Do Bathroom Faucets Come With Drains?

Faucets are necessary plumbing fixtures in every bathroom because you use them to fill the bathtub, wash your hands and face, and take a shower after an exhausting day. The drains allow the water coming from the faucets to flow down the sink into the drain pipes.

Do Bathroom Faucets Come With Drains? Many manufacturers like Grohe, Kohler, Delta faucets, Glacier Bay, and Moen offer bathroom faucets that come with drains because they are the integral components of the sinks and showers that cannot work well without each other. Pop-up and grid drains are the common types of drains that come with faucets.

You can easily install the faucets and the drain assembly that usually comes with them if you know the installation process and have the skill to do this, but it is better to hire a plumber to avoid fitting and plumbing problems.

Why do bathroom faucets come with a drain?

Faucets with drains allow customers to select all the parts of the bathroom sink that match the taps and the sink.

It saves you from the exertion and tension of wandering in markets to match the color and style of the drain with the sink and other plumbing fixture parts.

The faucets that are manufactured using brass or other metal materials have a different style, and the drain with different materials looks unattractive to the overall look of the sink.

They are the essential components of the sink that cannot be operated without each other.

Having faucets that work without a drain is not possible because a drain takes all the water into the sewage using its assembly.

The bathtub and shower faucets usually do not come with a drain because of the various combinations and options available, and they are not visible to disturb the appearance of the interior. 

What are the types of drains that come with bathroom faucets?

Two types of drain usually come with the faucets, and you can select them depending on the style and color you want in your place.

Pop-up drain

It comes with a button or rod design, and you can hold the water in the sink by using the button or lifting the rod.

The lift rod is attached to the pivot rod and the stopper, which allows the stopper to seal the sink water when you lift the rod.

They are designed with overflow and non-overflow openings, which are easy to install and use.

You can select an overflow drain if the sinking vessel has overflowed in the sink so that all the sink parts can work efficiently without any issues in the drainage.

You can select a non-overflow drain if the sink features a non-overflow, and always make sure the sink features when selecting these parts.

The overflow openings have a hole in the drain portion that allows the excess water to flow easily into the drain pipes even when it is clogged, and there is a risk of water leaking.

Grid drain

Many faucets come with grid drains that cannot be closed using a rod or button to hold the water into the sink, but it is an excellent alternative to a pop-up drain.

In addition, the decorative and stylish grid adds a modern look to the bathroom if the sinking vessel does not overflow.

The small holes on the grid do not allow larger particles to pass through them and prevent the clogging of pipes.

In addition, they come with polished chrome finishing that is resistant to scratches and easy to install without any tools and equipment.

There are many finishing designs available for the continuous flow of water, such as matte black, oil-rubbed bronze, and brushed nickel oil that can last longer if installed correctly. 

How can you choose a drain that fits with the bathroom faucet?

You can choose any appropriate drain that fits well with them if you are remolding or replacing worn-out bathroom fixtures.

It is better to measure the drain opening that comes with the faucets to correspond to the sink opening to avoid any problem in fitting and installation of the plumbing fixtures.

It can waste all the money and time of selecting these plumbing fixtures that do not fit in the sink opening, and you have to spend more if the shopkeeper does not exchange the buyable products.

Make sure to buy the same quality or brand products that are already installed in the bathroom to make them work correctly and for the long term. For example, you can select brass drains because they are strong, attractive, and more durable.

The drains that complement the sink and the faucets are a better option if you select its assembly without the other fixtures.

Carefully read all the instructions mentioned by the manufacturer about the size and material to ensure it will go well with the sink.

It is better to understand the working mechanism and the material of the drain assembly that comes with the plumbing fixture. Some are made of metal; others are made of half plastic and half metal, while few are plastic.

Depending on the budget and quality, you can choose the drains that fit well with faucets and sinks because they range from cheap to expensive.

What brand offers bathroom faucets with drains?

Many manufacturers and companies usually do not design faucets with drain assembly, but now they come with drains to make them convenient for customers.

It has now become a common need of every customer to select the faucets that come with easy drains to install and save their money and time.

Grohe is an award-winning brand that is known globally for its excellent material and quality used in the manufacturing of all water fixtures and products and including faucets with drains.

They value their commitment to creating standard and high-quality products to ensure all the demands of their customers.

All Kohler faucets come with drains, valves, handles, supply lines, and other attachment hardware products with corrosion, scratch, and tarnish-resistant finishes.

In addition, they believe in better quality, innovation, and diversity of different products, which makes it a leading and globally recognized brand.

Delta Faucets is another well know, globally appreciated brand with high-quality products.

Glacier Bay manufactures shower and sink faucets with drains to enhance the water flow.

In addition, there are various designs and options that you can select to increase the decoration.

Moen can provide all types of accessories with drains and other bathroom fixtures with enhanced quality and material that can retain for many years.

They are recognized worldwide and achieved America’s most trusted award for faucets with elegant designs and various price ranges that are affordable.

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