Why is My Bathroom Mirror So Streaky?

Streaky mirrors are common in the bathroom and annoying for people. Poor cleaning and using the wrong tools make their surface cloudy and dirty.

Why is My Bathroom Mirror So Streaky? Your bathroom mirror is so streaky because of cleaning with a dirty cloth, high mineral in water, makeup spots, overuse of glass cleaners, fingerprint marks, and use of newspaper. In addition, it is due to hairsprays, wrong cleaning products, all-purpose cleaners, and excessive scents and additives in cleaners.

Streakiness on the glass surface decrease their visibility, and you can see buff marks on them. It is necessary to clean them with the right tools because it can ruin the overall appealing look of the interior.

Causes Solutions
Cleaning with a dirty cloth Clean with dirt and lint-free microfiber cloth
High minerals in the water Use distilled water for cleaning
Makeup spots and toothpaste splashes Use cotton balls dipped in alcohol
Overuse of glass cleaners Use sufficient amount of cleaner
Fingerprint stains Rub with baby wipes
Use of newspaper Use paper towels
Hairsprays Wipe it off with alcohol sprays
Use of All-purpose cleaners Try a mixture of lemon and dishwashing soap
Soaps or cleaners with scents Avoid using soaps

Cleaning with a dirty cloth

Many people use the wrong cloth to clean mirrors and remove water from them. As a result, you can see cloudy streaks on their surface, leading to poor visibility.

The issue comes when you use uncleaned cloth or rags for cleaning purposes. These are greasy and dusty, and you do not know about them.

The grease and oily residues lead to a cloudy appearance when you rub them. In addition, the use of harsh cloth also causes this issue.

Furthermore, the poor rubbing pattern leaves these marks that are hard to remove. I always use a lint-free microfiber cloth for their cleaning.

Rub the cloth in a zig-zag direction instead of a circular motion for better results.

High minerals in the water

The tap water contains high mineral contents, which can dry on the mirror, and you can see cloudiness on the surface.

Tape water is rich in calcium and magnesium minerals and comes on glass surfaces when you use it for cleaning. You can see white marks due to mineral deposits and their drying.

The mineral deposits are common in those that are present near the vanity area and shower. Splashes of impure and mineral-rich water can make them blur.

The tape water is not pure, and you cannot clean the mirrors with them. However, I am using distilled water to make them clear.

Makeup spots and toothpaste splashes

People use the mirror to see themselves while getting ready for parties. You can do makeup and make hairstyles in front of them.

The make splash during their application comes on the glass surface. The situation worsens when you try to wipe off these makeup residues with a dry cloth.

It can make the surface streaky and decrease visibility because of the spreading of these greasy residues. In addition, the issue is common in those present in front of vanity areas because of water and toothpaste splashes.

You can clean them with cotton balls dipped in alcohol. Alcohol helps remove the greasy residues of makeup products.

Overuse of glass cleaners 

Glass cleaners are specifically used to clear bathroom mirrors instead of all-purpose cleaners.

Sometimes the overuse of these cleaning products damages the silver coating, and you can see a cloudy appearance or streaks on their surface.

The issue comes due to the use of ammonia-based glass cleaners. Moreover, the frequent use of wrong cleaners other than glass-based ones leads to white patches on the glass.

I am using glass-based cleaners to make them clear. Avoid using other cleaning agents that are present in your home.

Ensure a sufficient quantity of these cleaners and do not spray them directly on affected areas.

Fingerprint stains

The stains from the fingerprint during cleaning and using a mirror give them a streaky appearance. You can often touch them with greasy fingers that blur their shiny silver layer.

You can see the fingerprint stains because of the presence of body oils. In addition, these can come when you touch the glass surface after applying moisturizers to the skin.

The fingerprint stains are stubborn and hard to remove with a dry cloth. However, because of their soft texture, you can rub the affected surface with baby wipes.

Rubbing baby wipes cannot produce any scratches and leave a nice smell.

Use of newspaper

Many people use newspapers to make the bathroom mirror clear and shiny. Moreover, it is the most helpful product in bathrooms because of its absorbent property.

Newspaper removes the moisture from the glass surface because its lint can absorb it better than cloth.

These can produce streaks on their surface because of their ink. The residues of the ink remain there and make their shiny silver blur.

You can see an uncleaned and blur silver layer because of dried residues of ink from the newspaper.

I use paper towels to remove moisture after bathing. In addition, soft cotton cloths are also best absorbent and can make the surface moisture free.


I always get ready in front of the mirror when attending parties or family events. You also use hairspray to make various hairstyles according to the type of event.

The splashes of hairspray come on the glass surface when you apply them to the hair. It contains sticky and greasy residues that can lead to streaks formation.

Moreover, the strong scents and additives present in them cause the issue. Many people try to remove them with cloth, but it can cause their spreading on the whole surface.

I use rubbing alcohol, which is the best degreaser. It is helpful in the removal of sticky residues and leaves a clear and shiny material.

Spray the alcohol solution on the affected area and wipe it off with a clean and soft cloth.

Use of All-purpose cleaners

People often use all-purpose cleaners to remove dry soap scum and mineral residues from bathroom vanity mirrors.

These all-purpose cleaners are not safe for use on the glass surface. These are harsh and contain strong chemicals which can damage the shiny finish.

As a result, mirrors become streaky, and you can see cloudiness on their surface due to the use of all-purpose cleaners. You can get rid of these residues by treating them with apple cider vinegar.

People use different methods, but I tried the mixture of lemon and dishwashing detergent. Dip the cloth in the solution and squeeze it before rubbing it on the glass surface to remove the excess of the mixture.

Soaps or cleaners with scents

Many people clean bathroom mirrors with soap residues and end up with blurring issues and poor cleaning. The soap residues remain on their surface, making them blur and decreasing visibility.

In addition, additives are present in soaps to give them different colors and aromas. These residues also stick on the glass surface and lead to streaks formation.

In addition, soaps with excessive scents can also cause this issue. You can also face the problem when using more aromatic cleaners.

You should avoid using soaps with strong fragrances. These contain the grubby residues which are challenging to remove.

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