Where Are Mansfield Toilets Made?

Mansfield has gained popularity among US customers by introducing a broad range of bathroom products that are superior in quality and affordable.

Where Are Mansfield Toilets Made? Mansfield toilets are made in Perrysville and Big Prairie in Ohio, in addition to Henderson in Texas. These products have superior quality, longer warranty, moderate prices, and are easy to install. It works under Organizacion Corona, and products are manufactured by Falcon Building Products.

It crafts millions of fine products each year and makes efforts to maintain its legacy. Moreover, it believes in practical solutions to problems and introduces highly-efficient bathroom products.

Where are Mansfield toilets manufactured?

Mansfield provides a wide range of plumbing items for bathrooms manufactured by a team of experts.

The home construction expert makes efforts to bring innovative ideas to manufacture easy-to-use and fine-quality products that can last for a long time.

Their manufacturing factory is located in Perrysville, Ohio, which has all the production facilities and workers to manage the production at a large scale.

In addition, they have some production setups in a few other regions within the USA, including Henderson, Texas.

Its headquarters is in rural Perrysville or at the leading plant site where all the activities are managed, including administrative issues and customer complaints or questions.

Almost 500 to 600 people work at the main plant and are involved in sanitary ware production. It got recognition in 1929 for high-performance toilets and is still operative.

All its products are produced only in the USA to serve America-based customers and manufacture products by keeping their needs in mind.

They had a plant in Big Prairie that was closed in 2020, and the employees were shifted to another factory in Perrysville or Ashland warehouse.

In addition, you can find a toilet that can easily fit inside a small space and one that can help cover the space in larger bathrooms.

Who manufactures Mansfield toilets?

It is one of the trustworthy sanitary ware brands in America as it has gained popularity due to long-lasting bathroom fixtures, including toilets, bathtubs, etc.

Mansfield Sanitary Pottery Inc. started producing a line of plumbing products in 1929, recognized as Mansfield Plumbing Products Inc. in 1976.

Most of their products are manufactured in their factories within the USA, including toilets primarily made in their plants in Ohio.

Moreover, it became a part of another manufacturer in 1994, producing a broad line of building products known as Falcon Building Products Inc.

This Falcon Building Products incorporation is located in Chicago and generates a line of high-quality products to sell in the home improvement market and retailers of construction products.

In 2004, Mansfield was owned by Organizacion Corona, a Colombian company.

In addition, this company is a parent company of Mansfield, having multiple factories all around the globe that manufactures and distribute products to

Mansfield has employed advanced technologies to manufacture products quickly without compromising the perfection of their products.

Their Ohio plant is one of the most popular setups that manufactures vitreous china toilets where almost 75 to 80% of their employees work.

Are Mansfield toilets good?

Mansfield produces high-quality toilets to meet the standards and expectations of customers spending an amount on purchasing to get something extraordinary.

Its products have exceptional performance and comfort as these bowls have a unique flushing system. This powerful system reduces water usage and makes it a sustainable product.

In addition, the tank has good water holding capacity with a narrow outlet to control flushing powder and the amount of water entering through the bowl.

You do not have to face problems in installation as these products are easy-to-install products in a short time without any frustration.

One of my friends purchased a 1.6 GPF tank for the toilet to replace an older one that worked great with an up-to-the-mark performance. They have a highly-functional or modern range of products.

Moreover, its products offer a wide range of themes and varieties to facilitate customers and make choices easier for them by introducing modern and attractive designs.

It has introduced two shapes in a bowl that are round or elongated and a color scheme having black, off-white, grey, and many other themes to choose from according to bathroom decor.

They are WaterSense certified due to integrated water-saving technology to make them highly efficient. In addition, it has introduced a dual-flush system offering half and full-flush systems.

You can choose a half-flush system to keep the tank half-filled, which can help reduce water usage according to requirements.

Furthermore, it offers an impressive 5 to 30 years warranty, or even some products have a lifetime warranty, making it superior to others.

Are Mansfield toilets expensive?

Mansfield designs products by keeping customers’ budgets in mind and manufactures products with moderate prices. As a result, a low-income person can grab a favorite product from their inventory.

You can find low to high-cost products with minor differences in their features, as expensive products are more technologically advanced than the low-cost ones.

Moreover, you can look for a Pro-fit white toilet with WaterSense technology for almost $150 to $160. Denali White having an elongated bowl and slow close lid, can cost around $180 to $200.

You can get Summit White for around $200 to $240 with a dual-flush system, which costs slightly higher than others due to the advanced flushing system.

In the same way, Vanquish 2 white toilets with an elongated bowl cost around $250 to $300, having slow closing seats to avoid damage to the seat cover.

The cost of products is determined by their type, style, use of technology, and size. For example, dual-flush products can cost you more than conventional products.

Additionally, one-piece units usually have a more integrated setup and are more technologically advanced than two-piece units having separate bowls and tanks.

Some of these have standard height, while others have a comfortable height equal to a chair seat, which will bring a difference in cost.

How long do Mansfield toilets last?

These toilets remain functional and intact for almost 45 to 50 years, according to professionals.

The average lifespan of Mansfield toilets is 15 to 30 years, but it could vary according to factors like installation technique, use, and maintenance efforts.

Method of installation and usage frequency determine the lifespan of these products as poor installation can cause breakage or excessive usage lead to compromised appearance.

Moreover, poor maintenance usually leads to a buildup of bacteria and other germs on the bowl’s inner side that can affect the quality and appearance of the bowl.

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