Common Problems with Bathroom Closet

Many people install closets in their bathrooms to store their cloth and other accessories. It offers great privacy to people because you can put your personal things in them.

Common problems with bathroom closet include warping of wood, corrosion on the metal surface, and cracks in plastic ones. Moreover, you can also face the issue of a musty smell, contaminated cloth, less space, decreased ventilation, and less privacy.

It is beneficial to install them in large bathrooms to utilize extra space and give them a luxurious appearance.

Bathroom Closet Problems Solution
Warping of wooden closet Waterproof shelf liners
Corrosion on metal material Antirust sprays
Cracks in plastic closet Avoid using harsh detergents
Foggy glass closets Cover with vinyl stickers
Musty smell Silica bags
Contamination of cloth Add a bowl of baking soda
Take up space Add closets in large bathrooms only
Less privacy Add curtains between closets and the bathroom area

Warping of wooden closet

Many people add wooden closets in their bathrooms, which is highly unacceptable because of their damaging effects.

The moisture content is high in these areas because of running water in toilets, showers, and bathtubs. Sometimes the steam from the hot water increases the humidity content.

The dry wood of the bathroom wardrobes absorbs this moisture, which expands when the water dries out.

Moreover, the molds also grow on humid wood and can ruin their manufacturing material.

The water can fade the original color and finish of the wood. In addition, you can see white spots on their surface due to moisture absorption.

It changes the original integrity of these cabinets because of a continuous cycle of expansion and shrinking.

The expansion and shrinking are directly proportional to humidity content. You cannot replace the whole closet because it is a costly procedure.

You can make them water-resistant by finishing them with linseed or tung oil.

I prefer to use vinyl covers and waterproof shelf liners because both of these materials are waterproof and decrease water-related damage.

Corrosion on metal material

People also add metal closets in the bathrooms because of their lightweight structures. Moreover, these are easy to install but hard to maintain.

Metal is highly sensitive to moisture and humidity, eventually leading to oxidation reactions. As a result, you can see dark brown rust spots on their surface when they are highly exposed to water.

The water splashes come on surrounding objects when you use the shower for a bath. These water splashes remain on their surface and trigger the oxidation process.

Most metal wardrobes are waterproof and safe for placement in humid areas. However, these are costly because of their protective coating.

It is better to purchase those from the markets when you want to put them in bathrooms. These are coated with water-resistant paints or sealants.

In addition, you can also use antirust spray paints on your cabinets to protect them from corrosion attacks.

Cracks in plastic closet

Portable closets for bathrooms are available in the market, mostly made up of metal or plastic material because of their lighter weight.

Plastic wardrobes are suitable in these moist places because of their weatherproof and water-resistant materials.

These are hard to clean because you cannot use any harsh detergents for their cleaning purpose.

Harsh bleaching agents can fade their color and produce cracks in their structures.

Keeping them clean and removing the soap and conditioner residues from their surface is also necessary.

You can resolve the problem by using mild detergents for their cleaning and avoiding using bathroom detergents.

Foggy glass closets

Glass closets are also common in bathrooms for the placement of toothbrushes, conditioners, body oils, and lotions.

Furthermore, people also put their cloth and towels in them after a bath. The glass surface is impermeable to water, but it is cold.

The dry and hot air, when it comes in contact with a cold glass surface, produces condensation droplets.

You can also see water drops on the interior side because of steam accumulation in the bathrooms.

You can resolve the condensation problem on glass closets by warping their surface with vinyl stickers because of their waterproof property.

It does not allow moisture to come on the inner side of the cabinets. Keep the exhaust fans on for continuous air circulation in the interior.

Musty smell

You can feel the musty smell from your cloth when you place them in bathroom closets.

The musty smell comes from the penetration of steam and humid air in the wardrobes.

The musty smell occurs due to the high moisture level in the cloth, which is highly irritating for people.

It can also cause mold species to grow on your clothes and other accessories and eventually ruin them completely.

The musty smell also leads to fungal growth on cloth, which is not suitable for the health of people that wear them.

You can decrease the humidity level in bathroom cabinets by putting some drying agents like silica bags. These contain anhydrous sodium, which helps absorb moisture from surroundings.

Contamination of cloth

The airborne bacterial particles enter your bathroom closet and make them highly unhygienic. The bacterial growth cause contamination of your cloth.

Airborne bacteria are present in the area because of solid waste material in the toilets. These can easily enter the cabinets when you open and close them to put or take your cloth out.

These airborne bacteria compromise people’s safety and produce a smell in their cloth. Moreover, the bacterial species on cloth and towels also spread germs among other people.

You can resolve the problem by putting a bowl of baking soda in closets to get rid of offensive odors.

Avoid unnecessary opening of cabinets and only use them when you want to take something out.

Requires space

The biggest drawback of the closest bathroom is that these are only suitable for larger ones. You cannot add them in the smallest ones because they can congest the interior.

These can take up a lot of interior space and decrease the walking area. Many times people feel difficulty in walking them due to congested spaces.

Moreover, the distance between the showers and these cabinets is also less, which causes water and soap splashes to come on them and increase the risk of damage.

In addition, it also decreases ventilation by taking up more space. Keep your exhaust fans turn or for entry of fresh air from the outside environment.

It is better to only add them in large bathrooms to cover the extra space and make them look nice and luxurious.

Less privacy

The privacy of the bathroom interior depends on its construction and accessories. Sometimes these closets are less private when more than two people share the same room.

You cannot use the wardrobes, and these do not hire privacy when someone is using the toilets and sinks.

It also disturbs your privacy while using the toilets and sinks when another person finds something in the cupboard.

You can increase the privacy of both areas by installing curtains between them. Use the curtains with waterproof materials like vinyl and polyester because these are water resistant.

The water cannot seep into the floor because it can dry quickly.

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