Can I Replace an Oval Bathroom Sink With Square?

Bathroom sinks come in various designs and shapes, and people want to replace them according to their choices and personal needs. The replacement method is tricky, and you have to spend time and extra money on this procedure.

Can I Replace an Oval Bathroom Sink With Square? You can replace the oval bathroom sink with a square one to upgrade bathrooms, make the countertop surface flats, create bathing space for kids and give a modern appearance. Cut off the water supply and trap connections and remove the caulking material or screws. Reshape the countertop, add a new sink, and fasten the plumbing connections.

The time to replace the oval sink with square one is about 3 to 4 hours and can also vary according to the plumber’s experience. On average, the replacement procedure costs from $300 to $700 and depends on the material and quality of the sinks.

Is it possible to replace an oval bathroom sink with a square?

It seems a challenging and messy procedure because of the difference in their shapes.

You can do the procedure by reshaping the countertops and vanity area to install new ones. However, the procedure is not easy, and it takes time and effort for the plumbers.

In addition, it can also create a mess in your interior because you have to cut the countertops according to the size of the square types.

These are larger and require more countertop space for their installation. The oval shapes are smaller, and you cannot fix the other one in their place.

Why would you replace an oval bathroom sink with square?

People do small amendments to their bathrooms to upgrade their appearance and make them look new. You can also do this if the old ones are broken and look old-fashioned.

Upgradation of bathrooms

You can replace the oval sinks with the square ones in your bathrooms to enhance their appearance. In addition, it can change the interior look and make them look luxurious and modern.

Many people want more customized and modern interiors instead of traditional ones. The oval type gives the classic theme, while the square ones can make your interior classy and cool.

These take up more space on the countertop, but the design looks luxurious. In addition, the interior sleep design also attracts the attention of the guests.

You can do the replacement procedure to upgrade your bathrooms with the latest accessories and fixtures. It can highlight the corner where you install them and make them attractive for everyone.

The proper symmetry and lines in their edges make them more valuable. Moreover, these are cost-effective plumbing fixtures for interior upgradation.

Flat countertop surface

The square countertop parts make the countertop and vanity area flatter. In addition, the area looks wider because of its prominent edges.

The lines and corners of these types need more frequent cleaning because debris gets stuck in their hidden spaces, but these can improve the countertops.

In addition, the countertops’ flat corners give the bathroom a unique appearance. Moreover, you can organize things better on the flat corners.

The chances of falling accessories inside the sinks decrease because of their prominent edges. Furthermore, the height of these designs is less than the oval types. These take less space underneath, and you provide a better storage area.

Add small baskets under these fixtures to store your toiletries and other accessories. These go perfectly with your large-sized bathrooms.

You can add them if the interior is larger and small fixtures are difficult to find. It can create the focal point and give a stylish appearance.

Create convenient bathing space for kids

The oval sinks store less water but provide better drainage, while square types store more water and take more time to drain.

These are larger and have flat ends instead of deeper ones, allowing easy and quick water movement into the drains.

The larger size increases their water storage capacity, and you can wash small items. Moreover, you can use them for laundry purposes. For example, you can wash your ribbons, socks, and other small daily-use items in them because of their more space.

People want to replace the oval design with the square because of their children. In addition, more storage capacity makes these designs more convenient for kids’ bathing.

You can use them as a small bathtub, and your kids can take a bath in them. Kids can easily sit in them, and water splashes cannot come on your cloth and make you wet.

How do you replace an oval bathroom sink with a square?

Adding a square bathroom sink in place of the oval sink is difficult, and hiring a plumber for the correct installation is better.

Remove the water pipes and traps

The sinks are attached to plumbing pipes for hot and cold water. Therefore, disconnecting and removing the pipes when detaching the oval bathroom sinks from the countertops is necessary.

Use the torch light and see the lower side of the cabinet area to turn off the water supply from the main valve. Move the handle in the closing direction and disconnect their connection with the fixtures.

Turn on the faucet handle for a few minutes to remove any stored water in the plumbing lines. It is also necessary to remove the trap connection by placing the bowl under them so water cannot drip on the lower side of the countertops and the floors.

Use the old plastic bags and cover the pipes with them so sand dust during their installation cannot enter inside these pipes.

Loose screws and caulking material

Screws are mounted on the lower side of the sinks for their support and correct adjustment. You can use different methods and tools to take them out of the holes.

The screw removal method depends on their design and type. The sides of the oval bathroom sink is also secured with caulking material to prevent wobbling movements.

You can use the knife to remove the caulking material from their sides. Place the knife in the spaces between the sinks and countertops and remove the caulking material.

These become loose after removing the caulking material, and you can easily take them outside by wiggling them in different directions.

Reshape the countertop

You have to reshape the countertops to install square bathroom sinks in these areas. Use the measuring tape to take directions for the new fixtures.

Use chalk or washable markers to mark the dimensions on the countertop. You can use the electric saw for their cutting if these are made of vinyl and wooden material.

You cannot cut using the electric saw if these are made of concrete, cement, and tiles. It is better to use the electric cutter for these high-strengthening materials.

Use the electric sander to make their corners smooth and perfect installation of square sinks in your bathroom. These cannot fit if corners are not smooth, and water can also enter between the empty spaces.

Fix the square sink

Clean the sanding dust from the sides and from the countertops for the addition of new fixtures. Carefully add the new square bathroom sink in the empty space and attach the water supply. The new fixtures come with faucets, and you can attach the new ones with them.

Connect the hot and cold-water supply to their respective faucets. Make the proper connection of the p-trap pipe for water draining. Use the caulking material to seal the corners and prevent water from seeping into their inner side.

Moreover, you can repaint the countertop’s sides for their new and stylish appearance.

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