Where Are Project Source Toilets Made?

The project Source toilets are famous in America due to their high quality. I have been using this in my bathroom for a few years now.

Where Are Project Source Toilets Made? Project source Toilets are manufactured in China and have chains in the United States and Canada. Lowe’s is the brand that manufactures these toilets and other bathroom fixtures. They make single and double-piece toilets with a powerful flushing system.

People check the brand name while selecting different fixtures for their bathrooms. It is a well-recognized and reliable brand that offers quality and price to its users.

Where are project Source toilets manufactured?

Bathroom fixture manufacturing companies have their industries in different locations of the world. The project Source manufacturing industry is located in China and has a head office in Florida.

The chains of these brands are also located in the United States and Canada. They manufacture other bathroom fixtures like cabinets and faucets along with toilets.

The company is famous among people because of its high-quality and durable products at affordable prices. The large industry in China has expert and licensed manufacturers for making different products.

Highly skilled manufacturers make good quality and durable products that last longer. The competition of this brand has increased in the market for 2 to 3 years because of their satisfied customer service.

Who are the manufacturers of Project Source toilets?

Lowe’s is the project Source toilets manufacturer, a home-based industry that offers affordable products to its customers without compromising quality.

It has a relationship with real estate and furnishing industries for manufacturing bathroom products. These are working domestically and internationally to gain a high-end reputation.

These are manufacturing thousands of other products along with toilets. All these products are of good quality, and you can find them in every store.

They have 100s of physical and online stores for the ease of their customers. You can open their website and order your required products. The customer service and response rate are quick; you can receive your order within a few days.

Are project Source toilets expensive?

Different toilet manufacturing companies are present in America that manufacture costly fixtures. These are expensive, and many people cannot afford these products.

The main claim of the brands about price is their durability and high-quality material. Some companies are also selling fixtures at lower prices, which are not durable.

Manufacturing brands use low-quality materials to decrease the overall cost of the fixtures. The ones made of low-quality material cannot last longer and break easily.

It increases the repairing and re-installation costs of the users, which is an annoying and hectic procedure. The main motive of the project source company is to gain the trust of its customers and increase its reputation in the domestic and international markets.

The products of these brands are not costly, and you can find them between $200 to $300.

In addition, the price also increases because of the shipping cost. Shipping costs will increase if you order heavy items from their online stores.

What type of toilets does the Project Source manufacture?

Project Source toilets have strong flushing systems to reduce water waste and clogging chances. You can see two main types of these products in the market: single and double.

Both of these types differ from each other because of their design and art. Tanks are connected to bowls in single types with bolts and washers.

One piece gives your bathrooms a sleek and modern appearance because of its compact design. These contain one piece, which makes the installation and cleaning process easy.

These are suitable for children and disabled people because of the comfortable seats. The double piece contains two parts, including the tank and bowl.

These are not connected and contain the exposed plumbing system. These are good for tall people to make a comfortable sitting angle.

In addition, these are easy to transport because of their separate parts, and breaking chances are also less.

How long do project source toilets last?

These are made up of porcelain and vitreous China materials that are durable. These are high-strengthening materials and are less susceptible to breaking and cracking.

These can easily last for over 10 to 15 years if you maintain them properly. In addition, the manufacturing brand also provides a 5-years warranty with their toilets.

It is the most attractive thing for the customers because it can decrease the stress of costly repairs. You can get free repair or replacement from the company if any of their parts become faulty within warranty time.

You can increase the longevity of these products by installing them correctly. Use the right cleaning tools and products to prevent them from scratches and creaks.

What things make the project source toilets good?

Project source toilets are the most suitable option if you cannot afford heavy fixtures. These can last for more than 10 years, and you can also receive a long-term warranty from the company.

WaterSense certified 

They are WaterSense certified, meaning they use less water for flushing. It contains a powerful system that quickly removes solid waste from the pipes without using too much water.

The single flushing system uses less than 1.28 gallons per flush to clear the toilet bowl. The dual flushing technology in these fixtures also saves water and reduces wastage.

It contains two flushing levers plated with chrome material to prevent corrosion. The small and big flush uses 4 and 6 liters of water, respectively.

These are powerful flush that removes the waste with pressurized water.

Comfortable toilet seats

These toilets have comfortable seat heights, which benefits the old population of America. These are higher from the ground surfaces relative to the conventional types.

The ones that have high seats are easy to install and remove. In addition, it provides a comfortable sitting angle, and you cannot feel tired while sitting on them.

You do not have to add grab rails to take support while getting up from the seats. These contain elongated bowls, which reduce the mess and urine splashes.

Moreover, the elongated bowl provides more powerful flushing than the rounded ones.

Smooth base and flat surfaces

They have smooth bases and flat surfaces, making cleaning easy. It contains no hidden and congested parts, which become challenging to clean.

Smooth and flat surfaces also reduce dust and grease accumulation in hidden corners. These are more hygienic because you can keep the smooth ends cleaner and drier.

Bacteria find their way into the hidden corners when dirt and water are accumulated. These do not contain groovy regions allowing the buildup of water and dirt.

The smooth base allows the complete removal of poop without leaving any residues of solid wastes.

Glazed trap way

These toilets contain a 2-inch trap way to decrease clogging chances. Large solid wastes and other flushable items can move quickly from these traps because of their larger diameter.

The company’s main motive is to reduce the clogging chances and to clean the efforts of people. They glazed the 2-inch trap way with glazing coats.

The glazing coat makes these trap ways smooth and slippery for quickly removing large poop. These cannot stick to the trap way surfaces and allow bacterial growth and clogging chances.

These can slip quickly into the drain pipes, decreasing the clogging risks and smelly bathrooms.

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