Why Are Toilets Always White?

You can see white toilets in most of the bathrooms of your homes, restaurants, and hotels. However, many people ask why we do not add colored toilets to give a specific theme to the interior space.

Why Are Toilets Always White? Toilets are always white because this color helps to maintain the temperature, easy to spot bugs and dirt, compatibility with the bathroom interior, represents hygiene and sanitation, saves manufacturing costs, and gives a modern appearance.

Sometimes these are not pure white and range from creamy white to off-white. However, you can also order customized ones with different colors to change the interior appearance.

White toilets maintain temperature

The toilets are white to give a cool appearance to your interior. Lighter shades also create the illusion when they reflect bathroom lights and make them look bigger.

The environment looks cool because these lighter shades do not absorb heat from their surroundings.

The darker shades and funky colors absorb the heat from the interior and give a warm feeling. You can feel the space warm during summer because of the effect of the dark theme.

You do not have to install air conditioning units in the summer to maintain the temperature. Moreover, the darker colors cannot make the space relaxed and comfortable.

It does not make the space welcoming and inviting because of its funky appearance.

Easy to spot bugs and dirt on white toilets

You can easily spot anything in the lighter shades instead of the darker ones. This is because the brighter and darker ones hide the small particles because of their saturated effect.

I prefer to add the white toilets in my bathroom so I can easily spot the dust on their interior and exterior structures. In addition, you can easily see dirt stains on their surface when you do not clean them with all-purpose cleaners.

These fixtures are beneficial to give the warning sign that they need cleanliness. Moreover, sometimes small pugs can also come on them, and they can bite you.

You cannot see these bugs when toilets are darker, and they can hurt you. Ants and spiders are commonly found species in bathrooms because of the suitable environment in these spaces.

You can get rid of toilet bugs and insects by using different homemade spraying mixtures. In addition, tiny hairs can also come on the sides of seats because of hair fall.

The hair can also come on them from your cloth, and these can enter drains and cause clogging issues. You can detect the presence of hair and prevent them from going down in drain pipes.

Stains are more prominent on the lighter shade surfaces than the darker ones. Urine stains can come on the sides of these fixtures during urination. You can see the yellowish urine stains on their surface and remove them quickly.

Compatibility with bathroom interior

People prefer to add different themes in their bathrooms and arrange the fixtures according to them. However, it is a costly procedure to order customized things according to a specific theme to give a uniform appearance.

White toilets are compatible with every shade and do not give a mismatched look.

These go with your bathroom interior perfectly, and you do not need to upgrade other fixtures according to them. These go best with every toilet and give an aesthetic appearance. Moreover, these can go best with all types of floorings, and you do not need to install new ones.

These look best with all paint colors because of their sleek shade and appearance.

Easily see cracks on white toilets

Toilets installed in your bathroom are made of high-quality material, but these can develop cracks when you do not maintain them regularly.

Using incorrect cleaning products and tools produces cracks on their interior surface and leads to water leakages on floors. You can easily identify the cracks in whiter color fixtures and solve the leaking problems.

Moreover, these can also crack during the repair procedure when heavy things come in contact with their surfaces. These can develop exterior cracks because of their poor handling during installation and transportation.

You can identify these cracks from their lighter shade and resolve them immediately.

Porcelain and ceramic material

Toilets are usually white because they are made of porcelain and ceramic material. These manufacturing ingredients are naturally white, and manufacturing industries do not add additives to change their color.

Porcelain and ceramic are preferable for manufacturing because of their durable and rustproofing properties.

These are fragile and cannot break or creak easily when comes under a heavy impact. Porcelain is made up of a mixture of China stone and Kaolin material.

These mixtures are grounded well to give a fine structure and are heated at high temperatures. You can see the white appearance because of the presence of China stones. Glazed porcelain and ceramic material are slightly off-white in the shade.

White color represent hygiene and sanitation

White toilets in your guest and restaurant bathrooms represent sanitation and hygiene. You can detect cleanliness and sanitation from their color.

I avoid using the ones that are dirty and have visible stains on their surface.

It creates a safe and clean feeling among people, and they can go inside without getting worried about anything. The darker colors do not give the sense of cleaning because you can think that non-visible dirt and stains are present on them and make your cloth dirty.

Non-visible stains and dirt on the white toilets represent their frequent cleaning to make them hygienic and remove bacteria from their surfaces.

Save manufacturing cost

Most bathroom fixture manufacturing companies prefer white toilets to save manufacturing costs.

These fixtures are made of porcelain and ceramic material, which are naturally white. These are cheaper options than the colored ones that undergo many procedures.

I saw the price tags of different toilets in the market; white ones were comparatively less costly than colored ones. You can change the color of toilet seats according to your interior theme because these are made of plastic and other material.

Modern appearance

White toilets are common nowadays because of their sleek and modern appearance. However, people in the old era prefer to add different themes in their bathrooms and add fixtures according to the specific color scheme.

People do not follow the old practice because it looks old-fashioned and give the color popping effect. Adding lighter color fixtures can give a sleek and unique appearance, making the bathroom look bigger.

It can give visual satisfaction and make the space inviting for your guests. It is the most popular shade and increases the resale value of your home.

These look perfect when you install them anywhere in your bathroom. You can pair them with colorful fixtures that do not affect their visual appearance.

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