Can You Flush Hair Down The Toilet?

Many people flush hair into the toilet drains after brushing, which is not good practice and causes problems in the draining system.

Can You Flush Hair Down The Toilet? You should not flush hair down the toilet because these are non-breakable, cause water backups, clogging and bursting of pipes, collect in p-traps, and allow bacteria to grow. Use the enzymatic-based cleaners and toilet auger to remove hair from the traps and install hair catchers.

You can keep the hair away from your bathroom drains and prevent blocking by combing before showering and bathing. The hair falls decrease during bathing when you comb them before a bath.

Is it safe to flush hair down the toilet?

Flushing hair down the toilets is not safe because it can cause problems for you. However, many people think that extent of damage depends on the type and size.

You can add the shaving hair in them because these are small and cannot cause clogging in drains and lines.

However, these can cause an issue when you follow the same practice for a longer time and shave while putting your legs on the upper side of the bowl.

Large hair flushing is strictly prohibited because it can make a cluster, allowing dust, dirt, and soap scum to come on their surface.

These can make large clogs when other materials combine, which is challenging to remove. Avoid adding your long hair in the traps after combing them in the bathrooms in front of the dressing area.

Why you should not flush hair down the toilet?

Many people cut their hair in front of the dressing area of their bathroom and then throw them in the toilet, which is bad and creates an awful situation for you. It is better to compost them for easy degradation and make them fertilizers for soils.

Non-breakable and water backups

Human hair, whether they are smaller or larger, are non-breakable. Therefore, the excess water cannot break them and allow their removal from the drain pipes and traps.

It takes several months to years for them degradation depending on their size. These contain proteins that are difficult to degrade or break.

You can only get rid of them when you use harsh chemicals, enzymatic cleaners, and unclogging sprays. In addition, these can come in contact with each other and clog the pipes.

The blockage causes water backups, and you cannot clear the waste products completely because of clogging.

In addition, the water backup is unhygienic and causes unsanitary conditions when contaminated water splashes on your skin.

Clogging and bursting of pipes

The hair sticks to the drain lines and increases the clogging problem there. Also, these are hard to remove once they stick to these pipes.

In addition, it allows more foreign particles, bacteria, and dust to come with them and can worsen the blockages.

It can narrow these lines, and water cannot move through them with pressure. The chance of cracking and bursting of sewage and water lines increases when water moves through them with high pressure.

The narrow diameter and high water pressure stress the lining of their internal walls and make cracks there.

You can also see sudden water bursting through these cracked pipes, which is difficult to control and can contaminate your home and surrounding areas.

Allow bacterial growth

Human hair takes the dirt, sweat, and body oils from the scalp. As a result, it becomes the ideal breeding ground for bacteria because of their composition.

Many people feel the nasty smells from their bathrooms when the traps and drains are clogged with large and non-breakable particles.

You can feel the smell from the drains because of bacterial colonies. These can stick with large clusters because of their composition and take food from them.

In addition, the bacterial colonies multiply rapidly, and you can also see fungus growth on the sides of the traps, which can affect cleaning and make them unappealing.

The smelly bathrooms can also make you embarrass in front of guests because these do not look inviting and welcoming.

Why do people flush hair down the toilet?

It is not safe to remove toilets from the bathroom by flushing the water from the water tank. It allows the movement of large clusters into the drain pipes and makes large clogs there.

People sometimes intentionally do this procedure to remove hair after combing and shaving.

It is better to embed them under the soil and perform the nourishing action for the plants. These can also move into the bowls and then travels to the drain when you press the handle of cisterns.

The hair from your cloth also falls inside the bowl and causes a problem. It occurs unintentionally; you can adopt preventive techniques to fix this issue.

Moreover, the issue comes when people clean their brushes and add large clusters into these fixtures.

Adding trash cans in the bathroom is necessary so people can add residues and other waste products instead of flushing them.

What to do when you flush hair down the toilet?

Removing them from the traps when you accidentally flush them in the toilets is necessary. Use the auger equipment, snake plumber, and wire hanger to grasp the large clusters.

Moreover, you can also use enzymatic cleaners because these contain special enzymes for the degradation of proteins present in the hair and allow their easy clearing.

You can also use dishwashing detergent, baking soda, and bleach to fix it. People use various things and equipment, but I prefer to add boiling water to the bowl.

Different commercial clog removal is available in the market, and you can add them to get rid of large particles that cause breaking.

The toxic and harsh action of these cleaners causes the degradation of larger particles and breaks them into smaller pieces for their efficient clearing.

How do you stop hair from going down the toilet?

You can prevent hair entry into the traps of the bathroom drains by using catches. These are metal materials and contain multiple sieves, which inhibit their movement.

The water can move through these catchers easily, but other things cannot pass from them. In addition, it is also better to avoid shaving while sitting in the toilets.

Many people do this practice when they do not have bathtubs in their bathroom because they can get tired when they stand for a longer time.

Moreover, people also put their legs on the bowl’s tip for shaving, allowing small hair to enter the drains.

Avoid flushing large clusters of hair in them after combing because these can worsen the existing situation. Instead, pouring the boiling water in the drain once or twice a month for maintenance is better.

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