Why is My Bathtub Always Dirty?

You use the bathtub in your daily routine, so you can say it is the most frequently used item in your bathroom. You take a bath on busy mornings in a hurry and do not pay attention to some dirt particles attached within and around your tub. It allows these particles to accumulate further, making them difficult to remove. 

Why is My Bathtub Always Dirty? According to our research, your bathtub can be always dirty due to clogged drains, dirt, pets’ hair, poor maintenance, and soap scum. In addition, poor-quality cleaners do more harm than benefit to your bathtub because they contain toxic chemicals that are harmful to its structure.

You should pay attention to it and notice if it is completely clean or has any grime or soap scum. Do not try to scrub it harshly with a brush because it can destroy its shiny surface.

Clogged drain

Sometimes you notice the water in your tub is not draining normally; instead, it is accumulating in it.

You try to clean the net with a brush or cloth, but the issue is still the same.

A clogged drain is a significant reason to back up the sewage water, and your bathtub can turn black. It is due to the buildup of flushed materials, roots, or filth.

You cannot fix this problem using the plungers because they work for smaller toilet issues, not for bathroom sewage sanitation problems.

You can clean it with a drain snake if there is a smaller clog or less buildup of dirt and grime. A flexible pipe breaks these accumulated materials when you insert it into the line.

Do not try to fix the issue in a hurry because it can further damage this drain line.

Soap scum

People use soap to clean their bodies, but it makes the tub ugly. Also, soap leftovers accumulate over one another and make a kind of soap pile if you do not wash them regularly. 

It mostly happens when you go on vacation for several days or weeks without washing the bathtub thoroughly.

They become difficult to remove because they harden if they remain dry for a long time.

However, some good companies have made it easy to get rid of this stubborn scum by introducing good quality cleaners.

 Apply it to this hard material to break the scum and wait about 10 to 20 minutes to get the result.

Then, use a soft microfiber brush to gently remove the surface and dry it with the help of a dry towel. 

Grime accumulation on the bathtub

You get dirt particles on your body every day, no matter in which profession you are.

 You get grime when you move from your house to your workplace. You also get sweat if you are a student or teacher because you have to travel every day, especially on hot summer days. 

You go to take a bath to clean your body when coming back to your home. You put all your sweat, grime, and dirt in this bathtub every time you take a bath. 

Some of these particles stick to their walls and do not flow with water when you open the shower to clean it.

They accumulate and add on one another until you do their thorough cleaning with a good quality cleaner.

They also become a cause of several ugly stains which badly affects its look and affects its material. You can use a homemade cleaning solution to wash it as well as to save its glossy surface.

Take 3 to 4 tablespoon vinegar in a small bowl and add baking soda to make a paste. Apply it over the bathtub with the help of a non-scratchy brush and wipe it off after 10 to 12 minutes. 

Use of poor-quality cleaners

Sometimes you notice that you regularly wash the bathtub, but there is still dirt which makes it ugly.

You try hard by scrubbing and washing it to regain its shine, but it does not work. It is because you use poor quality cleaners which do not perform well in cleaning this tub; instead, it is losing its shine.

If you continue to use it more than thrice a week, it can even cause cracking in its surfaces and walls.

You should use good quality cleaners so that they can effectively perform their functions and do not affect the shine of your tub.

Always keep in mind that you should wipe the cleaner with a soft microfiber cloth because it does not affect its structure.

You do not have to scrub it hard to wash the filth and stains because good quality cleaners wash them easily within a short time. 

Entry of children and pets into the bathroom  

It is a significant reason for your dirty bathtub because children play all day in the house. They do not play just in the lounge but also enter the kitchen and bathrooms.

They play with several toys and colorful markers to paint different surfaces, so they come into the bathroom with colors in their hands.

They throw these colors into this, which becomes ugly. They love to open storage cabinets, so open them and throw stuff like shampoo in this tub, which makes it dirty.

These toys also leave dirt particles, especially if there is some water left behind. Similarly, pets are also a significant cause of this problem because they contain dirt in their paws and furs that run everywhere inside and outside the house.

Sometimes, some of their furs fall into the tub when they enter the tub to play, which sticks to the tub and can only remove when you again open up the water.

You can risk several infections if you do not clean your bathtub regularly. Deep clean it weekly or fortnightly, so these particles do not get a chance to accumulate over time.

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