Why Are Bathroom Windows Made of Frosted Glass?

A frosted window is a textured glass that gives a blur or shadowy view of another side while obstructing the light passing through it. It becomes translucent after passing through the process of frosting.

Why Are Bathroom Windows Made of Frosted Glass? Bathroom windows are made of frosted glass because they are non-corrosive, maintain privacy, allow light, are versatile and durable, and are easy to clean. There are different types of frosted glass for windows, such as sandblasting glass, acid-etched glass, and ceramic frit silkscreen glass.

This abrasive glass looks slightly different from transparent glass and is used not only for windows but also for shower and toilet doors. You can also use frosted films on the transparent glass to make it affordable.

What are the benefits of using frosted glass windows in the bathroom?

Adding frosted glass windows has several benefits, and it has become a new trend for modern house interiors as they give a warm and aesthetic appearance to the overall decoration.


The high moisture and humidity level in bathrooms cause corrosion and mold on the frames due to excessive water use in this place.

The frosted glass can use acid polishing in the frosting process to make the surface blur and obscure. The whole manufacturing procedure will make it corrosion and rust-resistant.

Moisture is the main reason for corrosion because water drops or steam stands on the windows and can cause rust and mold development on their surface. 

Frosted windows are much more resistant to humidity and mildew than standard transparent glass.


A bathroom is a place where everybody needs privacy to enjoy their own company and do their makeup, shave, and other things in peace without any disturbance and distraction, especially if they have kids in their homes.

It provides privacy as the surface is shadowy and translucent because of the different designs and colors installed during their manufacturing. 

Most bathrooms’ interior has windows that open to the outside of your house or backyard, and there is always a threat of someone poking in and disturbing your privacy and security.

It is a barrier to obstruct the view and makes your whole environment safe and private. You can select any size for your place, such as from the floor to the ceiling or a big window in the center of the wall without having the tension of privacy.

Light and temperature

Windows are a source of getting adequate light in your place, but on the other side, they interrupt your privacy and security. It can allow moderate intensity of light to pass through it to lighten up your bathroom.

It can block the intense UV rays in direct sunlight to prevent fading and damage to the furniture due to the textured surface, as you do not need to hang curtains on windows.

However, it does not obstruct the light completely, but moderate light can help to reduce energy consumption because of artificial lights and chandeliers. 

It also helps to maintain the inside temperature consistent during winters and summers, as it resists heat from going in and out to maintain the required atmosphere and conserve energy.

Versatility and durability

They have different designs and colors, and you can select any of them that matches your bathroom accessories and wall color.

You can get any size and shape of forested glass for windows and customize any design or texture that looks more attractive and pleasing with your entire decorations.

Durability is another plus point of using them in your place because it is much stronger than transparent glass. As a result, it does not break easily and can withstand light earthquakes. 

The etching used to make it translucent during its manufacturing is permanent and does not reduce with time.

Therefore, the minimum chances of its breakage keep you and your family from any accidental situation. It is also resistant to changing weather, which makes it last longer without getting rust and mold.

Easy to clean

These are easy to clean as they do not need high maintenance and daily cleaning.

In addition, it is resistant to scratches and does not get water and dirt marks on its surface because of its designs and blur appearance.

You can hang curtains on windows to obstruct harsh light and add privacy.

The curtains get more dust and stains and need regular washing, which is more hectic and tiring because it takes more hard work to remove them and then wash and dry them.

It resolves this problem and makes it easy to clean your windows without much exertion and time.

You can take a wet cloth or sponge and clean the surface after a few days to make your place look neat. 

Types of frosted glass for bathroom window

There are different types of glasses available for bathroom windows, and it can be challenging and confusing to choose the right one for this place.

Sandblasting glass

It the manufactured by a process in which sand, walnut husks, or other abrasive material is ejected on the glass plane at high speed. 

This can be done by using a machine or by hand and allows you to choose the opaqueness of the glass you want for your bathroom.

However, it is better to consider the instruction for its installation to avoid damage.

It provides a high-quality etching and a variety of designs that can enhance the interior of your house, but it requires more maintenance and time to clean because it gets marks on your finger or hands during cleaning.

Acid-etched glass

It is the oldest technique for translucent glass and is also known as French Embossing.

It had an interesting history when an artisan experienced its opaqueness due to the acid application on its surface.

The acid is put on both sides of the glass panel, which causes the melting and different designs on its surface. It has a smooth surface and is less expensive as compared to sandblast.

You can get a different level of translucency depending on the acid’s quality. It also provides you the option of customizing any design and color but not strong as laminated glass.

Ceramic Frit Silkscreen glass

This method uses a ceramic frit or paint to make the surface of the glass panel translucent and blurred.

It adds a decorative and pleasing look to your place by using ceramic inks to create designs on its surface and also involves screen printing using a large roller.

You can select a wide range of designs and colors which adds a bright and vibrant look to your place.

In addition, it is highly durable as the colors of the painting do not fade away and can withstand moisture and weather change.

In addition, it can control light transmission and absorbs solar heat to maintain the temperature inside the bathroom.

Things to consider while installing frosted glass windows in your bathroom

There is no argument that frosted windows have multiple advantages, but you can consider some factors while installing them.

It can affect your privacy at night, depending on the type of glass you are installing, because the interior light can make the view visible to the outside person.

However, it does not become entirely see-through even at night, but the effectiveness can vary depending on the light.

It is better to use soft fabric or sponges to clean it because the abrasive paper and any citrus-based cleaner can affect the surface texture. 

Although it provides privacy and security, it also obstructs your view of what is happening in any emergency situation.

It can also act as a barrier of direct sunlight to your plants in the bathroom because they need it to grow and survive. 

They are much more expensive than transparent glass and can cost you a heavy amount if they get broken.

In addition, you cannot use it as a mirror window, which is multi-functional because the surface is textured and not flawless.

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