Can You Put a Chandelier in Bathroom?

Many people add chandeliers in their bathrooms when they redesign and renovate their homes. These hanging fixtures will give your restroom a modern and luxurious look.

Can You Put a Chandelier in Bathroom? You can put a chandelier in your bathroom to make it look stylish, provide good light, create a focal point, and add versatility. Make sure to consider the bathroom size, mirror position, ceiling height, safety, and size of the chandelier while selecting it.

They are appreciated in the modern decor of your house as they enhance the whole theme and bring an aesthetic look.

Why would you put a chandelier in your bathroom?

Adding bathroom chandeliers is an excellent option if you are renovating your restroom. This will enhance the overall look and style of your washroom. These trendy light fixtures have become a demand for every classy house lover.

Stylish look

When you plan to change your bathroom interior and renovate different things, add a chandelier to make it look stylish and classy.

People use them in their restrooms to have a beautiful and warm atmosphere. As a result, adding chandeliers in your powder rooms has become a trend.

Many interior designers and home decorators recommend having these light fixtures in your restrooms to give both a modern and traditional look. 

Good light

Chandeliers are designed so many light lamps, and candles are fixed on a single fixture hanging from the ceiling. In addition, many light bulbs are combined to provide a bulk of light in your rooms.

It provides an excellent light source when using your washroom for any purpose. For example, when applying makeup or shaving, you can turn its light on.

Lots of light on a fixture can make your place look attractive, as we all know that having good light in your washroom is what we all need.

They are also available in different light colors. You can switch the color of light depending on your mood.

Create a focal point

When you are willing to focus on a certain area of your bathroom, these light fixtures can help you in this matter.

They will create a focal point in your restroom, depending on the place you decide to hang them.

For example, you can highlight the bathtub area in your bathroom by hanging it on the ceiling will focus on this area.

The focal point will help your eyes to focus on something you designed to be prominent.

Human eyes are always attracted to the most prominent or highlighted places, and you can not help it.

Using these light fixtures can be a great option to showcase your favorite places in your powder room.


They are available in various styles, designs, colors, and shapes. You can choose any chandelier depending on the interior you want in your bathroom.

In addition, many light fixtures come with Bluetooth features installed in them. So you can connect your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop to it to listen to the playlist of your favorite songs.

They come with a remote control to switch to any light or song you want to play. In addition, it can connect to your device automatically when you turn your Bluetooth on. It can also connect to more than one device but can play one at a time.

Where to hang a chandelier in your bathroom?

It is easy to hang a chandelier anywhere in the bathroom, depending on the place and size. Electric codes also help you to find the right and safe place for them.

You can put it above your bathtub to make it more attractive. In case, you have a bathtub and a shower; then you can hang in between them to highlight both areas.

Make sure to hang it safely from your bathtub or shower to avoid damage. Then, you can consult an interior designer or electrician for proper installation.

Lights above your vanity also look elegant and provide good light. However, it is better to hang it at a safe distance from your vanity and other furniture, such as any table or sofa in your restroom. 

Chandeliers at the center of your place look more beautiful as it gives your washroom a wide space.

In addition, it adds a traditional and sparkling appearance to your bathroom. Putting it in the center will balance the light on the bathtub, shower, and vanity.

Things to consider while selecting bathroom chandeliers

It is better to consider these points when selecting chandeliers. They come in various sizes, and it depends on your choice and the size of your bathroom.

Bathroom size

Not all of us have the same size of bathrooms in our house.

You can select any light fixture depending on the size of your washroom. However, if you do not have a large space area, it is better to select a small chandelier because a large light fixture can make your place look tight and small.

People who have large restrooms can select any ceiling fixture depending on the interior they want to have. You can have a small and a large chandelier as long as they do not interfere with other fittings.

Mirror position

Mirrors are present in different places in your bathroom. When you plan to put hanging fixtures in it, you have to consider the position of mirrors in your washroom.

Having a light fixture on the ceiling above your vanity can give you more light while doing makeup or shaving.

Make sure the light fixture is not hanging close to the mirrors because this can cast a shadow on your face. Therefore, it is better to consider the height of the mirror before putting it on your ceiling. 

The light fixture can be 3-5 inches above the vanity mirror or other mirrors to avoid overshadowing.

Ceiling height

Before putting it in your bathroom, you must consider its ceiling height. When your ceiling height is not so high, then you have to think twice before selecting it.

It is better to hang it on an approximately 6-8 feet high ceiling if you have a standard-size chandelier. You should be more careful when you are going to hand it over to the bathtub.

You can put it above the bathtub when the ceiling is approximately 7-9 feet high from the bottom floor or 3-4 feet above it.


It is better to consider safety when using these light fixtures in your place. Decoration and appearance of your restroom are essential but not more than your safety.

You have to install it properly in a damp atmosphere and safe location. For example, waterproof chandeliers are preferable to hang in the bathtub and shower area.

You can choose wet-rated light fixtures instead of dry-rated ones to avoid any electric damage, as bathrooms usually have moisture and humidity in the air. 

You can select it by checking the ceiling height and place size to avoid any damage to you and your washroom.

Size of the chandelier

You can hang small and large lights depending on the space available and the style you want in your restroom. For example, you can put a small chandelier even if your powder room is large or small.

They look classy, cover less space, and are less expensive than large light bulbs. In addition, you can add more than one light fixture at different places.

However, large-size light fixtures can provide more light to your place as more light bulbs are installed in them, but having them in your washroom requires more space and money.

Different style bathroom chandeliers

You can choose a different style of a chandelier to enhance its overall appearance. Traditional style light fixture has a central bottom that curves outward and has light bulbs installed there. 

The base can curve downward with light bulbs in a downward direction. Traditional chandeliers are always in fashion with an elegant style that looks attractive.

Drum chandeliers have light bulbs enfolded in drum shape small cylinders. It is designed to provide dim light and a cozy environment. 

It can be a single shape drum or multiple drums fixed together.

For high-ceiling bathrooms, tiered light fixtures are a good option. There are multiple sizes, mostly circular frames fixed together in a sequence of large to small frames with light bulbs.

Sputnik light fixtures have many untwisted and straight branches pointing outward with light bulbs at their corners. It is available in small and large sizes and gives a modern look to your place.

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