residential building. However, it has an estimated expense of about $150 to $400.

Double ceramic models with bowls are available in the market with different price ranges. They have different installation methods, which cost about $400 to $900. 

How do you install a urinal?

A professional person can install a standard urinal in a minimum time. However, you can mount it on the wall of your home through the following method.

Before starting the procedure, you can select a high-quality and new urinal. Also, you can gather the tools for its proper adjustment. 

The tools are tape, pencil, rag, electronically operated drill, cement, saw, and plywood. In addition, you can use a board to provide exceptional support.

Adjusting the board provides more balance and support to the new urinal. In this procedure, you can use the plywood, cut it with the saw according to your requirements and adjust it underneath. 

You can secure it through the high-quality studs and fit a few nails. Now, you can adjust the water flow line.

You can add markings on the wall and its sides through a stencil. For example, you can make the water flow line near the plumbing area and water flow unit.

Also, you can keep the height at around 23 inches. You can make pilot holes for adjusting the screws through a drill machine.

These holes can adjust the hanger screws according to their diameter. Now, you can adjust the line of water flow. In such circumstances, using a saw is essential.

You can remove the drywall pieces and attach the wastewater line to the water supply pipes. Adjusting the pipes is necessary for their proper positioning and alignment.

In these procedures, you can adjust the pipes in the front edges of the built-in faucet. Then, you can add a valve that has shut-off abilities. 

The placement of the valve is necessary before fitting the pipe. In such circumstances, you can turn off the water flow according to your requirement.

You can adjust the wall hangers of the urinal with the wall. For their adjustment, you can use iron nails and screws. 

By using the carpenter’s level, you can adjust the hanger screws in the proper position. Now, you can tighten the screws and fix them with the plywood board and wall hangers. 

You can adjust the drain pipe before hanging and mounting it. On its bottom, you can add a caulk layer. 

Also, you can adjust its strainer inside the mounting hole. For example, pressing it downward increases the pressure, and you can seal it tightly.

You can apply cement on the waste-pipe outlet and connect it to the pipeline. Then, in front of wall hangers, you can hold and lift them.

You can align its position and adjust it firmly. Also, you can keep the opening of waste fluid on the rear side keeps the system clean and hygienically secure.

You can tighten the screws with the wall holes and fix them firmly. Avoiding the exception pressure is essential because more force can break the porcelain. 

Factors that affect the cost of installing a urinal

Many factors can enhance their installation cost. I have mentioned the most prominent of them. 

Design and number of urinals

Several people prefer bowl urinals because they are comfortable, durable, and famous. However, their designs are complex and require more effort for their adjustment.

In such circumstances, the labor and plumbing team takes more money. A few people hire experts to install more than one unit.

The number of units determines the cost of the procedure. Therefore, the higher number of these units indicates more expensive methods.

Their complicated designs consume more time for their adjustment. As a result, the per-hour cost increases, which affects the budget.

Complexity of the method

Urinal installation is a tricky method that needs effort and expertise. However, an experienced person can adjust to them with proper knowledge and training. 

The complex methods are time taking and costly. They include more tools and require high-quality hardware. 

You can access a significant improvement in overall adjustment cost. The less tricky designs have simple installation procedures.

They are affordable and do not require more hardware and supporting tools.

Preparation and material quality

The urinals mount on the walls and require proper space for their adjustment. Sometimes, the walls require repair and paint. 

These preparation methods require filling material, high-quality primers, and paints. Such materials increase the cost of adjustment.

Many people use high-quality designs, which are expensive, and require more professional care. For the wall preparation and repair, you can spend around $300 to $500.

Also, the cost of the procedure increases according to variable labor policies. A few plumbers charge thousands of dollars for installing several units in commercial spaces and public toilets. 

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