Common Problems with Bathroom Window

Small windows are present in bathrooms for ventilation and to decrease moisture content. These are beneficial to reduce electric bills because you do not have to turn on the dehumidifier and exhaust fans.

Common problems with bathroom window include condensation, poor sliding mechanisms, rusty frames, damaged seals, faulty latches and locks, and damaged window screens. Moreover, you can also face the issue of paint peeling off, frequent cleaning, hard repairing, and hard water deposits.

They allow the entry of outside light and make the bathroom spacious. Moreover, it decreases mold species’ growth because they can reside in warm and humid environments.

Bathroom Window Problems Solutions
Condensation Wipe off the steam with a dry cloth
Poor sliding mechanism Lubrication
Rusty frames Repaint the rusty frames
Damaged seal Reseal the rubber seal of windows
Faulty locks Clean corroded locks with baking soda and lemon paste
Damaged window screens Patch the holes in window screen with the same material
Difficult to repair tempered glass windows Keep them open to remove steam
Hard water deposits Treat hard water deposits with diluted vinegar solution


The condensation on glass windows is common due to temperature differences. The warm and moist air comes in contact with the cold glass surface and produces water vapors.

Moreover, steam can also build on their surface by using warm water in showers and bathtubs. It can fog up the glass materials and decrease their visibility.

You cannot get light from the outside environment because of fogging up the issue. Moreover, condensation is common in double pane windows present in the bathroom.

These provide better insulation and provide more privacy due to their thick layer. The water droplets come on double-pane windows due to their damaged seals.

Clear the condensation from glass material quickly because it can form a dry stain on its surface.

In addition, I prefer to wipe it with a soft cloth that does not produce scratches on its surface.

Poor sliding mechanism

Bathrooms usually have sliding glass windows because these are easy to install and handle. In addition, it contains a sliding mechanism for smooth backward and forward movement.

The sliding mechanism becomes bad, and you cannot open and close them smoothly. In addition, they contain aluminum or metal frame that can rust easily.

The rusted frame cannot move smoothly, and you can hear uneven sounds while moving them. In addition, accumulated dust and other small particles inhibit their smooth movement.

You can resolve the problem by cleaning the sliding area with a small brush. In addition, it is also better to lubricate their lower side to reduce noise.

Rusty frames

Bathroom window frames can rust easily because of their metal material and high moisture content in these areas.

The moisture can ruin the metal frames, and rust stains also come on the glass surface. The chances of rust increase when you do not open them after bathing to remove humidity and steam.

The accumulated steam can ruin the wooden or metal frame and change its structure. In addition, poor cleaning causes rust to build on them.

Moreover, the paint on the side frames also starts to peel off after some time. Paint scrapping is common on the lower side of frames because of their frequent movement.

The increased friction between the sliding surface and frame causes the paint to peel off. The paint peeling off exposes the untreated metal surface, which can rust easily.

You can get rid of the rusty frames by repainting the affected area. However, it is better to use rust-resistant paints because of their durability.

Damaged seal

It contains plastic or rubber seals on its boundaries for proper closing. This help seal the corners correctly so no air can come from the empty spaces.

Their seals can get damaged easily and allow the entry of dust and bugs into the bathroom. In addition, bugs and insects from outside can enter the interior area.

In addition, these can also allow the entry of cold air from the outside, which is not good in winter. It causes the bathtub water to cool early because of heat loss.

You cannot keep the bathtub water warm for long because heat can easily move through these open spaces.

Their seals can get damaged due to exposure to water, which reduces the adhesiveness of the seal with the glass surface.

Moreover, sun heat from outside increases the risk of wear and tear in these parts. You can resolve the problem by resealing the window seals to inhibit the entry of insects, bugs, and cold air.

Faulty locks

They contain locks to ensure the privacy of people. Sometimes these locks become faulty, and you cannot lock them from the inside.

It looks faulty due to its poor installation and locking mechanism. Moreover, minerals also build on keyholes and cause an issue in the opening.

Furthermore, rust can also come on metal latches because of water exposure. Replace the rusty latches with new ones.

In addition, it is also better to remove the rust from the latches using baking soda and lemon paste.

Damaged window screens

The bathroom windows contain screens or curtains to prevent the entry of insects and bugs. They are made of perforated material, allowing air entry while keeping insects and dust away.

The screens can damage easily because of their old age and dust build-up on their surface. The UV light from the sun also increases their aging and deterioration.

It can disturb your privacy and allow entry of dust and insects inside. You can resolve the problem by reinstalling the new window screens.

In addition, you can also patch the small holes in the screen by adding the new patch or covering it with tape.

Difficult to repair tempered glass windows

Many people install tempered windows in the bathroom because of their thick layer and better strength than annealed glass material.

Moreover, these also offer high security due to their thick surface. These are stronger because their material is treated several times for manufacturing.

Tempered glass windows can break when hard material from outside hits the glass material. These can break suddenly without any cracking.

You cannot repair this material because it has undergone several processes of heating and cooling. These are more costly than simple glass, and you have to replace them.

Keep them open after bathing so heat cannot increase the risk of their damage.

Hard water deposits

People often complain about the white or chalk-like spots on their glass, which are also hard to remove.

You cannot simply clean them with wet wipes because these can produce a wrinkled area. The white spots come on the windows due to contact with mineral-rich water.

The calcium and limestone-rich water becomes dry, leaving the mineral deposition behind, and you can see white spots.

Moreover, evaporation of hard water and steaming also increases the risk of these spots. You can use vinegar to resolve this problem because it is acidic and dissolve the mineral deposit.

Spray the vinegar solution diluted in water and then wipe it off with a towel.

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