How Much Does Bathtub Reglazing Cost?

Bathtub reglazing means sanding the broken surface, applying the sealing material on cracks, filling holes, and repairing the bathtub. The cost-effective restoration involves the application of paint and primer on cracked areas. 

How Much Does Bathtub Reglazing Cost? Bathtub reglazing costs between $300 to $1200; it is $400 to $1300 for fiberglass bathtubs, $400 to $550 for porcelain bathtubs, $700 to $1500 for clawfoot bathtubs, and $400 to $800 for cast iron bathtubs.

This technique is refinishing, and resurfacing is another term for this repair. It is a popular rebuild method that protects the bathtubs from further damage. 

What is the cost of reglazing a bathtub?

The application of reglazing material on the bathtub can repair chipped parts and broken surfaces. The estimated cost to reglaze a standard bathtub is about $300 to $500.

However, the highest expense can reach $800 to $1200, which involves high-quality material. Sometimes, it requires minimum repair and rebuilding.

In such circumstances, the expense is about $100 to $300. Furthermore, the price varies according to the models and designs of these units.

Reglazing the fiberglass bathtubs is challenging and consumes more time. However, its prices are higher than for many other models.

The average cost to reglaze them varies from $400 to $1300. Furthermore, it can increase according to the type of cracks and techniques involved. 

The overall bathtub dimensions indicate the expense of this procedure. The sealing and priming material can hide all the scratches, cracks, and chips. 

It provides refinishing and resurfacing for different options. However, it cannot give the original look because the upgrade leaves a few flaws.

Fiberglass surfaces are vulnerable to damage, and you cannot resurface them after every 2 to 3 months. A few people reglaze their old, classic, and damaged porcelain bathtubs.

They are appealing and require minimum refinishing. Also, they have a specific thin and high-quality porcelain layer on the upper side. 

They have cast iron on their uppermost layer. In such circumstances, resurfacing them can cost about $400 to $550. 

A few individuals possess clawfoot options that have traditional designs with a modern touch. Reglazing clawfoot tubs can cost about $700 to $1500. 

However, the procedure is effective and can increase the overall lifespan of the clawfoot bathtubs. Their shelf life can extend to around 12 to 18 years.

Cast iron bathtubs require minimum reglazing according to their manufacturing material. You can spend around $400 to $800 on their resurfacing. 

It is a slightly expensive procedure because it involves sanding and refinishing. Also, you can apply enamel and sealing material on the surface. 

Factors that affect the cost of bathtub reglazing

It is an affordable method, and expenses vary according to the complexity of the procedure. However, the following factors can increase the expense of this procedure.

Type of cracks

Fiberglass bathtubs are appealing, budget-friendly, and undergo more cracks. Also, the cracks have different shapes, and holes appear on their surface. 

In such circumstances, professional individuals use different methods to reglaze them. The variable procedures to fill the sealing material in these cracks affect the resurfacing cost. 

A few cracks are deep and unorganized. They need more filling material to regain their better shape.

In such circumstances, more material increases the expense of the procedure. In addition, a few holes are large and require primer and sealant of high quality.

These materials are expensive, and their application methods are complex. In these conditions, you can take help from a plumber and expert. 

Condition and design of the bathtub

The condition of the bathtub determines the cost of reglazing. Therefore, it is a determining factor of the material used in the refurnishing procedure.

A few comprise porcelain, and others have fiberglass. Cast Iron is their manufacturing material according to overall specifications.

The application of enamel can reach $400 to $800. Furthermore, the older bathtubs have more damage and cracks.

The holes are deep in these old models. They require more material for filling, which enhances the expense. 

Also, fixtures in good condition can cost nearly $200 to $350 for resurfacing procedures. Therefore, they have an expected expense of about $400 to $500 when they comprise fair condition.

Their poor condition requires more resurfacing, which has an estimated price of $500 to $1000.

Size of the bathtub

You can select a bathtub in different dimensions and styles. A few have more water-holding capacity. 

Also, their size indicates the cost of reglazing. According to my research, a standard, durable bathtub has a space of about 13 square feet. 

The price spectrum of the refinishing enhances when the size increases from this threshold. Moreover, sandblasting takes more time and expertise. 

In such circumstances, the labor charges improve, which enhances the overall budget. Preparation before the resurfacing increases the total expense of the method. 

Their heavy options need more material, and they require more preparation. Also, they are expensive to reglaze and need more experience and expertise to maintain a specific shape. 

How does the technique affect the cost of bathtub reglazing?

Several people use various techniques to reglaze and refinish bathtubs. A few individuals use sealing material.

However, others add primer in the filling substance and apply it directly to the cracks and holes of the porcelain or fiberglass surfaces. The DIY methods are cheaper than hiring an expert.

For these techniques, you can select a high-quality kit. However, it has an average price of about $80 to $150.

The kit consists of several dangerous chemicals. Also, they require more care for handling.

In such circumstances, hiring a professional is better, which alters the techniques and increases the cost. 

However, the resurfacing and reglazing method includes painting, caulking, and stripping. Also, sanding and resealing are essential components of this method. 

The miracle technique is a modern procedure. Furthermore, it has an estimated price of about $600 to $800. 

A few bathtubs are in combination with a shower. Their resurfacing has different techniques, which have a cost of about $1100 to $1500.

However, it is a high price for minor to major repairs. 

Is reglazing cheaper than bathtub replacement?

Reglazing is an affordable repair and resurfacing technique for bathtubs. Its lowest price can reach $200 to $300.

However, their replacement can cost you about $4000 to $6000 for a standard design. Therefore, reglazing is a temporary facelift.

It does not last to the bathtub life. Regardless of their dimensions and types, it is not a permanent solution. 

It is one of the most prominent methods for repairing minor or large cracks. Also, the method is hassle-free and convenient and provides peace of mind and comfort.

Its cost is half that of the replacement method. It is the quickest fixation method and an alternative to their replacement. 

Both methods have their particular importance. In addition, the bathtubs crack beyond the limit. 

People utilize these options for several years, and they undergo cracking. In such circumstances, their repair may consume thousands of dollars.

As a result, the cost can affect the budget of the person who possesses the bathtub. However, in several conditions, their replacement is better than reglazing.

You can take professional consultation before determining the procedure. Reglazing keep these units stable for several years despite more damage and cracks. 

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