How Long Does a Waterless Urinal Cartridge Last?

A Waterless urinal cartridge is a barrier between the sewage gases to rise from the urinal and consists of a non-returning feature valve and a fragrance ring that controls the foul smell. It is designed in a different way from conventional urinals, with a liquid sealant present in it, and can work for many months.

How Long Does a Waterless Urinal Cartridge Last? The waterless urinal cartridge can last for 11-12 months or 2000-7000 uses, depending on the usage, quality, brand, and maintenance. The cartridge needs replacement after 2-6 months or 4-6 times a year if the facility is in high traffic area. You can make it last longer by proper maintenance, knowledge, and selecting high-quality products.

Some manufacturers designed these cartridges that do not rely on sealant and need less maintenance.

As a result, many products are available in the market for different kinds of urinals, and they all perform in different ways. 

How long can a waterless urinal cartridge last?

They are an integral part of this plumbing fixture and are usually made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene called ABS plastic.

This is the same plastic used for manufacturing Lego blocks, and it can survive different temperature variations around this place.

They can last approximately 11-12 months or 2000 to 7000 uses, but the liquid sealant needs a replacement after 1500-2500 uses because it will start smelling when used excessively.

They are not too expensive, and you can easily afford to change them when the urinal is not working properly and causes smell and leakage around the plumbing fixture. You can also put ice in it.

In addition, proper knowledge about the working and installation of this component can increase the lifespan of this urinal component.

They have a larger lifetime as compared to conventional urinals because they are less exposed to water, such as can cause urine crystals around the fixture when the water and urine combine in the cartridge.

Therefore, it is better to select these if you want a long-lasting and affordable plumbing fixture in your restaurant or hotel.

What are the factors that affect the durability of waterless urinal cartridges?

Different factors affect the durability of these urinals, especially in public places, and some of them are listed here.


Their excessive use in public restrooms, hotels, bars, and restaurants affects the lifetime of the cartridge and the sealant.

It can worn-out soon if the urinal is in high traffic area as compared to the fixture that is installed in less traffic area and is used quite often every day.

For example, if you have 4-6 urinals in the facility and approximately 100-120 people use them three to four times a day, then the cartridge can last for 2-3 months.

You have to change it after this time to avoid any damage or overflow problems.

Excess use of this plumbing fixture causes the urine acid to accumulate in the p blend and causes the blockage of the drains.

Quality and brand

The quality and the brand that manufactures it influence the durability of the urinal, such as the material and the technique used to manufacture this essential part of the fixture.

Low-quality material decreases the lifespan of this part, and you often need to replace it, which can cost more.

It acts as a funnel to flow the urine down the drain and filters the urine sediments that cause the blockage inside it.

The inexperienced workers in local brands with little knowledge about the function and installation of this fixture part and less reliable products cause a decrease its durability.


The cartridge can last for a short time if you do not properly care and maintain the plumbing fixture.

Waterless urinals are less challenging to maintain and easy to clean, as they do not consume water.

They can wear out soon if you do not properly and regularly clean these fixtures because excessive use in public places needs more maintenance.

In addition, germs and bacteria can accumulate when you do not use any disinfectant, which causes a smell and affects the fixture’s durability.

The working staff with less knowledge about cleaning and maintenance also influences the lifespan, and the plumbing fixture will damage soon.

How often should you change the waterless urinal cartridge?

You can change the cartridge after two to six months, depending on the use and quality of the material. A good quality material does not need to change soon and can last for a long time.

It is essential to have proper knowledge about the lifetime of the product and when it needs replacement after installing the new cartridge.

You can keep a log that mentions the last time you replace this component, and you can change it after a few months, depending on the condition and working of the component. 

Ensure that the workers or the cleaning staff have experience doing this task and know all the manufacturing instructions to avoid any mistakes or damage when changing this component.

You can replace this component after 30-60 days if the facility is used 250-300 times a day.

Its excessive use causes the sealant and the trap to stop performing soon and need to change more often a year, such as 4-6 times in one year.

How can you make the waterless urinal cartridge last longer?

You can make them last longer by using high-quality products or a brand that is famous for its reliable material used in manufacturing.

They guide the customers about the usage and maintenance of this component to increase its durability.

Falcon and Bobrick waterless urinal cartridges are known worldwide for their high-quality products, and they can last longer than local products and save money for more component replacement. 

You can disinfect it once a week to keep it hygienic and prevent smell.

In addition, you can hire professional staff to install the fixture and this component and train the workers about cleaning and maintenance. 

It is better to flush the urinal after removing the trap and component with 2-3 gallons of water to prevent any clog and blockage. 

You can pour the water directly into the drain pipes because the water in the trap affects the performance. 

Select a suitable cartridge for the waterless urinal because a wrong component can damage this plumbing fixture.

In addition, manufacturers recommend not using toilet or drain cleaners for cleaning because special cleaners for the liquid sealant cartridge are used to retain durability.

It is better to install more urinals if the hostel or any other public place has more traffic, as it can reduce the load on one or two plumbing fixtures and enhance the overall durability of all the urinals.