Why Are Bathrooms Called Restrooms?

Toilets or urinals are present everywhere in our residential areas, offices, and public places. The toilets, bathroom, loo, and lavatory are the different names of the same room. Sometimes people use the words bathrooms and restrooms interchangeably.

Why Are Bathrooms Called Restrooms? Bathrooms are called restrooms as a euphemism and to prevent embarrassment. Many people use this word to sound more polite and well-mannered. They also have sitting facilities as chairs, and people refresh themselves. The restroom and washroom are different as washrooms are used to wash up hands and feet.

Different countries use different words to describe the place where they urinate or defecate. In America, these places are called restrooms, and Canadian call them bathrooms. Both words are used interchangeably in different states of the USA.

Difference between bathrooms and restrooms

As the name indicates. a bathroom is the place where you can take a bath. It is usually present in houses, buildings, and hotels adjacent to the bedroom. It is a private area present in the residential area and buildings. It contains one or more sinks, showers, and bathtubs.

It can also have closets or storage compartments to store bathing accessories. Usually, tiny houses can also include a toilet to save space.

A restroom is a public toilet that is present in public places like theaters, malls, and highways. They contain toilets, urinals, and basins.

It is either equipped for single or includes many urinals and basins for the public. It does not have bathtubs and showers.

Why are bathrooms called restrooms?

Both of these places are similar and different from each other in many aspects. But people use the word restroom instead of toilet or toilet for many reasons.

The word is a euphemism

Euphemism is an indirect word used to refer to something impolite or harsh to say directly.

For example, the restroom is the place where a person urinates or defecates to relieve themselves. A toilet is a nasty place people feel disguised when we refer to these places before them.

In the United States, people feel shy talking about urination or defecation. They do not want to directly refer that they are going to pee or defecate in the toilets. So instead of using the word toilets or bathrooms, they use other words to indirectly refer to that place.

To prevent embarrassment

The restrooms are present in public places. Usually, they are divided into two sections, one for males and the other for females.

Usually, these sections are present adjacent to each other. This is because the women go to the toilets more frequently and take a long time to refresh themselves.

They usually feel shy about talking about peeing or defecating in front of others.

So the word restroom is the best option to prevent embarrassing situations in front of strangers. They can conveniently communicate their absence to other mates, staff members, or colleagues.

The females comfortably use the word without hesitation and excuse others in public places. They can also comfortably take their children to wash them up.

To sound more polite

The residents of the united states are very well-mannered. They behave politely and properly talk to each other.

It is considered unethical to say that I am going to pee in front of other people. Instead, they use other words to tell that they are going to use the toilets. Some people also call it a John.

The restroom is one of these words that Americans use to say that they are going to urinate. It sounds more polite to say they will use the restroom instead of a toilet or bathroom.

In America, on highways, they refer to the toilet as a rest stop to politely show the way to the urinals.

In this way, they prevent anyone from getting offended due to impolite language. To be more specific, they are also called men’s rooms or ladies rooms to denote bathrooms for both genders.

Equipped with resting couches

The restrooms have toilets to urinate. They also have a sofa or chairs to serve as a sitting place.

Sometimes the women have to wait in a queue to use the toilets. So these public place facilities also have couches for women.

In ancient times, these rooms were also equipped with chairs, couches, and tables to relax and rest after shopping or traveling. So the word restroom comes from the fact that these places are also used to relax.

 In the united states, these places are still equipped with relaxing couches. These couches and chairs are usually present in the ladies’ room. The men’s rooms are generally not equipped with such facilities.

It allows women to relax in the malls or on highways while shopping or traveling. In some bathrooms, footstools are also present where women can put their feet to get some rest after a tiresome day.

People refresh themselves

The bathrooms in the theaters, cinemas, and highways also have wash basins and mirrors. They not only urinate and defecate in these rooms but also refresh themselves.

During traveling to a far-off place, the people who stay on highways stop to use the restrooms to energize themselves. So they can wash their hands and face with water.

The girls can do their makeup and refresh their kids. So people use the word restroom instead of bathrooms.

Are restrooms and washrooms the same?

The term washroom, restroom, and bathrooms are used interchangeably.

People usually consider them the same and use any of these words depending upon their preferences. But they are different from each other in many aspects. For example, they have various facilities and purposes.

The restroom is a public toilet that does not have a bathing facility. A washroom is usually a place where you can wash up. For example, you can wash your hands, feet, and face. But it does not have a bathing facility. Occasionally, it has a toilet or urinal.

The washroom can also have a facility to wash the clothes. It is also present in buildings or public premises like bus stations or railway stations.

The Americans use the word washroom in place of bathrooms or toilets. Despite the differences, all these words have the same meaning, and people will understand that you are going to relieve yourself in the bathroom.

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