Are Utilitech Bathroom Fans Good?

Many people like Utilitech fans for their bathrooms. They help to reduce the humidity level and the foul odor of this place.

Are Utilitech Bathroom Fans Good? Utilitech bathroom fans are good because they are efficient, versatile, energy star certified, durable and affordable, HVI and UL certified, easy to install, and corrosion resistant. They are made in china, and most of their customers are USA-based.

It is a famous band that manufactures bathroom fans, room fans, and heaters. The quality and performance of their products make this brand popular among many electricians, and they recommend having this ventilation system.

Why are Utlilitech bathroom fans good?

They are good for bathroom ventilation and are recommended to use.


The brand manufacture exhaust fans with varying CFM to use in different size of the bathroom, such as you can select 70 to 150 CFM for small and spacious places.

They do not produce noise while running; you can install them in a bathroom attached to the bedroom.

They are powerful and work efficiently to remove the steam and moisture from this place and make the atmosphere fresh.

In addition, they can prevent condensation into the walls and wooden furniture placed in the bathroom, reducing the risk of back drafting.

The back draft damper and its other components work well to keep the inside atmosphere healthy.


The brand offers versatile exhaust fans, such as integrated LED lights and heaters, to lighten up the place and keep the atmosphere warm in winter. 

The LED lights give a decorative look to its overall appearance and provide adequate light, which reduces the need to turn on different lights with the exhaust fan running.

The integrated heater prevents cool air from circulating in this place when you are taking a bath or shower and reduces the risk of getting cold in winter.

You can select them in white, grey, and black shades to match the ceiling or contrast white and black.

Energy star

Energy star bathroom fans are certified ventilation products that use approximately 65-70% less energy as compared to an average fan which requires much more energy to operate.

In addition, the brushless DC motor consumes minimum energy without compromising the quality and performance.

They strictly meet all the energy efficiency regulations and are recommended to use in the house to save power dissipation.

Durable and affordable

The exhaust fans manufactured by this brand are durable for a long time because of the quality products used in manufacturing.

They can last up to eight years or more if you take care of their maintenance and do not run it continuously for a long time because it can cause the motor to wear out soon.

The brand also offers a warranty of 5 years, and they will replace the old exhaust fan with a new one if it stops working or start making noise within this duration.

They use less electricity to run and are energy star certified, which makes them more affordable.

You can select different kinds of products with different CFMs and power at affordable rates because they are not much expensive to disturb your budget.

HVI and UL certified

Home Ventilation Institute certified this brand’s products and assured efficient performance and sound level tested under different conditions to confirm the reliability. 

The distributors, suppliers, and manufacturing members of HVI test the working and running procedure of these fans in different laboratories to verify the safe and healthy environment in the house.

UL rated the safety of different products and assured that installing them is safe and provides protection against fire and electric shocks.

Electric devices are always at risk of fire and short circuits when installed in damp places, such as the bathroom. Therefore, it provides a secure environment to its customers with enhanced performance.

Easy to install

Utilitech bathroom exhaust fan is easy to install without cutting the drywall and is usually ceiling-mounted.

As a result, it takes less installation time and exertion, and you can call an electrician to install it without much labor money.

There is no need for attic access for these exhaust fans, and it includes small nuts and simple wiring to install them in the ceiling. You can directly replace it with a new one without much hard work. 

You can save money by installing it yourself because the process is not difficult, especially if you select a small bathroom fan.

Corrosion resistant

They are made of galvanized steel, resistant to corrosion and rust inside metal pipes and other components. Condensation and moisture are the main reasons for corrosion in exhaust fans.

This will cause the motor and other parts to work poorly and wear out soon, affecting durability.

The plastic duct and damper prevent the back drafting and resist corrosion. The layer of zinc on steel acts as a barrier that prevents oxygen and moisture from corroding.

What are the disadvantages of Utilitech bathroom fans?

Since the brand offers many benefits in selecting its exhaust fans, there are disadvantages to using Utilitech.

The wiring box is too small, and you have to pull the wires out of the hole, cover them with electrical tape, and make all the connections outside the box, which is exhausting.

The fitting is simple but allows only one wire to connect to the switch.

Therefore, it is better to hire a professional electrician to understand the wiring and install it properly if you do not have the experience and expertise to install it.

You cannot replace the worn-out parts, such as the LED or the heater, when they start blinking or stop working because you have to change it for this due to the manufacturing design.

Therefore, proper care and maintenance are necessary for the appropriate working of all the parts, and negligence for a long time can affect durability.

There are no humidity sensors installed in it as compared to many other brands that offer this feature in these ventilation systems to check the humidity level in the bathroom.

The ventilation devices with humidity sensors turn on automatically when the humidity reaches a certain level.

Where are Utilitech bathroom fans made?

These bathroom fans are manufactured in china with exceptional performance and advanced technology.

The high-quality raw material to make these fans is readily available in China.

Their manufacturers use modern technology to make and test them in highly maintained laboratories before importing them to other countries.

Most of the customers are USA- based; therefore, it adds the importing expense to the prices of these ventilation ceiling fixtures.

However, they are available online, and you can select them from stores in different states of the USA.

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