Why Do British Bathrooms Have No Plug Sockets?

Many people use electric outlets in the bathroom to recharge the shaver and use the hair dryer. However, many bathrooms in the UK do not have this facility due to various reasons.

Why Do British Bathrooms Have No Plug Sockets? British bathrooms do not have plug sockets because of the risk of electric shock and the absence of an earth pin. In addition, there is a high voltage circuit, which is a greater risk of explosion. However, you can use them when they are present 3m from the shower or bathtub. You can use a shaver outlet because they have a current limiting device which reduces the risk of electric shock.

It is a matter of extreme danger if you mishandle the electrical circuits. It can lead to unpredictable situations when you do not carefully use these electric circuits.

It is better to dry your hands before touching the live wire because it can become dangerous for your life.  

Why are there no plug sockets in British bathrooms?

British bathrooms have several features which make them unique from other countries. They do not contain plug sockets in their bathrooms.

Risk of electric shock

It is a matter of extreme danger when there is a chance of water coming in contact with electricity. It can even cause an explosion if you do not take steps to prevent this damage.

It is a sensitive place because there is a high risk of electric shock in this place. Outdated and faulty outlets are the common reasons for this situation.  

Electricity flow becomes unstable due to loose wiring inside the circuit board.

There is excessive use of water in the shower and bathtub in bathrooms, so there is a high chance to the plug socket getting an electric shock.

The sink faucet is also a risk for this explosion because it is also a conductor. A minor amount of current can cause significant damage inside the body and can even cause death.  

High voltage circuit

High voltage circuits cause irreversible damage to the electricity system.

British bathrooms have high voltage compared to Americans and some other countries of the world.

Their circuits operate at 230 voltage which is much higher to cause an explosion. They used 240 voltages initially and converted to 230 voltages to remove a barrier between European and British trade.

The Europeans use 220 voltage electricity, so the UK electricity shifts to 230 voltage which is near 220 voltage.

It can lead to overheating of the circuit board, which is quite destructive. The boards become overheated when current moves inside them, which further generates heat.

Absence of earth pin

Earth pin is a beneficial wire which is essential for your house safety. It helps to save you in case of electric shock or explosion.

You can use it in the bathroom because it is the place where the chance of electric shock is higher. It is present with two pins on a socket and is longer in size compared to other pins.

It is because the current comes in contact with this pin first. The current flows to the ground to prevent unwanted charge flow like a short circuit. 

It happens when there is a faulty wiring connection, or there is a loose wire inside the board.

British people do not have this safety feature in all houses, which becomes a hazard for family members.

It requires a separate transformer to control the current flow, which is only present in some modern houses. This is the main reason that most homes in the UK do not have plug sockets in the bathrooms.

Is it illegal to have a plug socket in a British bathroom?

It is illegal to use a plug socket near a bathtub in a British bathroom. It is only permissible in some conditions; otherwise, there is no permission for its general use.

You can use them when they are placed far from the shower in your bathroom. It is allowed to use if it is present at a distance of 3 meters from the shower.

You have to meet all safety standards to use it safely in this place. You have to notify the local building control department when you make any kind of change in the existing circuit in this place.

You can do it with the permission of the local building control department. The department will look into the matter, sign the letter, and notify the use of the plug socket in this place.

You can hire a certified contractor when you feel difficulty understanding these standards. It is better to hire an experienced contractor who is registered with the competent authority.

He will check the situation and get permission to install the socket in your bathroom on your behalf. It is not allowed to use it in the range of 600mm from the shower and bathtub.

What type of electric outlets are allowed in British bathrooms?

Some plugs are allowed in British bathrooms that do not become a significant threat of an electric shock.

You can attach shaver plugs to the electricity supply line. They are specially designed for the safe use of electricity. They do not cause the explosion because they do not overheat due to high current flow.

The limited amount of current flows through the circuit, which is enough to recharge and use the shaver.

It contains a unique device that is specialized for current limiting that is perfect for shavers.

You cannot use any other appliances of the higher voltage on this circuit due to its limited efficiency.

Some British bathrooms contain two sets of connectors that provide voltage according to the situation. Most hotels have these sockets, which can recharge the shaver even at 115 voltage.

This facility is suitable for those visitors who visit from countries using 110 to 120 voltage in their circuits. You will not feel the current or just a little spark if the water mix with this circuit.

It is better to keep them at some distance from the water to avoid any discomfort.

You should keep them on a place such as a shelf and near the window where you can recharge them easily.

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