How Long to Wait After Bathtub Reglazing?

Reglazing the bathtub is an efficient way to make it look new and save money. However, you have to wait for it to dry before you can use it again.

How Long to Wait After Bathtub Reglazing? You have to wait for 47 to 73 hours after bathtub reglazing, but some companies use products that can cure within 24 to 36 hours. Ventilation, weather, type of finishing material, moisture, humidity, number of coatings, and bathtub material are some factors determining its drying time.

It is a time taking process, and you cannot use it immediately after applying the finishers, as it takes time to dry and set on the surface. However, you can use a second bathroom in the house to let the surface dry properly and then use it.

How long do you have to wait after bathtub reglazing?

Reglazing usually takes 47-73 hours to cure completely and is ready to use again, but some manufacturers use finishing products that can dry within 24-36 hours, and you can use or clean it after this time.

Some companies provide high-quality products that can cure within 4-6 hours, and you can use the bathtub the same day, but the smell and fumes of finishers can make it challenging to use after this short time.

The finishers can dry within one to two days, but it takes approximately 6-7 days to harden the finishing layers completely.

The epoxy finisher’s surface looks dry when you touch it after 3-4 hours, but it takes approximately 22-24 hours to dry it and set it on the surface.

It is better to read the instruction on the label because different manufacturers use varying formulations, which can take different times to cure.

The factors that determine the drying time after bathtub reglazing

Here are important factors that affect the drying time after doing the bathtub reglazing.


You can turn on the exhaust fans to allow air from outside to enter the bathroom and dry the coating layers as soon as possible.

It is better to close the windows for 22 to 24 hours to avoid dust and dirt particles on the wet surface.

You can open the windows and door after 24 hours with the bathroom exhaust fans on for air circulation and dry them in less time.

Proper ventilation can help to remove the excess moisture from the closed bathroom atmosphere and decrease the drying period of the resurfacing materials.


The weather contributes to the curing time of reglazing, such as the temperature variation in hot and cold weather affecting the time to dry the coating.

The refinishing materials will get thick at low temperatures, such as in winter, and it becomes difficult to apply and dry the surface.

The moisture level increases in cold weather, making drying more time-consuming than in normal weather temperatures.

Professionals recommend an appropriate temperature of 62-63 ⁰F because the temperature below this can cause refinishing materials to cure after a long time, making the surface look sticky and rough.

Type of finishing material

Various finishing materials take different times to dry because they use specific formulations and products.

For example, some finishers take one to two days to dry completely, while some take three to four days to cure.

The finishers that are expensive and manufactured by a well-known brand dry soon compared to low-quality and cheap finishers because of the products used in manufacturing.

There are different types of finishing materials available in the market, such as epoxy, urethane, polymers, and acrylic coating.

Moisture and humidity

Moisture and humidity are high in the shower area compared to the other places in the bathroom, affecting the time to dry the finishing surface.

As a result, the water vapors drop on the surface, and the curing time increases.

It is better to avoid using excessive water use in the bathroom so that the humidity in the atmosphere decreases and the finisher can dry as soon as possible.

You can turn on the bathroom fans after using the vanity and toilet to remove the moisture.

Number of coatings

The number of coatings can influence the curing period, such as the surface will dry soon if you apply one or two coating layers, and it takes more time if the number of coatings increases.

It is better to wait for a few minutes after every coat and let it dry and then apply the second coat because the surface feels sticky and takes much more time to cure if you apply coating layers one after the other without waiting for each to dry. 

For example, the first coat of epoxy takes 3-5 hours to dry, and then apply the second coat if necessary.

The first layer of urethane takes 12-18 minutes to dry because it is a high-quality and expensive finisher that dries faster.

Different materials and their number of coatings layers affect the surface drying time.

Material of bathtub

Bathtubs are manufactured using different materials, such as fiberglass, porcelain, cast iron, granite, ceramics, and culture marble.

Not all surfaces can be reglazed, as you can reglaze porcelain, fiberglass, and ceramic bathtubs, and the nature of the material influence the drying time of the finisher you apply on the surface.

A fiberglass product is more prone to cracks and peeling off the upper layer coating as compared to other materials.

This is because the glossier surface needs more time for the finishing material to stick to the surface.

Cast iron bathtubs are more expensive and need less reglazing because they can last for a long time.

What happens if you take a shower immediately after bathtub reglazing?

Professionals recommend not taking shower within 22-38 hours after bathtub reglazing because it can cause the following problems.

Affect the beauty of refinishing

It can cause scratches and marks on the wet surface when you take a shower after applying the finisher coating.

It is better to let the surface dry completely before the bath because it can affect the beauty and smooth look of the plumbing fixture finisher.

The water splashes can drop on the coating, and the time to dry the finisher increases, which causes inconvenience in using the bathroom.

However, the smooth and even surface texture adds more beauty.

Peeling of refinishing material

The finisher can start peeling off the plumbing fixture surface if you have a shower before drying the finishing materials.

The moisture remains in this area and causes the coating to peel off or stick loosely on the surface, which can affect the appearance of the fixture.

The epoxy and acrylic finishers can chip off soon after this process if you use the place to take a shower and bath, which decreases the durability of this material.

Smell of refinishing fumes

The finishing material causes an intense smell all around the area and in the bathroom due to the sharp odor of fumes arising from the manufacturing chemicals.

This smell causes health issues, so do not use the bathroom till the reglazed material is dry. It is better to open the windows to get rid of this toxic smell.

The humid places decrease the time to remove the fumes, and they can stand in the air for a long time due to the water running in these places.

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