Can You Use Bath Bombs in a Jetted Tub?

Having a bath in a spa-like environment around you is something we all need after a tiring and exhausting day to refresh the mind and body. The jetted tub uses advanced technology to relax the stiff and stretched muscles by pulsating waves coming from the water jets.

Can You Use Bath Bombs in a Jetted Tub? Manufacturers do not recommend using bath bombs in jetted tubs because they can damage the jets, cause clogging, stains on the surface, and different plumbing issues. Using mesh bags, specially formulated bath bombs, proper cleaning, and turning off the jets when putting the products in the tub can avoid damage to its components and jets.

The bath bomb is a spherical ball-like product that combines different oils, colors, fragrances, and chemical compounds. These ingredients also contain citric acid and sodium bicarbonate that react to create a fizzy and foam-like effect in the bathtub.

Why you should not use bath bombs in a jetted tub?

Jetted bathtubs are manufactured using different techniques of water jets and electric motors to pump the water. Therefore, manufacturers recommend taking certain precautions while using any product in the tub to avoid damage to the fixture and the electric motor.

The bath bombs can cause different problems if you use them frequently in the tub.

Damage the jets

The chemical reaction to create a fizz when you add it to water causes the jets and motor to be damaged because the residue can remain inside the water inlets.

Different ingredients used in the formation do not dissolve properly in the water, and these particles get into the pipes when you turn on the water jets.

They can damage the components if you add them to the hot water because the acidic ingredients severely affect the bathtub’s performance.

The motor works by pumping water at high pressure in a circular or pulsating motion, and the frequent use of different salts, oils, and fizzy products causes the motor to wear out soon.

Cause clogging

Bath bombs use different essential and carrier oils, which cannot dissolve in water and form a thick oil film on the jets and pipes. This causes the blockage of water jets, and they cannot pump water properly when you turn on the jets.

Moreover, some people add rose petals and other flower petals, which can also clog the pipes and affect the working of the plumbing fixture.

They can leave residues that do not dissolve in the water and build up on the inlets and pipes, leading to clogging and affecting the functionality. 

It also causes a lot of repairing money if you do not notice the problem with the jets soon and use bath bombs more often in the jetted tub.

Stains on the surface

They are made of different materials, such as acrylic, ceramics, fiberglass, and cast iron, and a high-quality finishing layer on the top.

They contain dyes, colors, and glitters, which cause stains on the surface and affect the tub’s appearance. In addition, a low-quality product can have an incorrect ratio of pigments and ingredients, which also causes stains on the tub surface.

The glitters in the product become challenging to remove from the tub after the bath, as they stick to the surface.

In addition, you can damage the tub when trying to remove the stains or glitters because the abrasive cleaning tools cause the tub to lose its shine. 

Plumbing issues

They cause clogging in the jetted tub water jets and pipes and block the drain pipes that take the water to the sewage.

The oils and glitters may look pleasing and fancy, but they can clog the drains no matter how small the concentration of oils in the product is.

\This is because the oil can not mix with the water, and the thick sticky layer on the drain pipes blocks the water flow.

The undissolved chunks in the bath bombs cause several plumbing issues. Call a professional plumber if the clogged drain causes a flood and does not allow the water to flow into the sewage.

How can you use bath bombs in a jetted bathtub without damaging it?

You can use the bath bombs without damaging the material and components of the jetted tub using the following ways.

Use Mesh bags

A mesh bag is a netted bag manufactured using synthetic material, such as strands or threads, and the bag is used for different purposes in daily life.

It allows the ingredients to be dissolvable in the water and prevents clumps and other particles that can cause clogging in the jets and pipes.

You can place them in the mesh bag and tie them tightly before placing them in the water to prevent the non-drain-friendly particles in the tub and drains.

This is a safe and more accurate way to use such products in the jetted bathtub without damaging the working and machinery.

Clean thoroughly after a bath

Cleaning is one of the essential factors in keeping the tub working correctly for a long time and avoiding any damage because fixture repair can cost hundreds of dollars.

Remove the water from the tub after the bath and fill it with hot water to clean the bath bomb residues in the pipes and water inlets.

You can use a soft cloth to wipe the corners and sides of the tub. You can also use a mild detergent or dishwashing liquid to clean it properly.

Use specially formulated bath bombs

Jetted bathtubs are designed with advanced technology, and therefore, you can use specially formulated products to use in them.

Local and low-quality products can cause damage to the jets and affect their performance.

Therefore, the tub manufacturers give the manual or guidelines with the plumbing fixture to ensure the correct products and salts use inside the tub.

The specially formulated products for this tub do not use essential or other oils, and all the ingredients are dissolvable in the water.

These products can be expensive but are worth it because they do not cause damage to the fixture and allow you to enjoy a spa-like bath.

Turn off the jets

The jets in the tub are designed to provide waves of water to relax the body and muscles, and they need special care to avoid damage.

Turning off the water jets before adding any product or salt inside the tub is better because they can get stuck in the pipes.

Allow the product to dissolve in the water properly before turning the jets on, and do not keep them on while cleaning the tub. 

How often can you use bath bombs in a jetted bathtub?

you can use specially formulated products inside the bathtub with some precautions.

There is no specific restriction on how often you can use them in the jetted tubs, but using them two to three times a week is better.

The frequent use of these products can cause problems with the performance of the plumbing fixture.

However, you can make bath bombs at home without toxic chemicals and oils that affect their durability and performance.

You can choose other ways to relax in the bathtub, such as putting candles and rose petals around the tub and your favorite music to create a spa-like environment.

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