Can a Bathroom Have Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are not very common in bathrooms, but they can get into your place. Finding any pest in your house can be irritating, as they can cause many problems if you do not fix the source of their presence.

Can a Bathroom Have Bed Bugs? A bathroom can have bed bugs because of the infestation in the house, laundry clothes, with your body and clothes, infestation in the neighborhood, shared bathroom, warm and dark places, and urine and blood stains on the bed sheets. You can get rid of them by covering the holes and cracks in the duct system and pipes and doing regular cleaning.

These bugs feed on human and animal blood and can lay eggs, which multiply by hundreds in favorable conditions. They are not famous for spreading any disease but can have some health effects on your body, such as itching if they bite you.

Why would a bathroom have bed bugs?

They can enter your bathroom in many ways, but the environment in this place is not their favorite, as they do not like moisture and humidity.

Infestation in the house

They can enter the bathroom if your house has any kind of bed bug infestation, such as in your living room or bedroom.

They usually hide in the holes and cracks of the furniture because they can survive there until they find hosts to feed from their bodies.

They can make their way to the bathroom if they have them in your bed or mattress, and you go to the toilet at night to do any business because they become active at night.

They tend to find another place to hide when the infestation in one place becomes serious, and they find difficulty in hiding themselves there.

Laundry cloths

They can make their place through the laundry clothes and settle there for some time to hole up.

The laundry clothes of other housemates can have bed bugs on them, and they put their clothes in the basket to get washed.

The laundry baskets often have bed sheets, pillow covers, and room mats that need washing.

Bed bugs in your house can jump on them, and there are chances that you do notice them crawling over these covers.

They can lay their eggs there and move out of this place to find another place.

You can wash your laundry clothes in the washing machine and dry them at high speed and temperature, which will help you to remove their eggs from the clothes.

With your clothes and body

They can survive and reproduce only when they can feed blood from human bodies and animals; therefore, they always try to stick themselves with the host body or their clothes.

They can get on your body through different places, such as from the train or bus seats, your office, chair or sofa in your living room, bedroom, or bathroom, because upholstered furniture is the most favorite place of them.

You can get them on your clothes from these things and become a reason for their entry.

They can move on your body from any shared seating, and you can drop them while taking a shower after returning home from outside.

Infestation in the neighborhood

There are chances of getting them from the neighborhood if they have an infestation in their house. The bed bugs can travel through the windows and vents of the neighboring apartment to yours.

The neighbors can use bed bug bombs to get rid of them, as this can cause the bugs to spread and enter your house.

They can get into your place by traveling through the plumbing lines of the neighboring house, but they are most likely to travel outside the lines instead of inside the pipes.

The duct system of the neighborhood also causes their infestation because they can enter the vents of one house and end up in your place in search of food and other hosts. 

Shared bathroom

Sharing a toilet with other housemates or a roommate can also cause the bed bug in this place.

The other fellows can get them on their clothes or body from the office or public transport and drop them off when they are in the bathroom.

They can hide under the toilet area and jump on your body when sitting on the toilet seat after the other person leaves the toilet area.

The other person can also drop them in the shower area or around the bathtub and cause an infestation in other parts of the house in search of food and a preferable environment over time.

Warm and dark places

They need dark places to hide, as nobody can notice them, and they can do what they want in your house. That is why they are not common in bathrooms. However, they are attracted to warm, dark, and places where they can get carbon dioxide.

They wait for the night to get fed from the blood of humans and animals while sleeping.

The heat of human bodies attracts them, and research shows that they are also attracted to dark colors like red and black because they all need blood and darkness to hide.

They can also hide in the corners and under the furniture and crawl on your body when they can feed blood.

Urine and blood stains

Urine on the bed sheets can also cause bed bugs to attract them because the initial warmth, a small amount of carbon dioxide, and a hormone called histamine in urine can attract them.

It has been studied that they use histamines for the harborage, and the infested areas have a high level of this chemical.

They leave blood stains on the bed sheets, pillows, and comforter, as the area where they bite to get blood may bleed for a few seconds and cause the stains.

This shows that the infestation is severe around you, and you need to take immediate action to prevent any problems.

How can you get rid of bed bugs in the bathroom?

It is better to seal all the holes, cracks, and seams in the house to block their way to your place.

Cover all the holes around the plumbing pipes, which reduces the risk of getting them from the neighborhood.

Make sure to inspect all the rooms and living room in the house to prevent them from entering and fix the problem at the right time before it goes out of hand.

Clean your place with a powerful cleaner daily, and check the laundry clothes carefully if they have any bugs. You can pour hot water into the sink and toilet pipes because they cannot survive in hot water and die.

It is better to remove all the insects and bugs in your house so that they cannot find any source to feed blood and will die eventually after some time.

You can use a vacuum cleaner in your bathroom, bedroom, and living room to get them out and stop the infestation.

Make sure to wrap the bed sheets and other laundry clothes in a plastic bag and tie it tightly to suffocate them and block their way.

You can also call a professional pest exterminator if the infestation is severe and you cannot deal with it yourself.

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