How Much Does a Waterless Urinal Cost?

Several people use waterless urinals because they are good and save a lot of water. In addition, it contains porcelain and other solid materials.

How Much Does a Waterless Urinal Cost? A waterless urinal costs around $300 to $600 per unit, the minimum cost is $200 to $350, and the maximum price is $1500 to $3000. They are not expensive because they do not need water, low maintenance cost, no blockages, and cheap installation.

It has a gravitational force and pulls the urine downward toward the water container. However, the urine passes through the filtrating strainer before reaching this bowl. 

What is the average cost of a waterless urinal?

Waterless Urinals Cost Weight Dimensions
American Standard $520 72 Pounds 20x16x28 Inches
Kohler Steward $940 46 Pounds 21x15x27 Inches
KOHLER Dexter $190 30 Pounds 16x15x22 Inches
Medline Supreme $50 8 Pounds 24x21x13 Inches
Voltaire Waterless Urinal $68 18 Pounds 15x14x24 Inches
Kohler 4991-ER-0 $280 40 Pounds 31x22x15 Inches
Bardon urinal $200 42 Pounds 20x15x28 Inches
American Standard Decorum $190 48 Pounds 15x16x23 Inches
Waterless NO-FLUSH Urinal $260 24 Pounds 14x15x27 Inches
KOHLER Elongated $185 45 Pounds 25x19x22 Inches

 Waterless urinals do not comprise a water system and are eco-friendly and affordable. Moreover, you can access them in public toilets because they have various designs with versatile mounting methods.

They can work with a specific system that does not involve water. For example, it does not flush urine and comprises fiberglass as a manufacturing material. 

They are adjustable on the walls and provide services according to their shelf life. The average cost of one waterless urinal varies from $300 to $600 per unit. 

However, it varies according to their dimensions, designs, and mounting methods. The prices vary from one brand to another.

The manufacturing material is a cost-determining method. The minimum cost of these urinals is from $200 to $350. 

Also, the maximum price can reach $1500 to $3000. Their non-fancy and reliable models are available for about $600 to $900. 

People do not prefer them for their houses because they can stink. They can produce a specific smell that is unbearable for several individuals. 

Also, they are affordable and durable. They can save water and provide reliable services. 

Why are waterless urinals not expensive?

They are affordable and adjustable in your homes with professional help. In addition, due to the following characteristics, these are less expensive. 

No need for water

Unlike flush-based urinals, waterless urinals are less expensive because they do not use water. In addition, they lack a flushing system.

These models can save water. As a result, their total cost decreases from the standard level. 

They lack the push buttons on their top, which regulate the water flow. Therefore, it decreases the installation price of these push buttons. 

In such circumstances, the overall expense decreases from the threshold. According to a researched survey, they can save around 30000 to 50000 gallons of water per year. 

As a result, the water expense reduces annually. However, they do not comprise the flushing system.

The absence of a flush valve makes them less costly. Moreover, they are the most affordable models for households and commercial buildings. 

Low maintenance cost

These are affordable urinals for several people because they require minimum maintenance. Also, they lack the hardware, valves, and additional pipes. 

The absence of water pipes reduces the probability of corrosion and other damages. They need less service, repair, and maintenance because they undergo minimum damage. 

Lack of valve reduces the probability of valve repairs. Also, the system does not undergo tampering. 

As a result, the overall maintenance, repair, and service charges reduce. The system is free from sudden drain pipe clogging because it has no flowing water. 

Moreover, vandalism does not happen because these models do not comprise the flush system and excessive amounts of water. 

Through these models, you can access the drain pipe directly. As a result, it reduces the cost of modifications and plumbing. 

Their manufacturing material is durable, which enhances the shelf life. As a result, they remain stable for several years.

Also, they do not undergo severe damage. Therefore, they do not require expensive repair. 

You can use them for many years without repairing and rebuilding their parts. In such circumstances, you can spend a minimum amount on these models during their life span. 

The low maintenance life cycles make them affordable, and people prefer them to flush-based options.

No Blockages

The waterless urinals do not comprise the water-based flush system. According to their manufacturing designs, they lack a drain pipe.

Also, they do not comprise the water flow pipelines. As a result, the system remains free from sudden blockage.

Water can bring debris and other contamination to the pipelines. But, the system lacks water flow.

In such circumstances, the absence of water reduces the chances of debris flow and accumulation. As a result, the model remains stable and does not undergo excessive blockage.

According to these properties, these models do not require more service and repair. Also, you can leave them without cleaning because the internal system undergoes proper cleanliness and management.

They are affordable and cheap because they have no flush system. In addition, the absence of water flow indicates reduced growth of bacteria. 

Moreover, the germs cannot multiply because the system does not comprise accumulated water. Therefore, during their use, they can dry out internally. 

According to these characteristics, they can resist viruses and bacteria. In addition, they are free from touch, which keeps them safe.

As a result, they cannot cause diseases and cannot spread germs. They do not require cleaning and washing.

Odor management is the most prominent property of these models. It has no mixture of urine and water.

As a result, it reduces odor and unpleasant smell prevalence. However, the odor can entrap inside the sealant, which keeps it inside the system.

Moreover, it disappears according to the internal management system. 

Less installation expense

Waterless urinals are appealing, have different dimensions according to the layouts, and comprise a specific working system. Moreover, they have minimum hardware, lack pipelines, and do not comprise valves.

Their installation procedures are less complicated and easy. Furthermore, the professional person can take a few minutes for their adjustment.

However, their mounting time varies according to the professional’s experience and adjustment space. The system does not require hardware to control the flush system. 

It does not come with fixtures, valves, or long pipes. Also, it has no separate drain system, and one bowl and strainer handle the entire process of urination and its movement toward the waste unit.

Furthermore, the installation of waterless urinals is less complex and does not affect the mounting space.

In such circumstances, the procedure becomes simple and less time taking. You can perform it better with professional help. In such circumstances, the procedure becomes challenging.

Also, the model needs rebuilds and repairs because an unprofessional cannot adjust or mount it on the wall or other adjustment areas because they lack expertise and proper knowledge. 

According to the affordable installation prices, many people install them in bulk quantities. This is because they are part of public and commercial toilets.

Their adjustment takes a few minutes per unit. The minimum complexity of the installation techniques makes them less expensive.

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