How to Get Rid of Small Moths in Bathroom?

Small moths in bathrooms, also called drain flies, like moist and damp environments to lay their eggs and grow. They come from stagnant water, clogged drains, and sinks.

How to Get Rid of Small Moths in Bathroom? You can get rid of small moths in the bathroom by using boiling water, a solution of salt mixed with baking soda and vinegar, drain cleaners, using essential oils, duct tape method, placing basil, lavender, and clove plants, and moth traps.

Moths do not sting or spread diseases, but they are commonly present in the bathroom, which looks unhygienic and unpleasing.

Sometimes, it becomes challenging to get rid of them because you can only spot the visible months but not the hidden small eggs, which are the root problem of severe infestation.

Use Boiling water

Adding boiling water in the sink can help you to get rid of moths if the infestation is not severe and you spot a few in your place.

It is the simplest and easiest method to resolve this problem because the heat of boiling water will kill them.

The clogged drain and drain pipes can also cause the appearance of moths because the water cannot pass through the pipes, and they live on the organisms in standing contaminated or sewage water.

You can pour hot boiling water once or twice a day into the drain pipes to remove the clogs and kill the moths.

However, it is better to open the water tapes for one to two minutes for the proper water to flow through the pipes.

Salt, baking soda, and vinegar

You can make a homemade cleaner to remove the drain clogs and exterminate them when boiling water does not work to open the drain blockages.

Take half a cup of baking soda, half a cup of salt, and one cup of vinegar in a bowl and make a solution in water. Pour this solution into the drainage and leave it overnight to allow the solution to work correctly.

The solution of baking soda with vinegar will expand and reach all the areas of sewage lines to remove the clogging and drain flies. You can flush down the overnight solution with hot water in the morning.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is an excellent option to eradicate the small months in your bathroom because of the sharp and attractive smell of vinegar.

You can take a bowl, jar, or any container, a plastic wrap, and apple cider vinegar from a nearby shop if you do not have these products in your house.

Add 15 ml apple cider vinegar to a jar and cover it with plastic wrap with several small holes on its surface. 

Place the jar near the drain or any location that will likely have these moths. They get attracted to the vinegar smell and are trapped in the jar through these holes.

Soap, vinegar, water, and sugar

I use a DIY homemade cleaner that works efficiently to remove them and open the water blockage in the drain pipes.

Add equal parts of water, vinegar, and sugar in a bowl or a jar with 6-12 drops of liquid dishwashing soap and make a thick solution. Leave the bowl near the drain or infested location to attract moths towards this sweet solution.

The drain flies will get tempted by this sweet sticky mixture and drown in it without getting a chance to escape.

It can take a few days to completely remove them from your bathroom, depending on the infestation.

Drain cleaners

Drain cleaners can help to exterminate them and unblock the drain pipes that cause the development of drain flies and other bacteria. You can use a heavy-duty drain cleaner if the homemade solutions do not work to remove them.

Many sewage pipe cleaners work instantly to open the pipelines and allow the standing water to flow through them.

They also work to remove the breed roots that can cause the months and their eggs to hatch and increase the infestation.

It is better to use gloves and a mask while pouring the cleaner into the drain because they can contain harmful chemicals and a sharp smell that affects your lungs and skin.

You can consult a pest control company to help you with a pesticide solution if the infestation is severe.

Use essential oils

You can use natural ways to get rid of this pest, such as essential oils used to keep the months away or remove them from your bathroom. 

The oils like lavender, peppermint, citronella, lemongrass, bergamot, sandalwood, geranium, and many more with sharp scents can act as efficient tools to eradicate them. You can use them alone or combine two or more oils in a spray bottle.

Take rose water, 1-2 tablespoons of essential oils, and ½-1 ounce of distilled alcohol and mix them in a 15-17 ounce spray bottle.

You can spray it directly on the infested area, dip a sponge in the solution, and keep it near the drain.

Duct tape method

The duct tape method traps the small moths and shows how much infestation remains in your drains.

These pests lay approximately 300-310 eggs in 47-48 hours, which grow into adult moths and increase their strength.

You can put a piece of tape on the drainage opening for several nights to see the increase in the infestation.

This method also helps to get rid of them as the month will get stuck to the adhesive side of the tape with no way to go back into the drain. 

It also helps you to determine the source of the infestation, as you can put the tape on different drain holes in the bathroom and check the location where they are coming from in your place.

Place basil, lavender, and clove plants

Placing plants in your bathroom to keep these pests at bay is another popular choice and a natural way that adds a decorative and pleasing look to your bathroom.

You can place basil, lavender, and clove plants at this place because these plants have a pungent smell that will repel them.

These plants are easy to grow, and their repulsive odor will deter these pests.

Use natural herbs

Natural herbs have a harsh smell, and all types of months hate the unpleasing smell of these herbs. You can use bay leaves, thyme, lavender leaves, rosemary, and clove in a dried form.

Take a mortar and pestle, and put the dried herbs in it to grind them properly. You can also select the grind herbs from a nearby shop to save your time grinding.

Put the ground powder into a soft cloth bag and place it where you frequently see the moths. The smell of herbs will remove this pest and keep them away.

Moth traps

Moth trap is also a popular technique to exterminate them without much exertion and time.

It contains highly adhesive glue with an attractive material called pheromones to attract male moths.

The pest gets tempted to the traps and gets stuck to the board with no way back.

However, there are no toxic chemicals on the board to harm you or your pets, and easy to set up with a few instructions.

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