Can You Put Fiddle Leaf Fig in Bathroom?

The fiddle leaf fig plant has gained a lot of attention from interior designers and home decorators in the last few years. You can put it in your bathroom depending on the humidity, sunlight, and space you have in your place.

Can You Put Fiddle Leaf Fig in Bathroom? You can put Fiddle Leaf Fig in the bathroom to make the overall environment pleasing and bright. You can place it near the windows in direct or indirect light, away from the shower area, hang it on the side wall of the door or with the bathtub wall, and away from kids and pets.

Fiddle leaf fig, also called Ficus Lyrata can grow up to 10 feet and symbolizes prosperity, luck, and abundance. It has a violin shape and densely veined branches that are perfect for indoor decoration and a healthy atmosphere.

Why would you place Fiddle Leaf Fig in your bathroom?

This plant can bloom in a damp and lukewarm atmosphere, and the bathroom is a good option to put it there. Hot showers and water usage cause humidity and moisture accumulation in space around you.

You can place it in a stylish and beautiful container to give your place a pleasant look and contemporary feel. You can put it in a hanging pot as it adds more decoration and save floor space.

Some people love to see greenery around them to refresh their minds and soul. This can refine the air around you and absorb the harmful gases present there. 

It adds an aesthetic look and reduces mold by absorbing extra humidity and moisture from the atmosphere.

It is accessible to water and shower and reduces the exertion of taking the plant to another place for showering and cleaning.

Things to consider when placing Fiddle Leaf Fig in your bathroom

It can remain vibrant and fresh if placed in the right place and position in your bathroom. Placing it in your washroom can create issues when you do not know certain aspects about putting them in it.

Direct or indirect light

They need light for the photosynthesis process as it acts like a portion of plants’ food and helps them grow and shine. Therefore, it admires a good light coming from any direct or indirect source to flourish nicely. 

Light will affect its leave badly and cause its color to fade when you place it in severe straight sunlight. Instead, try to place it in a moderate light, neither a bright nor depleted place. 

Indirect light can make this plant bloom properly because it cannot survive in low light. However, you can provide adequate light from any artificial source to make it grow nicely.


Temperature can also affect the growth and maintenance of this plant. It is an inhabitant of rainforest in western Africa and is habitual of a warm environment.

It can thrive in temperatures 62-77 ⁰F and start fading into brown color if the temperature goes below 45-50 ⁰F. Usually, the temperature in your bathroom ranges from 69-76 ⁰F. 

Moisture and humidity

Moisture content is an essential factor to consider when deciding to place Fiddle Leaf Fig. It grows in the humid atmosphere of rainforests where the moisture level is 73-97%.

It is a place where humidity is always present due to the moisture that showers create. Therefore, putting your plant in the washroom is better because it provides an ideal moisture level.

The humidity level of the bathroom is almost 25 to 48%, while it needs a moisture content of around 38 to 62% so that it can survive in this environment. 


Bathrooms have windows of varying sizes, or even some have no windows at all. It is considered to place your plant closer to windows, whether it is large or small. 

You can put it in the window, which allows adequate sunlight to pass through it. However, the plant placed at the eastward window will take only morning light, which is not sufficient for it to thrive.

Harsh afternoon light will cause the leaves to fade and dull when you put them on the west-facing side. It is better to place it at the southward window as it can get an adequate amount of light throughout the day.

If you do not have a south-facing window, then you can place it at any window with curtains or an artificial light source to maintain its growth.

Away from kids and pets

These plants can be a little harmful to the kids in your house because they have delicate skin and sensitive immune systems. 

It contains calcium oxalate that can cause itching if they touch it because it is a toxic chemical for the skin. In addition, it can cause vomiting and diarrhea if the kids ingest the leaves of this plant.

It causes diarrhea, mouth irritation or swelling, and other gastric issues if the pet bites the leaves.

Therefore, it is better to keep it away from your kids and pets. You can put it in a heightened place or on shelves to keep it away from the children and pets.

How to take care of Fiddle Leaf Fig in your bathroom?

Placing plants in the bathroom seems a good idea, but it requires care and maintenance.

You can gently clean the leaves with any soft fabric or sponge to remove the dust particles that can block the sunlight. Do not rub it harshly because this will cause the leaves to break or fade their color.

You can clean the leaves after every 6-8 days to keep the pests, bacteria, and dust particles away. Make sure to provide them moist and humid environment because they are native to rainforests.

Fiddle Leaf Fig does not require reporting often, but you can do it after 1-2 years, depending on the growth and environment you are providing it.

For example, you can change its side after every 1-2 weeks so that every part of it can get enough light and air to grow and survive.

It is safe to apply a healthy leaf shine product on your plant to protect it from pests, dust, and bacteria and keep its own moisture. However, it is better not to apply coconut or fat-based oils because they can block the light and suffocate it.

How often can you water or shower Fiddle Leaf Fig?

Water is the basic necessity of this plant as it comes from rainforests of Central and West Africa. Therefore, living in a damp environment is habitual by soaking water from the soil it is placed in.

It is better to give it lukewarm water because it cannot survive a cold environment. You can wait until 1-3 inches of soil is dry before watering this plant because it can easily soak water from deep soil through its root.

You can water it after 6-12 days because over-watering can cause pathogens to grow there and affect the roots and leaves.

I use an aqua meter to check if it needs water, as it turns white when the water level is low and blue when it has enough water.

You can shower Fiddle Leaf Fig after 2-4 months with room temperature water to remove dust and hydrates it completely. It is the best way to remove pests and bacteria from it which can block the process of photosynthesis.

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