Why Do Earthworms Come in the Bathroom?

It seems horrible when you encounter worms in your bathroom. However, there are different reasons for their presence, such as an unclean and damp atmosphere.

Why Do Earthworms Come in the Bathroom? Earthworms come in the bathroom because they love moisture and thrive in a warm environment. They are present in the holes and space between the floor tiles. You can get rid of earthworms by cleaning the floor, using an exhaust fan to reduce moisture, and using a detergent or mixture of baking soda and vinegar.

Earthworms live in soil, water, and insulated environments and have circular segments on their bodies.

There are approximately 1800 species of them, and they eat decaying organic matter to survive. They lay eggs and can reproduce multiple eggs within 6 to 7 days.

Why would earthworms come into the bathroom?

They usually do not come in the bathroom, but the following reasons can cause them to appear in your place.

Captivated to moisture

Earthworms love damp and moist environments, as they are usually found in moist soil and grassy plots.

This is because they take oxygen from the air under the soil through the pores on their bodies and survive by exchanging oxygen and carbon dioxide.

They come out of the soil and search for a humid and moist place when the soil is introduced to any chemical or during the rainy season.

However, they cannot get enough oxygen to thrive under the soil when it is full of water and harsh chemicals.

They need moisture in their skin because their bodies are made of mucus, and they do not have a respiratory system like other animals and insects.

Thrive in a warm environment

They can thrive in a warm and insulated environment, such as they cannot bear freezing or hot temperatures.

Temperature above 95-97 ⁰F causes them to die, and they move deep inside the soil to prevent the effect of temperature change.

The temperature inside your bathroom is usually warm and preferable for them to survive there.

However, they are attracted to dark places and avoid sunlight because they cannot maintain a constant body temperature in sunlight.

The body temperature of earthworms is the same as the surrounding temperature, and a bathroom is a place, which is not much exposed to sunlight.

Leaked drainage or sewage

They can find their food in the dead organism present in the drain and sewage water, and they can enter the bathroom through the leak drainage system.

You can see them in your toilet when the sewage pipes have holes or cracks, which cause them to stay alive in the stagnant water.

It is possible to have them in your place when you come from a long vacation and the bathroom is not used for many days.

They can spread bacteria and harmful diseases, depending on the place they come from, such as toilet drains, because they carry germs on their bodies.

However, earthworms that are found in soil do not have any harmful effects on human bodies, as it also depends on the kind of earthworm.

Holes and space between the tiles

You can have earthworms if there are cracks and spaces between the tiles.

Holes and cracks are the best places to survive, as they want to hide in the dark place and away from sunlight.

They can appear from the holes in the bathroom tiles due to the moisture and water standing between the spaces.

Therefore, it is better to fill the cracks and holes in the floor tiles to avoid the presence of earthworms and vacuum the floor if you find water on the floor.

How to get rid of earthworms in the bathroom?

You can get rid of the earthworms in your bathroom using general and easy methods. Make sure the bathroom has proper ventilation that can make the atmosphere less humid.

You can use a dehumidifier and vacuum or dry cleaner to remove the excess moisture and water splashes from the floor, as this will destroy the environment for their survival.

You can sprinkle salt on the floor where you spot earthworms and wipe it after 15-20 minutes, which can kill them.

Sprinkling detergent on the floor can repel them from your bathroom.

A homemade remedy works well to eradicate them, such as mixing two tablespoons of vinegar or baking soda in 16 ounces of water and stirring it well to form a solution. 

Put it into a spray bottle, and spray it around the drains and space between the tiles. Leave it for 5-7 minutes and then wash it or wipe it with a paper towel.

Lime is a powerful material that can repel earthworms when they come in contact with it.

Take 2-3 tablespoons of lime, and mix it in water to make a paste. Apply this paste to the areas where you see them coming out for a few minutes, and then wipe it.

It is better to clean the drains, area around the toilet, and basin with a cleaning liquid with a brush or a towel.

You can also use the chlorine-free beach to remove them, but it needs some precaution to apply the bleach because it has harsh chemicals. 

Make sure to open the windows and turn on the exhaust fan when applying it. I often mix 2-3 tablespoons of chlorine in a large gallon of water and pour it into the drains to kill all kinds of worms.

Types of worms in bathroom

Different kinds of worms can be found in the bathroom because it is the most suitable place to grow and thrive in the drains and wet atmosphere.


Bloodworms are usually found in pools, ponds, and rivers, and they do not bite humans, but it feels like the sting of a bee if they sting on your body.

They are a common water inhabitant and can be found near any water source in your bathroom, such as bathtubs, drains, and sinks. You can spot them in the stagnant water of the toilet, and they eat the waste materials.

You can get rid of them by taking care of hygiene in your place and doing some home remedies. For example, you can use vinegar and baking soda mixture to eradicate them from the drains and toilet.

Drain worms

As the name shows, drain worms come from the drain and sewage pipes. They are common in bathrooms and can live in contaminated water, as they do not need much oxygen to survive, and lay their eggs in the drains.

The dirt and waste material in the drains attract them, and they come from leaking sewage or drain pipes into the bathroom.

The clogged drain can also cause drain worms, and the infestation gets serious if you do not fix the problem as soon as possible.

You can pour hot water into the drains or use enzyme cleaners with no toxic chemicals to unclog the drains and kill the worms.

Fix the drain pipe leakage, and consult a pest control company if you cannot deal with the problem yourself.

Horsehair worms

Horsehair worms are often found in your toilet and can stick together tightly to fit in any hole and space between the floor. 

They can enter your house through different insects like crickets, grasshoppers, and cockroaches because they live inside their bodies.

You can easily remove them from your place by using a spray of vinegar and baking soda and applying them to the areas where you can spot them, such as around the drains and in your toilet.

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