Where to Hang Pendant Lights in Bathroom?

Pendant lights are single bulb hanging from the ceiling that provides a good source of light in your bathroom. You can use these bulbs with proper knowledge of IP rating after consulting the electrician.

Where to Hang Pendant Lights in Bathroom? You can hang pendant lights in the bathroom around your vanity and mirrors, above the bathtub, center of the ceiling, and in the less humid and low-traffic area to highlight the whole interior. You can choose Mini and Multi-light pendants, Bowl and Dome light pendants, and Linear or Cylindrical light pendants according to the space.

These light hangings serve as jewelry in your bathroom interior and enhance its design. Lighting is a prominent tool to add decoration and unique touch in any place of your house.

Why would you hang pendant lights in the bathroom?

Light pendant provides many benefits and features with the price of one to add design, style, and brighten your place.

The bathroom also needs an ambient lighting source like other rooms in your house to do many activities you can perform in a good light, like shaving and make-up.

It adds an additional spark and a traditional architectural look to your place. In addition, it can add value to your property as it gives both a luxurious and decent appearance at one cost.

It is less expensive and budget-friendly than large and multiple-bulb chandeliers depending on the style and size you are going to select.

In addition, it requires less space to hang it in your bathroom compared to chandeliers which are much bigger and require more area.

It is also a suitable light fixture for small areas to provide good light and a spacious look.

Moreover, these create a cozy and classy environment and can fix the problem of dim light in any area with many options in size and length. 

Where can you hang pendant lights in the bathroom?

You can put these lights at any location in your bathroom, depending on the space and size of the pendant you opt to install there.

Around Vanity and mirrors

A bathroom vanity is not just a piece of furniture but adds much more to your place, such as style, space, and decoration.

Hanging light fixtures around your vanity not only provides light in this area but also adds a feature of elegance and grace. A height of 75-103 cm above the sink is safe and functional to hang them.

You can do your make-up and apply shaving creams in proper light as they make the bulb much closer to you by hanging from the ceiling.

However, it is better to install it at a safe height from your vanity to avoid water splashes.

Hanging them around the mirror is also a great option to focus the light on it, and you can also put them above the mirrors if you find them attractive, but it is your personal decision.

You can hang a linear pendant with more than one chain to add plenty of light to your mirrors.

Above your bathtub

Bathrooms with large spaces often have bathtub areas where you can relax with your own company.

You can hang these above your bathtub to highlight this specific area with a stylish and beautiful bathtub.

There are various products with different styles and colors that you can choose to hang above your bathtub.

In addition, you can select a dark or light color frame with any design that complements your bathtub and overall decoration.

You can install a small or large pendant light to focus the bathtub depending on the area and size of the bathtub.

It is better to hang wet-rated light fixtures above your bathtub because of the high level of moisture there that can cause damage to it.

Center of the Ceiling

Bathroom pendant lights hanging at the center of the ceiling is a common and preferable place to install them as they will balance the place.

It can hang 11-20 inches below an 8-foot ceiling, and if it has more height, you can add three inches more to its length.

It is also a good option for people having small bathroom areas as it will spread the light in the whole space and illuminate every part.

You can also use multiple-light fixtures in the center of the ceiling to light up the area, including your vanity, toilet, and shower.

You can hang them in the center of the vaulted ceiling with an arched form or a dome shape, and it usually has a high ceiling, so you can install a long rod pendant light to make your place look good.

Less humid and Low-traffic area

There is a high percentage of humidity in some areas, like the shower area or bathtub area.

As a result, more steam accumulates in these areas after a hot bath which can affect the working of these fixtures. 

It is safe to hang them in a place with a low humidity level and fewer chances of damage because water splashes and moisture can cause the bulb to fuse, or any short circuit can occur.

You can install them in low-traffic areas where you do not walk much because if something goes wrong with its hanging, at least you will be safe.

It can also add a uniform appearance to the overall interior because it will enhance the place, which is not decorated with any accessories.

Types of light pendants for bathroom

There are different types of light pendants that you can use in your bathrooms depending on the size of the place you will hang them.

Mini and Multi-light pendants

Mini light fixtures are just like hanging lamps and are a small version of large chandeliers having a single small bulb.

You can install a single bulb or more than one over your vanity and sinks. It is also a great choice for small spaces to add a stylish and modern look.

Multiple-light pendants are like a replacement for a traditional heavy chandelier with a cluster of bulbs installed or fixed on a single base with separate frames.

It can brighten your place like a chandelier with less power consumption, depending on the IP ratings of the bulbs. 

Bowl and Dome light pendants

Bowl light pendants are just like the shape of a bowl having a bulb in its center and are also called inverted light pendants.

The bulb is projected upward, and two or more chains usually support the frame. It is one of the famous ambient light sources, ensuring a dim and less distracting environment.

Dome hangings are just the opposite to bowl pendants framed upside-down and directed downward from the ceiling.

You can use them in areas that require more focused light, like your vanity, and give a bright and fancy look.

Linear and Cylindrical light pendants

Linear fixtures usually have three or more bulbs installed in a vertical row, which adds a sleek and stylish look to your bathroom.

In addition, they are often hanging over your vanity to provide more light and contemporary decor.

It has different designs, such as bulbs that can be directed upward or downward, and you can choose them depending on the light and design you want.

Cylindrical light pendants have a drum shape with a bulb installed inside this drum to provide dim visibility.

These have different fabric shades to cast a less intense and soft appearance in your place. This shape looks embellished and adds a classy look to the entire decoration.

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