Why Does My Bathtub Fill With Water When I Shower?

You want to enjoy a pleasant shower experience, but it affects your mood when you notice the water accumulating in the bathtub. It takes a lot of energy and time to unclog the drain.

Why Does My Bathtub Fill With Water When I Shower? The bathtub can fill with water when you shower due to a clogged drain, hair accumulation, presence of dirt and debris. Moreover, you can use a hair trap plumbing snake, baking soda, and vinegar to unclog it. 

There are more drains in your bathroom than in other areas of the house. There is a high chance of water accumulation even when any of them is blocked. 

Why does water accumulate in the bathtub when you shower?

It happens when your shower is close to the bathtub, and its drain is blocked with particles. It is better to use meshy bath screens between them, even if there is less space to avoid such an uncomfortable situation. 

Clogged drain

Sometimes the level of this accumulated water increases due to clogged drains, which is its most common reason. Therefore, you should always notice signs warning you to repair it as early as possible.

It is high time to take a step for its repair when the water is slowly draining out of the bathtub with unusual sounds.

In addition, the bubbling process around the drain opening also indicates that there is some unusual thing that needs immediate assistance. 

Hair Accumulation

Your children and pets enjoy the water, and they love to play in the bathtub. Sometimes the furs of your pets fall into the tub due to their jumping in and out of the tub.

They also fall when you shave or apply shampoo on your head. It accumulates in this place and creates a nasty clump which leads to the closure of the drain opening.

You should use drain stoppers to avoid this uncomfortable situation, but sometimes they still accumulate at this place. 

You should pull it out because it is the most convenient method to prevent your drain from its unfavorable consequences.

You can resolve the problem by using good quality tweezers, which have a powerful grip to help remove them. Pour hot water into the bathtub drain to remove any remaining hair. 

The buildup of cosmetic items

Cosmetic items like skin-related products can stick to their surface. So they gather around the drain and cover it to stop its easy removal. Bath bombs are its most common example, which gathers around it.

 You can enjoy your beauty products before taking precautionary measures to keep the pipes clean.

For example, you can put the bath bombs in a good-quality mesh bag before putting them in the tub to avoid spreading their components.

The clay masks stick and become hardened around the drain opening just like they stick and harden on your skin when dried. As a result, they become hard to remove, so you need more effort to remove them.

The type of ingredients in your bath bombs has the ability to accumulate water in the bathtub.

In addition, it will fill the tub and attract more dirt particles when it contains heavy soap and several essential oils. 

How do you stop water from accumulating in a bathtub when you shower?

You can use one of the several methods according to your convenience and budget to stop water from accumulating. Some take less time compared to others which take longer time to clean the drain openings. 

Install hair traps

You can avoid hair around its drain opening by taking simple steps. For example, some of your weak hair falls in this place when you massage or apply pressure while shampooing.

It is better to brush your hair before taking a shower because it helps a lot to reduce the number of weak hair.

You can use hair traps to avoid this undesirable situation.

It is a kind of small meshy round catch to trap the hair inside it. It catches the hair and does not allow it to enter the drain.  

Use a plumbing snake

It is a long rod-type material that you can use to remove the buildup and debris inside the clog.

However, it is better to use a good quality plumbing snake because its quality will not work effectively even with more effort.

It is a long metal rod that is 15 to 55 feet in length, according to its price and quality. Insert its coiled end inside the drain and start to rotate it from its handle.

Keep on rotating it until you feel the rod is heavy. Stop rotating it and release it to check its condition. You will notice the buildup of grime, filth, and other particles are stick to this rod.

The final step of removing accumulated water is to flush the hot water because it will clean all remaining particles around its surface and drain.

You can call a professional to get his assistance if you do not have the expertise to perform this activity. 

By using baking soda and vinegar

It is effective to use vinegar and baking soda for cleaning purposes. They have strong cleaning abilities which stop water accumulation by unclogging a drain.

Pour some boiling water over the drain and wait for about 3 to 4 minutes. 

Take 1 cup of baking soda and sprinkle it over its surface. Use 1.5 cups of vinegar to boost up the cleaning process.

Let them do their work for about 20 to 30 minutes. Pour boiling water again through the drain and wait for its draining. You will hear some fizzy sounds, indicating that the drain is opening well. 

How much space should be between your shower and bathtub?

The showers are not covered all around to let the steam escape. Presence of water in your bathtub when you take it due to bathroom fixtures. It is a connected system that delivers water during the shower and bath.

Modern techniques are installing it inside the bathtub, which can lead to the problem of its accumulation in a bathtub if its drain is clogged. In addition, some of them are so close to the bathtub that the water flows directly into it.

It mostly happens when your bathroom is small, and there is not enough space you can leave between them. You should leave around 20 to 22 inches of space between them to avoid its flow into the bathtub. 

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