Common Problems With Steam Showers

Steam showers contain an electric generator that warms the cold water and spreads it on the body in mist. The primary purpose of the fixtures is to conserve water during showering and decrease water wastage.

Common problems with steam showers include the risk of mold growth, difficult installation, calcium deposition, high maintenance, generator issues, pipes freezing, high electric bills, and faulty inlet valves.

It gives a soothing effect to people, and people also install other accessories with them, including water-resistant sound systems and massage tools.

Problems Solutions
Risk of molds growth Clean the nozzle with lime and ensure sealing
Difficult to install Call licensed plumbing experts
Calcium builds up Use water softeners
High maintenance Leave space for heat dissipation
Generator issues Ensure power supply
Freezing of pipes Add generators in warm places
High electricity bills Install correct-size generator
Faulty water inlet valves Turn on the inlet valves

Risk of molds growth

The risk of mold growth in steam shower rooms and their water nozzles is common because of high moisture content and constant water exposure.

Moreover, molds and bacteria grow over the fixtures, curtains, and nozzles because of their poor cleaning and maintenance.

The poor sealing of the ceilings and walls causes moisture to penetrate the inner side. In addition, people face an issue when they do not use the right material for their installation.

You can also face slipping problems on the rest of the floors if walls and ceilings are not appropriately sealed. The poorly insulated interior design leads to condensation on walls, floors, and roofs and allows bacteria and molds to come there.

Remove the water nozzle and dip it in the lime solution for a few minutes. The lime helps remove dirt, grime, and molds from them.

It is also necessary to use the correct material to construct the shower room and seal them properly to resolve slipping issues and mold growth.

Difficult to install

Steam showers contain complex parts to supply warm water mist on the body. The complex system is difficult to adjust because of the various working parts.

In addition, it also increases your installation cost because of its complex functionality. You need to call a plumbing expert to add them to your bathrooms instead of saving the cost and installing them yourself.

The adjustment of the plumbing system is also far different from the regular ones, and incorrect installation will cause the sudden failure of the entire unit.

Adding a digital control system is complex because you can connect them to your smartphones and apps.

These control systems help turn and off the steam and maintain water temperature. It is better to call an experienced and licensed plumbing expert for the correct installation.

Calcium builds up

The calcium builds on the steam generators and decreases their functionality. The calcium and other minerals build on these fixtures because of the minerals in the water.

The issue comes when the water tank in your home contains hard water. The hard types contain an excessive amount of minerals relative to others.

The poor cleaning of these devices causes sudden failure of units. This is because the hard water leaves the minerals behind when passing through them, and these form a dry layer on them.

It is better to use water softeners with generators to prevent mineral deposits. These activated filters can remove the minerals from the hard water.

High maintenance

The steam showers need high maintenance to keep their parts functional. In addition, removing the molds from the water nozzles is necessary for sufficient water.

Moreover, these have exposed plumbing and electrical components. You have to install them away from the reach of the children.

The several connected parts are hot and can burn your skin when you accidentally touch them. Leave the space on the sides of the generators for heat dissipation and proper ventilation.

The room also requires high maintenance, and it is crucial to construct them with non-porous materials like marble and stones so water cannot seep into them.

These require high summer maintenance because of more humidity and increased chances of mold growth. Keep these components and the room maintained adequately for their correct functioning.

Generator issues

The steam showers use generator devices to form steam and water droplets. These devices convert the freezing water from the plumbing system to warm ones.

The insufficient supply and disturbance in temperature come from the malfunctioned generators. These do not work correctly when there is not enough power supply and an issue in your home’s electric system.

Moreover, the tripped main circuit breakers also reduce the power supply. Therefore, the size of the generators is also essential for their correct functioning.

Working efficiency decreases when you use the smaller ones for large-sized shower rooms. Therefore, it is necessary to add them according to the size and construction material of the room. In addition, ensure the sufficient power supply by checking circuit breakers.

Freezing of pipes

The correct installation of generators is necessary to avoid problems in the winter season. This is because the temperature in winter decreases, and the water pipes also freeze.

The frozen pipelines do not provide enough water to these generators. The issue comes when you do not install them in the correct place.

Moreover, an adjustment in the poorly insulated areas causes water pipes to freeze. Therefore, install the generators in well-insulated places for smooth water movement.

In addition, you can also add them in warm areas so water cannot freeze in the pipes.

High electricity bills

The steam showers use electric components to spray the water droplets by collecting them from the inlet valves. The electric components draw the power from the electric system and increase electric bills.

In addition, people use them for a longer time because of less water supply in the form of droplets. In addition, generators attached to them also require electric current to raise the water temperature.

These consume more electric power than standard showers that consume extra gallons of water. This is because the conventional ones do not contain any additional electric equipment for water supply.

Install the correct size generator so it can generate steam quickly according to the size of the room and save electricity bills.

Faulty water inlet valves

The water inlet valve is the main part of the steam shower, and it is helpful in transfer to water to the generators. The cold water from the plumbing system moves to the generators when you turn on the inlet valves.

The generator raises the temperature and converts the cold water into warm in the form of mist or tiny droplets. Sometimes these do not open fully and decrease the water pressure in the generators.

You can see fewer water droplets from the water nozzles. Moreover, the issue comes when people forget to turn on the inlet valves and activate the steam from the control system.

Inspect the inlet valves and turn them on completely for sufficient water supply. It is also necessary to check and ensure that these are in a stuck position and decrease pressure.

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