Common Problems with Bathroom Towel Rack

Many people use rod-type towel racks in their bathrooms because these do not need extra space, and you can mount them on walls and the back of the doors.

Common problems with bathroom towel rack include slipping of towels, rusty bars, less durability, bending, taking up floor space, and corroded screws. Furthermore, you can also face issues due to loose mounting screws, less adhesiveness, limited color, and low weight capacity.

They are made of different materials, including plastic, stainless steel, and aluminum alloy. The primary purpose of these bars is to keep the towel dry and free from mold growth.

Bathroom Towel Rack Problems Solutions
Slipping of towels Use Velcro tape on both ends of the towel
Rusty towel bars Use stainless steel type
Less durables and bending Select the ones that have a cylindrical rod structure
Take up floor space Use the wall or door mounted
Corroded screws Replace screws
Loose mounting screws Tighten the screws or re-drill the holes
Less design and colors Paint the towel racks according to your choice
Low weight capacity Check the weight capacity of the bars

Slipping of towels

Many people complain that their towels keep slipping from the bars and falling on the floor. The falling on bathroom floors makes them unclean because of wet surfaces.

The slipping occurs due to the smooth and slippery material of the racks. These have a polished and finished surface to give a shiny appearance.

The smooth and finished surfaces increase the chances of slipping. You can also face this problem when both ends are uneven.

The unequal weight distribution on both ends causes them to fall on the wet floors. You can resolve the problem using Velcro on both ends to secure them.

Hang them carefully by making both ends even and at the same height.

Rusty towel bars

Most of these fixtures are plated with chrome material to prevent rusting of metal and give it a shiny appearance.

The chrome layer can scratch easily, exposing the metal surface beneath them. The scratching issues come when these become old and are more prone to cracks.

The cracked area develops rust and becomes brown. The damp towels also increase the chances of corrosion of their rods.

Choose the correct material for your bathrooms. For example, people use different types of towel bars, but I prefer stainless steel because it is resistant to rust.

Moreover, you can also select the ones that are coated with anti-rust varnishes.

Less durables and bending

The aluminum alloy towel racks are easily bendable because of their less strength and durability. The bending occurs when you exert little pressure on it.

Stainless steel types are less susceptible to bending because of their strength than aluminum. However, the bending also depends on their shape and manufacturing material.

Some of these do not have rod-like structures and have horizontal strips that decrease their durability.

Horizontal strips are not durable because of their thin structure and can bend when you put heavy fabric towels on them.

You can reduce the bending issue in these fixtures by selecting the right one for your bathroom. I prefer to select cylindrical rod-like structures because of their high-end thickness.

Take up floor space

Many people add portable towel racks in their bathrooms, and you have to place them on the floor. These take up more space on the floor because you cannot mount them on walls.

These can increase the storage space and are beneficial when multiple people use the toilets. In addition, it contains more than two bars, and everyone can put their towels on them.

You cannot use them in small bathrooms because it can limit the walking space. Moreover, water splashes also come on towels during bathing if these are present near the shower area.

Avoid using them in smaller bathrooms because these take up floor space. Moreover, prefer to use the wall or door mounted because you do not need extra space for them.

Corroded screws

The bathroom towel racks are mounted on walls and doors using screws and bolts. These screws are also made of different materials, including plastic, metal, and aluminum.

Many people add the metal type because of their more fastening and high durability. These are also less costly and easy to find but corrode easily.

The screws can become rusty when you put damp towels on them. The corroded screws can cause the formation of dark brown stains on towels that are hard to remove.

You can only remove these stains using harsh detergent, but it can also fade their color. You can resolve the problem by using stainless steel screws for their mounting instead of metal type.

Moreover, it is also necessary to replace them when you see any signs of corrosion.

Loose mounting screws 

The screws used to mount these racks on the walls and doors become loose. The screws become loose after some years when these get old.

In addition, people also forget to tighten them when they feel wobbling issues.

Moreover, the screws become loose when drill holes get large over time. So these cannot fit appropriately in large holes, and you have to redrill them according to their size.

You can resolve the problem by redrilling the holes that can anchor the bolts perfectly. Furthermore, tighten the screws quickly when you see a wobbling issue.

Less adhesiveness

Some towel racks come with adhesive materials at both ends for their attachment. These are easy to install because you do not have to drill any holes in walls or windows.

The adhesive material becomes less sticky with time, and these can fall on the floor. Moreover, the adhesive strips have a less weight-carrying capacity than the screw type.

The adhesiveness decreases when you add them to dry or dusty walls. In addition, poor surface cleaning can cause them to come off from walls.

It is better to select the screw or bolt-mounted racks because these are more durable and provide better fixing.

Less design and colors

The available towel bars in the market have fewer designs and limited colors. As a result, people often cannot find the matching ones according to their bathroom theme.

The unmatched fixtures give an uneven appearance to your interior, and these do not look uniform. However, it also becomes prominent due to its unique color and design.

These have limited designs, most of which are coated with lighter paints. You can resolve the issue by changing the paint color of their bars.

You can paint them according to the paint color of the walls and other fixtures.

Low weight capacity

A bathroom towel rack is made up of low-quality material. The low-quality material means these have low weight capacity and can bend or break.

The plastic type usually comes under this category because of its brittle material. These can break when you put heavy or more than two towels on them for a longer time.

The weight also increases when these are wet because of moisture absorbance in their fabric.

Therefore, I always prefer stainless steel and chrome plated types because these have more weight-holding capacity than plastic ones.

Check the weight capacity and their material while hanging more than one towel on them.

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