Common Problems with Bathroom Mirror

People add hanging mirrors of different styles and sizes in their bathrooms to get ready in front of them. Furthermore, you can also add them to make the interior look nice and bigger due to light reflection.

Common problems with bathroom mirror include damage to the silver layer or tarnishing, scratches, wobbling, and deterioration of the frame. In addition, you can also see their loose screws, light issues, and white soap scum on them.

You can add more than one mirror for decorating purposes according to the style and dimensions of the bathrooms.

Bathroom Mirror Problems Solutions
Damage to silver layer or tarnishing Replace the mirror or recoat the silver layer
Fogging Use glass cleaner
Scratches and cracks Apply toothpaste
Wobbly mirrors Tighten mounting screws
Deterioration of mirror frame Avoid using metal or wooden frames
Light issues Place mirrors near the walls having sufficient light
Spots of soap scum Remove with vinegar solution

Damage to the silver layer or tarnishing 

The glass is coated with metals, the most important of which are silver and aluminum. Most glass is coated with simple silver because of its high light reflectivity and visibility.

Desilvering of the mirror is the damage or scraping of its silver-coated layer. Tarnishing occurs due to water damage and leaves black and dark brown spots on the sides and edges of the mirror.

The black color or rotting occurs due to a damaged silver coating. The bathroom mirrors are more suspectable to tarnishing because of their high-water content.

The moisture from the surrounding environment can easily enter between the silver and glass layer and eventually cause the chipping of the silver coat.

You can see the black spots after the silver coating chips off. Moreover, tarnishing comes from metal oxidation when water penetrates its inner layer.

Silver oxidation occurs when water comes in contact between them and the glass layer. Remove the damaged silver coating and applying a new coat.

I prefer to purchase the new mirrors rather than coating them with silver because it is expensive. In addition, you can fix it by coating them it a water layer of sealant.


The fogy mirrors in the bathroom are a common issue that can decrease visibility. You cannot see clearly due to condensing water vapors.

Steam from the shower water and bathtubs is the primary reason behind the fogging-up problem. The condensed hot water vapors bind the cold glass surface and make them foggy.

In addition, these can also fog up due to poor maintenance and improper cleaning. Body oils and body lotions make them blur, and you cannot see yourself.

The overtime fogging issues produce hard stains that are difficult to clean. You need some detergents and glass cleaners to clean them and wipe off the fog stains.

Moreover, it is also necessary to wipe off the mirror with a dry or soft cloth when you see steam or water droplets on them.

Scratches and cracks

Starches and scuff marks are common on bathroom mirrors because of their poor cleaning practices and maintenance.

People often do not invest separately to clean their surfaces with a soft cloth or mild agents. The use of harsh detergent on their surface damages the silver coating and dulls their shine.

Furthermore, you can see prominent cracks or lines on their smooth surface, which can increase the risk of their breaking.

Using a harsh cloth or wool cotton for cleaning creates a scratched surface. You can see the scratches due exposed silver finish.

You can retreat the silver coating by polishing them with toothpaste. The mild abrasive particles in toothpaste are helpful to polish the silver coating and give a smooth appearance.

You can use shaving foam if glass cleaners are not available in your home to clean the mirrors.

Wobbly mirrors

Sometimes people use magnetic mirrors in their bathrooms to keep their walls clean and free from drilled holes.

These are not long-lasting and can fall on the floor when the adhesiveness of the magnetic field decreases. However, over time these can suddenly fall on the floors and create a mess.

In addition, some of them are attached with mounting screws and brackets. The mounting screws also become loose over time and cause their vibrating movement.

You can face the wobbling issue when mounting screws cannot hold them in their place. Screws are also made of different materials and cause the wobbling problem.

The metal screws can rust and deteriorate easily and fail to perform their function. Therefore, it is suitable to use plastic mounts instead of metal because of their higher moisture content.

You should not avoid wobbly mirrors because they can fall suddenly and cause injury to you. Instead, replace the mirrors when you see any vibrating issues in them.

Moreover, tighten the mounting screws to reduce the wobbling and fasten them properly.

Deterioration of mirror frame

Beautiful frames of different materials surround the mirrors. They are made of wooden and metal materials, which can deteriorate over time.

These are not resistant to moisture, and water can easily damage them. High humidity content cause warping of wooden frames, which cannot hold the glass material.

They become wobbly due to the shrinking of wooden frames and fall on the ground.

Metal frames are also not suitable for mirrors because they can corrode quickly due to the surrounding environment.

The oxidation can also damage the clear silver coat of the glass and make black spots on its surface. Avoid using metal or wooden frames for decoration.

You can decorate the interior by adding mirrors of different designs and styles.

Light issues

You can also face the light issue in bathroom mirrors due to their improper placement on walls. Sometimes these are not present near the lights and decrease the visibility of persons.

The proper installation on the right side of the wall is necessary to increase their visibility and make the interior look bigger and more luxurious.

These are on the walls where there is not enough outside light. So you can fix it by their proper fixing on the right wall which has enough light source.

Add them to the walls that are near the windows or LED lights. In addition, avoid placing them on the walls behind the doors.

Spots of soap scum

The soap scum comes on their surface during bathing. These residues can also dry when you do not clean them for longer.

Sometimes these dry soap scum spots are hard to remove with simple water or a damp cloth. The splashes of soapy water are common when these are present in front of the vanity area.

In addition, the shampoo, conditioners, and body lotion spots also come on their surface and make them dirty.

You need the cleaning agent to dissolve these soapy spots when they dry, and you do not clean them for longer.

Mix the equal amount of water and vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture on the mirror surface and then wipe it off with a soft, lint-free cloth because the lint of the fabric also sticks to the glass surface.

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